Warp 9 Gaming was a clan created by Fleet Admiral Raleigh and Vice Fleet Admiral Dan Perry of RR fame in May of 2007. The clan lasted for a little while and was disbanded due to the fact VFA Perry took majority of it's members and created a {RC} Clan. Akira was a Bridgadier General rank near the end of it's existance. more information will be provided by him


A post found on Dan Perry's Inactive Xfire Profile confirming W9's existance...

2007-06-02 1:21 AM PDT


As most of you now know I'm in the Warp 9 Gaming Clan, it is now only 10 days till the clan's one month birthday! Not much I know but seeing as its =W9='s first month birthday I thought I'd blog about it and a bit about the first month in =W9=.


So May 12th 2007 a person called Raleigh came to me with an idea, =W9= although at the time we didnt actually have a clan name.


Once we got a clan name going it all started to roll together, domain name, webspace, teamspeak and a dedicated server.


We originally supported just a few games including ST Bridge Commander, ST Elite Force and Anarchy Online but now just one month in we support a whole range of games. Ten games to be exact!


The first few weeks were getting the clan setup and all sorted, which we did pretty easily and then during them weeks came recruiting, which was proving difficult in Bridge Commander however we didnt give up, we stuck at it and found ourselves 4 new BC recruits.


Cadet Akira, Cadet Lukenek, Cadet Sovereign, Cadet NForcer.


We then started to support new games such as Halo where we gained 2 new members on the first recruitment time for the division which are now assigned as the CO/XO of the =W9= Halo Division, Lieutenant J.G. Eagle77 and Ensign Nerd.


We are still working hard and long on setting up =W9= to be what we consider perfect! Our goal is to become a regonised gaming organisation throughout the globe!


I am planning a 12 hour recruitment drive sometime next week before our one month birthday, hopefully bring in all the new members so we can celebrate one month of =W9= together!!!


Have a Nice Day!

Vice Fleet Admiral Dan Perry
Clan Executive Officer


Possible BC Roster (Circa June 2007):

Fleet Admiral Raleigh

Vice Fleet Admiral Perry

=W9= Sovereign

=W9= Akira

=W9= Luknek

=W9= NForcer

=W9= Ferengi

=W9= Chris

=W9= Killerbee

=W9= Zolga

=W9= Stalker


Games Played:

  • (PC) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • (PC) Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • (PC) Star Trek: Elite Force
  • (PC) Star Trek: Legacy