Formed in Late 2003 in Star Trek: Bridge Commander, the clan went through many wars and issues. The clan dropped trek gaming in August 2004 and then changed name to the Wrath of Achilles clan in November 2004. The clan was restarted in August 2005 until April 2006 where the clan disbanded.


Jolan tru!  Welcome to the Na D'ravasi website!  For those of you that don't already know, Na D'ravasi means the Great Brotherhood.  This name suits us perfectly, as we ARE a great brother/sisterhood.
ND is always accepting applications, if you're interested simply register on our forums and make your request in the "Want to Join ND" section.


Everyone is welcome on our forums, so feel free to register and look around!


Games Played (Circa 2003):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Stock 1.0/1.1
  • Star Trek: Elite Force 2
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Mech 4
  • Ghost Recon

Games Supported (May 2004):

  • Star Trek: Elite Force II
  • America's Army
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


  • :Tal Alaehar: - The Tal Alaehar is the main department in ND.  It covers all online games that use naval ranks.  The Tal Alaehar is also responsible for clan security, and its department head sits on the ND Senate.
  • :Tal Shiar: - The intel department in ND, the Tal Shiar is responsible for gathering intel on hostile entities as well as assessing risks from outside forces.  The Tal Shiar accepts members from all games supported by ND, however its members are hand picked by the Tal Shiar Chairman.
  • :Tal Prai'ex: - The Tal Prai'ex is ND's elite guard.  Accepting members form all games ND supports, its members are hand picked by the Praetor for their loyalty and dedication to the clan.
  • :Tal Shava: - The Tal Shava is the marine force in ND.  It covers games such as BF 1942 and Ghost Recon.  We are currently recruiting in all our divisions, so feel free to sign up!

ND Ranking Structure (Circa Winter 2003):

Tal Alaehar (Star Navy) Tal Shiar (Star Marines)
Fleet Admiral Chairman
Wing Admiral General
Sector Admiral Vice General
Admiral Brigadier General
Wing Commander Colonel
Commander Sub Colonel
Sub Commander Major
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Sub Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant
Uhlan Uhlan


ND Roster (Circa Winter 2003):

  Praetor Chimera
Tal Shiar
Tal Alaehar
Chairman True Dark God Fleet Admiral Chris
General Kosh Wing Admiral Mobeus
Vice General Bungle Sector Admiral Dark Wolf
Brigadier General Rand Sector Admiral Koval
Brigadier General Blackfire Sub Commander K'vec
Colonel Ironfist Sub Lieutenant Pinta
Colonel Mr Freeze Uhlan Spectre
Sub Colonel AmenRa Uhlan The Snipe Meister
Major Stryder Uhlan Enterprise
Jake (RESERVE) Uhlan Daz
  Uhlan Anthony
Uhlan Guardian
Wing Admiral Artemis (RESERVE)
Tal Shava Tal Prai'ex
Brigadier General Blackfire Fleet Admiral Phoenix
Colonel Mr Freeze Wing Admiral Observer
Sector Admiral Holland
Admiral BlayerF
Commander Moonrider
Sub Commander Dilithium Bong
Centurion Paul
Uhlan Shadow of Doom
white = Department Command green = department XO's
Bridge Commander Elite Force 2
Wing Admiral Mobeus Sector Admiral Koval
Sector Admiral Dark Wolf Sub Commander K'vec
Sector Admiral Holland Sub Colonel AmenRa
Admiral Blayer F Sub Lieutenant Pinta
Commander Moonrider Uhlan Spectre
Sub Commander Dilithium Bong Uhlan The Snipe Meister
Centurion Paul Uhlan Shadow of Doom
Sub Colonel Amen'ra Uhlan Anthony
Uhlan Enterprise Uhlan Guardian
Uhlan Daz
Mechwarrior 4 Mercs Ghost Recon
Fleet Admiral Phoenix Brigadier General Blackfire
Colonel Mr Freeze
Battlefield 1942
Colonel Mr Freeze
orange = Division CO's blue = Division XO's




ND Ranking Structure (Circa June 04)

Standard Rank Insignia Romulan Rank
Field Marshall Waith'Khrein
General Khrein
Lieutenant General Khre'Arrain
Major General Khre'Aendeh
Brigadier General Khre'Riov
Colonel Ssiebb
Lieutenant Colonel Erei'Ssiebb
Major Aendah
Marine Captain Enarrain
1st Lieutenant Arrain
2nd Lieutenant Erei'Arrain
Cadet 4th Year Khre'Eredh
Cadet 3rd Year Arrain'Eredh
Cadet 2nd Year Eredh
Cadet 1st Year Erei'Eredh



August 2005 Reformation:
In the summer of 2003, a group of friends tired with the way most clans were run formed what was to become the beginning of the Na D'ravasi Empire.


The Empire grew strong and proud for a full year, until unforeseen complications caused the temporary shut down and reorganization of Na D'ravasi in late 2004.


During this period friends became enemies, new clans were formed, and people waited to see what would become of this once great clan.


Now in the summer of 2005, the reorganization is complete, and ND is back in action.


Old friendships have been rebuilt, and an invitation has been issued to all past members, as well as to new friends found in the hopes to regain the friendship, family, and camaraderie that once was ND's trademark.


Where will this new ND go from here only the gaming Gods know, but it's bound to be an interesting ride.


For all new members..Welcome to a new gaming experience. We hope you enjoy your time with us!
To all those returning...


Welcome home our brothers and sisters.