League of Generals is a BC clan of the Stock 1.0 era and was apart of the Tri-Pact alliance vs the Mighty Devil Dogs in 2003. Created by LG DradenRahl, Iccarus and Curoi. Later followed Nutty after leaving the DD clan during the wars.


In its BC days, LG was known to be a clan of honor and a clan you could always trust and one you would never want to mess with.


Since then we have retained our good standings as always fun to play with and such and we have expanded to other games such as EVE, Battlefield 2142, LOTRO, and Guild Wars but are no longer officially in Bridge Commander as of 2008.


Leadership as of 2008:

  • Founder Draden Rahl
  • General Nutty - Leader of LG
  • General Altares