United Gamers was a Clan created by W2450 in August 2009 after he got fed up of the lack of leadership in the DD High Command after the ouster of Cartman from leadership by "Operation: Cloak and Dagger".


By W leaving the "Mighty Devil Dogs" for being forced to play Bridge Commander by Hawkeye. He took along with him the original Halo, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft and Combat Arms Divisions. Leaving a massive gap in gamers and divisions out of the Devil Dogs creating havoc.


The Council of UG was created similar to the XFS Style Council system. W2450, Dice and CJ were the main leaders of the clan, co-leader was Q. Soon thereafter Fatty joined as Call of Duty: Black Ops leader.


During the start up of the clan a website, TeamSpeak and Xfire clan was created for the clan. During the Civil wars between Hawkeye and Cartman of  DD, Khan joined the ranks in the High Council as a trusted member due to his experience and liking the new gaming system as it was different.


DD and it's leaders didn't like the idea of another "Spin-off" clan running from them and tried to infiltrate and gain Intel through means of it's former members.


Sometime in September, Khan was tempted directly by Hawkeye and Cartman to destroy the United Gamers clan. Since he had admin and was told he can come back into a High Command position by doing it.


By using his powers of Server Admin of TS and Admin of Xfire Community. Khan cleanly wiped the Xfire Community and locked out it's leaders from it and Cartman somehow using the TeamSpeak Control Panel deleted the TS account outright but was caught in the act by W and got DD's own TS shut down by W. This caused havoc and resentment toward Khan mostly and the DD clan for doing the act, this was a dark couple of hours for the UG clan.


UG rebuilt within only 2 hours of this occurrence with new Xfire and TeamSpeak server. The clan continued to be rebuilt.


After a while people started to simply not game anymore, Halo was basically dead and Call of Duty 4 started dwindling away, World of Warcraft dwindled due to a member wanting to control the guild and not getting what he wanted and simply mutinied and left soon came World Of Tanks and that is now running  strong.


People became inactive in August 2010, where W wiped out the inactives from his Xfire community and rebuilt again from there. DD has changed their tags to IOC.


Currently W has changed the system of how his clan works. He is just a leader now and allows one of his men in each game to run the Divisions and run it how they wish to rebuild all their games.


Right now United Gamers is running a World of Tanks division and has over 150 members and is running strong with Alpha and Bravo companies with fluiturflam at the helm and frankthetank helping out.


Current UG Council (Circa September 2012)

  • {UG} W - Clan Leader
  • {UG} Dice - Founding Father
  • {UG} Fresh_Meat - Clan Leader
  • {UG} Fatty - MW3 Division Leader

Games Supported:

  • World of Tanks

United Gamers - World of Tanks Clan Page:

United Gamers - Killer Bees