On September 19, 2004, Marc Wagner, Jon Chang, Michael Ogima, and Alby "Armageddon" Santiago Jr. held a telephone conference to discuss the recent decline in the Star Trek gaming community. All were former members of a large Star Trek clan during what is now referred to as the Bridge Commander Clan Wars (2002-2004). The four talked about the qualities which make a clan worth being a member of: honor, trust, and friendship/family. They talked about how members should be praised for their achievements and be treated fairly by the clan leaders. They also reflected on their former clan; how the leadership (of which both Wagner and Armageddon were part of) were always stabbing each other in the back and fighting over power.

From this discussion, Ogima suggested the formation of a new clan in which honor, integrity, and unity would be it's foundation. It would bring the experience and "feel" of the Star Trek universe to all it's members and uphold Gene Roddenberry's vision of peace.


They decided Wagner would lead the new clan, with Chang as Executive Officer followed by Armageddon as Chief of Diplomacy and Ogima as Chief of Staff. They named the new organization Star Trek Xtreme using the tag [STX]. They put up a website, set up a standard Federation ranking structure, and set up a dedicated Bridge Commander recruitment server within the next 12 hours.

Armageddon then suggested that the clan needed a slogan or "sales pitch," he joked. He said "Strength Through Unity" would best describe STX, in that she would only ever be as great as her members. No matter how many or how few people were in the clan at any given time, she would always survive and prosper so long as the members remained strong and united. Star Trek Xtreme was born.


It didn't take long for STX to find members. Bridge Commander yielded many fresh recruits eager to serve and help shape the budding clan. Of notable mention are: Nathan Halliwell who began hosting recruitment servers and assisted with processing new members, allowing STX to grow rapidly during the first year.  Dazo who became Chief of Security, Defiant Fox, a skilled soldier and demolitions expert, David "Neo" Brooks who worked to strengthen the clan's military strategies, Xeserox, a young and enthusiastic officer who served as Dazo's eyes and ears in the Security Department, Diego who assisted Armageddon and Halliwell with recruitment, Morpheus and Ransom, great warriors, Revan Stormrage, ArcherX and Paladin, seasoned soldiers and Alastor who served as Intelligence Officer.

The stage was set, and STX prospered greatly for her first year. Bridge Commander saw a great decline in 2005 as anarchist groups made life in the game difficult. Hosting servers became impossible due to disruptive players which caused recruitment to stop. The stress caused Armageddon, who was in his third year of battle with cancer, to retire in February of 2005 due to his failing health. Halliwell assumed his duties and began working on a way to solve the recruitment problem, while Momiji Welden joined the crew.
With the announcement of Star Trek: Online, excitement was generated within STX. Bridge Commander was no longer the game it once was, as most had grown tired of the wars and politics it had become associated with. It was soon decided that STX would have to find other games to play. EVE Online drew great interest from most members, so STX began building a new empire. With STX well on her way within EVE, there were those who chose to leave instead. Morpheus took over Security for Dazo, who left to start his own clan. Fox and Diego left as did others who felt EVE wasn't as fun as Bridge Commander.


STX MEMBER LIST (Circa Jan 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral Marc Wagner - Clan Commanding Officer
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Michael Ogima - Clan Executive Officer
  • Admiral Nathan Halliwell - Chief of Diplomacy
  • Admiral Dazo - Chief of Security
  • Vice Admiral Meagen Rodriguez - Chief of Staff
  • Vice Admiral Jonathan Chang - Chief of Special Operations
  • Commodore Defiant Fox - Chief of Fleet Operations
  • Captain Javier Diego - Alpha Squadron CO
  • Captain Morpheus - Beta Squadron CO
  • Captain Ransom - Delta Squadron CO
  • Commander SG Alastor - Delta Squadron XO
  • Commander Anubis - Alpha Squadron XO
  • Commander Neo - Beta Squadron XO
  • Commander Sam Winterhawk - Liaison to Admiralty
  • Lieutenant Commander Dex Gallagher
  • Lieutenant CommanderFedhell
  • Lieutenant Commander Raven
  • Lieutenant Roby   
  • Lieutenant Logan
  • Lieutenant Ryan Taylor
  • Ensign Sauer
  • Ensign Archer

