Lorz Geptun, sometimes known as Ghosh Geptun, Sage Geptun, or Dalgemalreaux took part in creation of the original =TK= named {OK} (Order of the Korunnai) in the summer of 2006.


He was in contact with a warrior named Angel Mapper until that time when he was contacted to finally take part in creation of the clan that is now, something that could be known across JKA (Jedi Knight Academy).


Kar Vastor (at that time, Darth Plagueis) and Angel Mapper soon approached him on a random server there {OK} was born, and the legend began.  Geptun is now one of three standing leaders and the headmaster of the Korun Faction.


A post from Gamefront.com on May 4, 2008
The Korunnai are now recruiting in BC officially. We are mainly an RP clan, but we do FFA and duels too.


Our rank system is unique, here are the ranks:


Sage: This is the ultimate leader of the Korunnai. The sage is there to finalize any decisions voted by the council of Ghoshes.


Ghosh: This is the 2nd highest rank of the True Korunnai. To get this rank you must request Ghosh trials. When you reach this rank, you'll have your own family to take care of in the clan.


Lor Pelek: With this rank you are a powerful healer and someone who people can come to for help. You will also be a major part of the TK council.


Akkguard: With this rank your mission is to guard the clan and your Ghosh from any who might wish to harm us. You'll act as a security advisor in the True Korunnai council.


Warrior: With this rank you are the main infantry of the Grand Korunnai army. In wars you are the first line of defense against the enemy.


Doshalo: With This rank you are a citizen (AKA Clanbrother) of the Korunnai. Doshalai are either fully trained in the Korunnai ways or just finishing their training.


Nidosh: With this rank you are a new recruit of the Korunnai. All Nidoshai are trained in the korunnai ways, force-bonding, battle, and using Pelekotan.


have fun and may pelekotan be with you!!