{=XA=} Exile Alliance was created by the Failure of  Admiral STeH's 11th Fleet Spinoff when he went MIA for a long time.


Lead by Fleet Admiral Cheech, Fleet Admiral Chong, Fleet Admiral Judicator and Fleet Commander BlackDragon in late 2005. The move was in part to constant turmoil within the command staff. Leaders seeming to have personal vendettas against other, leaders within the command staff. Effectively driving a wedge down the middle of the loyal members of the 11th fleet.


SteH who has been gone for some time crippled what was then the XIth. The power was almost exclusively in his hands. Issues arose, and were met with inaction to the detriment of the clan. Fair warning was given to the Fleet Admiral that he would lose his position if he didn't change his ways


He offered no reply. The rogue Eleventh Fleet then split from SteH, moving on to form the Exile Alliance. As time went on, the Exile Alliance grew, and began writing its own history. Eventually, Chong was
invited back. The first mistake lay in that decision. The second was merging BOA into the clan.


Original XA Admirals and leaders were shoved aside to make room for leaders who were essentially outsiders, causing disunity and inviting favoritism. Things had seemed to have gone fairly well to that point. Until of course, the third mistake was made. It was decided to merge the FAF with no prior vote or consultation from the membership or even the command staff.


Not to say the Exile Alliance hasn’t had its shortfalls. In the beginning, not many people knew what to expect. Most of the people that formed the XA had never been in a command position. Mistakes were made and corrected. Sometimes not until after severe damage had been done. Seeing the same wedge starting to be driving within the XA as with the 11th; a few command staff members knew that if something wasn’t done soon, the XA would fall prey to the same ordeal that plagued the 11th fleet.


The same members that stood up to the command staff of the 11th fleet were finding themselves starting to turn the XA into what they just left. Luckily those members realized what they were doing and quickly shifted the balance of power in the XA to a new system at which to command the XA. After several weeks and much debate, the XA adopted a more Democratic system at which to govern the Exile Alliance. Some members that wanted to keep the XA as a dictatorship had left the XA because they wanted to keep the old ways like what was in the 11th fleet.


As time rolls on, the Exile Alliance still has the Democratic system. The system has evolved with the changes of members and changes with games.


Modern Times...:

In the early days, the Exile Alliance was primarily centered around Star Trek games. It had a foothold in four games: Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, Star Trek Bridge Commander, and Star Fleet Command III. The Exile Alliance quickly became one of the more dominant clans within the Star Trek gaming universe.


As popularity with Star Trek games started to diminish, the Exile Alliance clan leaders called a meeting of all its members to start seeking out new games to branch out to. The clan expanded out to other genres, which included games such as Guild Wars, Counter Strike Source, and Halo. Things proved rocky at first, but knowing the decline of the Star Trek games, which everyone were more comfortable with, the members pressed on. Soon things started to come around. Over the course of a few years MMOs grew to be the dominant gaming genre within the Exile Alliance. The members continued to play other games as well such as multiple first-person-shooters and strategy games.


The Exile Alliance hasn’t been without hardships. As with any other gaming clan the Exile Alliance has gone through several dry spells and the membership dropped dramatically. However, the dedication of the remaining members lead to the rise of the Exile Alliance once again. These days, the Exile Alliance spans across several games including Armored Warfare, DayZ Overpoch, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Warframe, World of Tanks/Warships, and World of Warcraft. With the continued hard work and dedication of its leaders and members, the Exile Alliance will continue to grow. It will continue to evolve. Perhaps… maybe well into the next century.


Currently the Exile Alliance exists as a very relaxed gaming clan. We no longer have official divisions, or official positions other than the leadership council and security. This makes things much more casual and much more fun.


Field Marshall Council:

  • Supreme Fleet Commander - Field Marshal Judicator
  • Fleet Executive Officer - Fleet Marshal JoeB1Kenobi

=XA= Council of Generals:

  • Security Officer - General Animal
  • Security XO - General Shaffer
  • Matriarch Winterheart

Games We Play:
Here are the Exile Alliance we play many different games. We do not have any “official divisions” anymore, so even if you don’t see a game that you play on this list, we are always open to trying out new games! All you have to do is come on our Teamspeak server and after getting to know us for a little while just ask if we can create a room on the server for your game and we will consider it. Here are the games that we play as of March 2016.


Guild Wars 2
GW2 is currently our most active division. The majority of our members play on the “Tarnished Coast” server, and we have multiple weekly scheduled events. We do Guild Fractals on Tuesday nights at 830pm CST, Guild Dungeons on Friday night at 830pm CST, and Guild Missions on Saturday nights at 830pm CST. We also play almost nightly and hang out sometimes working together and sometimes doing our own thing. If you have any further questions please contact… Animal, Amber, Chaos, Earl Mac, or Jason Lee. Thank you and hope to see you soon.


DayZ Overpoch:

DayZ is a zombie survival mode for Arma 2 & Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. Once a character has been selected, you are started on the shoreline with little to nothing in equipment. There are 2 types of gameplay. There is the standard PvP (Player vs Player) and also the PvE (Player vs Environment). Both gameplay types have the same theme… Find stuff. Shot or run from Zombies. The PvE gameplay just removes the worrying about the human element. The object is to gather weapons and building materials while avoiding being eaten by Zombies or shot by other human players. DayZ also offers the ability build structures for added protection against the wondering wildlife of Zombies and AIs. Vehicles can be purchase or found for faster traveling and larger storage ability while exploring the map. There are several different mods for DayZ. Depending on the type of mode depends on the type of map you would be playing on.


Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is one game some of our members still take very seriously. We have an in-game fleet that has a Tier 4 Starbase, Tier 3 Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire, and Research Lab. We are still slowly working on upgrading our Starbase and are always looking for more help. For more info please contact Shaffer in game at Don Burrito@shaffer143


We’re always up for running new and experienced players through all manner of content in Warframe. We have a small but very dedicated group of experienced and skilled players. Contact Badger, Razor, or Psionnoir on Teamspeak for more information or to get an invitation to the clan.


World of Tanks and Warships
After a brief hiatus, the XA does have its own in-game guild in World of Tanks. Please contact one of our admins if you would like to join it. Clans will also soon expand into World of Warships which several of our members play as well.


World of Warcraft
We play on the Sisters of Elune server for World of Warcraft. It is listed as a RP server, But most of the guilds only do PVE/Raiding and some PVP. We have no established XA guild on the server. Characters are spread over what ever guilds they want to play in. Contact Corleagh, Jina, Asumia (=XA=Wolfe) for info.



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