STX Roster (Circa February 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral Marc Wagner - Clan Commanding Officer
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Michael Ogima - Clan Executive Officer
  • Admiral Jonathan Chang - Chief of Security
  • Admiral Meagen Rodriguez - Chief of Staff
  • Vice Admiral Defiant Fox - Chief of Fleet Operations
  • Commodore Neo - Chief of Diplomacy
  • Captain Ransom
  • Captain Morpheus
  • Commander SG Alastor
  • Commander Sam Winterhawk  Liaison to Admiralty
  • Commander Raven  Assistant Chief of Security
  • Commander Fedhell  STX Academy Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander Dex Gallagher
  • Lieutenant Xeserox
  • Cadet John Crichton

It was at this time in late 2005, that STX had her first conflict with another clan. A fellow former Bridge Commander clan began attempting to intimidate and threaten STX. After several incidents, it was decided to go to war. STX won several engagements against this fleet until a couple of mercenaries were hired to take out STX's capitol ships. After the loss of two battleships, Morpheus came up with a plan to trap the mercenary, using Xeserox's new battleship as bait. The STX fleet, using cloaking devices, waited near Xeserox's ship as the mercenary closed in. Once he was in range, our fleet de-cloaked, jammed his jump drive, and destroyed him with a fierce barrage of torpedoes. With the mercenaries defeated, this other fleet surrendered. Later on the victorious STX enjoyed several more months of achievement in EVE, including the construction of a space station.

STX began playing other games during this period, including World War II Online and Star Wars Galaxies. EVE began to lose it's appeal with a majority of the clan and it was soon dropped from STX's supported game list.




It is with great relief that I announce the dismantling of Star Trek Xtreme and my retirement from the decayed Star Trek Gaming Community. STX lived a good life and I have had a good time online throughout the years, but the community is not what it used to be. It is now just a collection of people who all want things to be their way and they jump from one clan to another when they don't get it. Nobody can follow simple orders, and discipline is seldom found.


So now I can move on to other things like my family and other hobbies. Things that are more important then sitting around playing video games all day. I will play Legacy and ST:Online but I will do so solo and will not be joining or forming any other clans in those games.

With that I wish you all good luck and goodbye.

Fleet Admiral Marc Wagner:


-Founding Member:
SFX (2002)
RSF (2003)
STX (2004)


-Veteran of the Bridge Commander Clan Wars (2002)


Every new organization has a time where it needs to find itself, and STX is no exception. From 2006-2007, STX saw several changes to her membership, policies, command structure, and supported games.  When the clan moved to Star Wars Galaxies, Morpheus and Ransom left. ArcherX became the third officer to serve as STX Chief of Security. Several members splintered off to form a new clan, but soon decided they had made a mistake and returned.

Star Trek Legacy was released, with much anticipation. Although the game was a failure, it gave STX the excitement needed to build up momentum. However, due to a serious lack of Trek-based content and a failing franchise, it was decided that STX no longer had a game worthy enough to play and shut down in December 2007 for reorganization.

During this time, the High Command prepared the clan to re-open in Star Trek Online. The website was heavily updated with a whole new template, reflecting concept art of the new LCARS system. Rules and regulations were changed to incorporate a more relaxed atmosphere. David Brooks left to pursue other interests.

Though she has had some rough times, STX was held together due to the principles she was founded on and the determination of her members to uphold them. STX's members demonstrated that "Strength Through Unity" truly is a fitting motto for the clan. STX was now a seasoned fleet. Her members had become a family.


In February 2008, STX re-opened with a new site and new attitude. Things were still relatively quiet as the members awaited Star Trek: Online. They played several games, including Pirates of the Burning Sea, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Age of Empires III. The clan was shocked to learn that Alby "Armageddon" Santiago Jr. had passed away on July 9, 2008 after a 5 year battle with cancer. Alastor left to form his own clan and Wagner was forced to take a 6 month leave of absence due to personal issues but returned to lead STX in her return to MMOs in 2009 with EVE Online. In September 2009, STX celebrated 5 years of operation. With the launch of Star Trek: Online in early 2010, STX saw many changes. Ogima, Revan and a small few others left the fleet due to their disappointment with the new game. STX continues to recruit new members in STO and is enjoying great success with many new ventures both in-game and out.


As of the Afternoon of Saturday June 4th, 2011. Marc Wagner decides to end his Command of Star Trek Xtreme by Disbanding the clan.


STX Admirality (Circa June 2011):

  • [STX] Fleet Admiral Wagner - Fleet Commanding Officer
  • [STX] Vice Fleet Admiral Ogima - Fleet Executive Officer
  • [STX] Rear Admiral Calhoun (Upper) - Fleet Operations Officer
  • [STX] Rear Admiral Bernprint (Lower) - Chief Diplomat