The High Council and members of the Starfleet Temporal Command welcome you to the headquarters of the Starfleet Temporal Command.


"Death without honour is unspeakable.. Death with honour is the death worth fighting for. Do not fight death for death is but a phase a new transition for the glory of battle"


Feel free to look around and access whatever you choose. If you wish to make diplomatic communications with our Fleet, or wish to talk to any members within our clan, our forums are regularly used by all members and you can contact them through the forums.


By Fleet Admiral Nadesico

With Authority of the Starfleet Temporal Command Council


The Council (Circa April 2003)
Fleet Admiral Captain Active (BC)
Fleet Admiral Jigglypuff Active
Fleet Admiral Ontario Active (Diplomatic)
Fleet Admiral Nadesico Active


The Admiralty
Senior Admiral Stukov Active
Senior Admiral Worf13 Active
Admiral Stryder Active (HR)
Vice-Admiral Chris Active (Advisor)
Rear-Admiral Ishikawa Active (Diplomatic)
Rear Admiral ImpulsePower Active (Armada II)
Rear Admiral Murdoch Active (BC)


Fighter Squadron (Bridge Commander)

Alpha Squadron
Rear Admiral Murdoch Active (CO)
Captain Uliseas Active
Lieutenant Commander Kristof Active
Ensign GiantBA Active


Beta Squadron
Fleet Captain Bungle Active (CO)
Captain Hall Active
Commander Voyagerlr Active


Pending Division Assignment

Captain Daz Active
Commander Artanis Active
Lieutenant Vanguard Active
Lieutenant Jr Mark Active
Lieutenant Jr Avenger Active
Ensign Bigdog4580 Active
Ensign Alpha30 Active