About the UCF

You have reached the home of the UCF, the United Confederation of Factions, a multigaming, multinationality clan, established in October 2001. Although we play several games, Star Trek Online is the game we have divisions in.


Winning clanwars and clanmatches is great, but having fun playing the games we play is our most important goal. Therefore it is not important how good you are in playing, comradery and teamspirit/teamplay on the other hand is, this doesn't mean we don't go for victory.


The organisation in the UCF is simple but effective. The UCF is lead by Jelma who together with Jim and the Flag Officers takes care of the general clan issues like administration, Clan management, etc. The Senior Officers consists of people who take care of arranging wars, setup trainings, etc. These people together with the other members are very dedicated to the UCF and each other.


People who cause havoc, argue, create unrest and use bad language will be dealt with immediately and if nessessary be thrown out of the clan. Promotions are based on time in the clan or by the amount of points a member has gathered.


For communication between players we use TeamSpeak.


If you are playing Star Trek Online and you're wearing tags, being present on teamspeak is mandatory.


To cover expenses for the services we don't ask for a contribution fee. A donation is always welcome of course.


New members enter a trial period for 2 weeks. The sole reason for this is to let you decide if the UCF is something for you. More information can be read in our general guidelines and statutes.


If you want to become a member of the UCF, all you have to do is click on "enlist". The only thing we ask from you is teamspirit, seriously interested in participating in the UCF and have respect for the other members.


Fleet Admiral Jelma



Operations Division:
Division CO: Vice Admiral Marshall
Division XO: Lieutenant Triz



All officers will join this division after leaving the Recruitment division.
Squadron Commanders provide training in all carreer paths.
They host regular trainings, too improve the cooperation between science/engineering and tactical officers.
They make sure the fleets are always ready for war.
The Operations Division CO can order Flag Officers to join trainings.

Security Division:
Division CO: Commodore Guardian
Division XO: vacant



The Security division provides security for high ranking officers and gathers ingame intelligence.
If requested they provide escorts to high ranking officers during diplomatic contacts.
Officers in the Security Division will report only to the Security Division CO/XO and Clan Command.
During war the Security Division provides escort ships to all admirals in the clan.
Only officers in the rank of Ensign or above can join the Security Division

Recruitment Division:
Division CO: Rear Admiral Darkstar
Division XO: Lieutenant Myst



The Recruitment division processes new officers for the clan.
All new officers will first stay two weeks in the recruitment division.
Officers in the recruitment division will learn new officers all the tricks.
After two weeks the new officer will be promoted up to Cadet and join the clan
as full member.

Diplomacy Division:
Division CO: Commodore Guardian (acting)
Division XO: vacant


Diplomacy division is in charge of all diplomatic contacts.

The Diplomacy Division can sign a NAP (Non Aggression Pact) without consulting the High Council.

For a MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) or Alliance the approval of the High Council is needed.

The Diplomacy Division CO is automatically the Clan Ambassador.

Each officer in the Diplomacy Division is assigned to a different clan.


Admirals Council (Circa February 2004):

  • UCF GA Jim
  • UCF FA Blade
  • UCF VA Orbit
  • UCF VA Jelma
  • UCF VA Scotty

Command Structure

Command Positions

Clan Command

Clan CO
Rank: Fleet Admiral


Clan XO
Rank: Vice Fleet Admiral


Clan CO commands the fleet.

Clan CO and his XO validate reports made by Division Commanders.

Both hold a permanent seat in the High Council.

Clan CO has veto over the ruling of the High Council.

Clan CO has the power to declare war without consulting the High Council.

Can promote or demote officers. Have the option to give penalty points to officers.

During war the Clan CO commands the 1st fleet.

The Clan XO commands the 2nd fleet.


Division CO

Rank Requirement: Flag Officers only.


Division Commanders are in charge of the division they are assigned too.

They are legends in the field of their profession.

Division Commanders validate reports made by the Division XO and send them to Clan Command.

Division Commanders keep track on the progress of officers assigned to the division.

Has a permanent seat in the High Council.

The Division Commander of the Operations Division is also the 3rd fleet commander.

During war the Operations Division CO will command the 3rd fleet.


Division XO

Rank Requirement: Senior officers or Flag officers.



Division Executive Officers are in charge of the division in the Division CO absence.

They are experts in the field of their profession.

They validate reports made by officers in the division and send them to the Division CO.

Don’t hold a seat in the High Council.


Squadron CO

Rank Requirement: Senior officers only.



A Squadron consist of 5 members.

Squadron Commanders are veterans in the field of their professions.

They have proven themselves in battle and are the backbone of the clan.

Squadron commanders are in charge of 4 officers who are not in command positions.

They will provide training and make sure that all officers know their part during war.

Squadron Commanders make reports of battle readiness of individual officers and send them directly to Clan Command.

Squadron Commanders are the only ones that can choose their own XO. A request form must be send to Clan Command.


Squadron XO

Rank Requirement: Junior or senior officers.



Squadron Executive Officers are chosen by wing commanders or appointed by Clan Command.
They are in charge of the Wing in the absence of the Wing CO.



Clan Command
Fleet Admiral Jelma Clan CO
Vice Fleet Admiral Jim Clan XO
Flag Officers
Vice Admiral Marshall Operations CO
Rear Admiral Darkstar Recruitment CO
Commodore Guardian Security CO
Commodore Voncloud Diplomacy CO




Promotions are based on time in the clan or by the amount of points a member has gathered.

Crewman (CM)

The starting rank for all UCF members


Cadet (CDT) (Junior Officer)
Awarded when registered on the website and TeamSpeak 3


Ensign (ENS) (Junior Officer)
Awarded after 2 weeks of service in the rank of Cadet or by getting 50 points.


Lieutenant Junior Grade (LT JG) (Junior Officer)
Awarded after 8 weeks of service in the rank of Ensign or by getting 100 points.


Lieutenant (LT) (Junior Officer)
Awarded after 12 weeks of service in the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or by getting 175 points.


Lieutenant Commander (LTC) (Senior Officer)
Awarded after 16 weeks of service in the rank of Lieutenant or by getting 275 points.


Commander (CDR) (Senior Officer)
Awarded after 20 weeks of service in the rank of Lieutenant Commander or by getting 400 points.


Captain (CPT) (Senior Officer)
Awarded after 24 weeks of service in the rank of Commander or by getting 550 points.


Fleet Captain (FCPT) (Senior Officer)
Awarded after 28 weeks of service in the rank of Captain or by getting 725 points.


Commodore (CMDRE) (Flag Officer)
Awarded after 32 weeks of service in the rank of Fleet Captain or by getting 925 points.


Rear Admiral (RA) (Flag Officer)
Awarded after 36 weeks of service in the rank of Commodore or by getting 1150 points.


Vice Admiral (VA) (Flag Officer)
Awarded by Clan Command


Admiral (ADM) (Flag Officer)
Awarded by Clan Command


Vice Fleet Admiral (VFA) (Flag Officer)



Fleet Admiral (FA) (Flag Officer)