Alliance Military Force

Final Leader: AMF=Curtz


An army created in late 2009 in response to the growing aggression of the clan DevilDogs who were in the middle of a "Submit or Die" campaign.


It was founded by Curtz after he broke away from the Kilroy Squad clan after the leader Argo had a lapse in proper judgment and mental faculties. At the time of its inception AMF=Curtz controlled all of the clan's activities via e-mail, but eventually the clan developed a forum and an Xfire community. Within its first few days it had a total of three members, later during that same week, Saratoga from clan CB offered to train the clan, in exchange that they join CB's ranks, to which Curtz promptly declined to do.


In the following days Curtz and his fledgling clan fought with clans like LA, KS and IKF, to subdue DD during its blood feud with everyone else, even running security for a game between two clans to keep unwanted players at bay. Other than fighting alongside other clans, Curtz never declared war on another clan due to principle and lack of members.


However when Curtz's computer system came under attack from a virus, he was forced to stop playing to deal with the situation, unfortunately for AMF without Curtz to guide his 3 clan members, they eventually left AMF and went their own separate ways, which led Curtz to attempt to restart the clan by himself, which was unsuccessful at the time, so he chose to put the clan on "Standby Mode" until he could develop his leadership abilities. To this day he dreams of restarting the clan in one way or another.


Founding Member:

  • AMF=Curtz


  • AMF=Great One
  • AMF=Ennismore
  • AMF=Callidius

Member Profiles:


A man of age 20 who started playing Bridge Commander in mid 2008 with 9th fleet, which he left due to clan in-activity in-game. He then went to join Kilroy Squad or KS under the name KS-Miku. While he enjoyed his time with KS, he felt a little odd because his commanding officer (KS-Musashi) was rumored to be only 12 years old.


While he fought with much distinction and valor (plus a little attitude to boot), never cheating or cloakhopping, he eventually left KS because of clan leader Argo having a mental breakdown in battle and targeting his own members. After this event he immediately shed his KS tags and for a few weeks afterwards was a clan-less player who still held to his ideals and adopted various tags such as KHS and KSH before settling on his favorite AMF tags because of the army he based them off of.


While a somewhat capable leader, he often was a little impatient with his subordinates, even resorting to caps lock yelling at them. Despite these personal shortcomings, he was an accomplished pilot who sometimes defied odds and still achieved victory, even going so far as to defeat a new Prometheus class in a Prometheus class that has been heavily damaged in a 1 vs. 1 duel vs DD=Armond.


More than once he was asked to return to KS due to his skill, but he refused each time. After his members left AMF, he hit a bit of a slump and decided to temporarily disband the clan until he felt the time was right to restart it. To this day the clan is dead.