The Founding – The Birth of the Risen Phoenix

The organization known as the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix was formed from the few remaining officers of a once defunct fleet some time ago. During that time we had participated in areas such as Star Fleet Command 3, Star Trek Armada I & II, Star Trek Elite Force 2, Star Trek Legacy, Battlefield 2 | 2142.  As a Phoenix that rises from that of Ashes, The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix was formed and founded on the 29th of January of 2009 under the leadership of Overlord Da as we take our place upon those of other fleets/clans/guilds of the gaming communities.  The leadership of Da, The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix was founded, while remembering the mistakes of the past; they recognized the importance to establishing a strong foundation of what the Risen Phoenix would become.


Da had established its first Chain of Command and Rank Structure, he had oversaw the administration and writing of its initial policy documents and shaped its sense of indentify and purpose which lives on today, through maintaining that same essence of what Da established. The infant Brotherhood’s First game was Pirates of The Burning Seas.  He had overseen its initial expansion into other genres of games and defined what it meant to The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix.


In late 2009, he significantly downscaled his active participation in the new organization to pursue Real World Education Goals, on June 11th 2009 after nearly six months of successful command; he was properly and ceremoniously relieved of command by that of Fyasko De Leon.


Upon assuming the mantle of the leadership on the 11th of June 2009, Fleet Admiral Fyasko De Leon ushered in a new age of expansion, image, pride and visibility for The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix.


The First Era – Securing an Identity and an Old Friend Joins

Under his leadership, he had secured the domain as the permanent home of the organization and loaded the Nuke Evo Extreme (CMS). While securing the domain, he proceeded to developed the forums, content, features, accessibility and others were tailored to the type of game each member played. Projects with the vision of changing the rank structure, to the adoption of a two tier system of Marine and Naval Ranking structure, with separate paths that were equivalent to each other but, During the early days of the creation of the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix, Acidrain who is old friends of Fyasko De Leon had donated his graphics for the website, vision of what the future of The Risen Phoenix symbol “seal” that all members of the organization can be proud of displaying. He also produced the first of mainly different signature frameworks and style with a individual touch for each member.


During this time, Acidrain was selected to command the organizations newest department, The First Person Shooter (FPS Dept). Under Acidrain’s command, during the summer of 2009, the FPS Dept saw amazing growth and expansion while adopting the games Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2, which new members which would make up the core of The Risen Phoenix future with enthusiasm and focus.

Crowbarmaster, took it upon himself to establish a Left 4 Dead game server for the fleet usage, this also gave the organization a never before seen capability of server hosting, to also providing the first communication with Team Speak 2. This also raised the organization visibility and positive worldwide prominence. Crowbarmaster maintains his presents within that of The Risen Phoenix under the banner of the Recreational Dept.


The End of the First Year

As the Brotherhood continued on toward the end of 2009, the Section 8 Division was formed and focused the Marine Corp around the Sci-Fi theme 3rd Person Shooter “FPS” Title. This had brought about many stellar individuals into the clan/fleet/guild with many more to come in the coming New Year. During the end of the year, the Beta Phase of the MMORPG, Star Trek Online (STO) February of 2010 opened with much fanfare and the return to that of our roots of gaming. The Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix went into action by creating structure, doctrine and administration positions in preparation of STO impending launch.


The First Anniversary – New Focus and New Allies

During the RPHX’s First Anniversary Weekend Celebration, Fleet Admiral Fyasko posted his first Anniversary “Fleet Address” for all to view:


“This is the day that we had strived to achieve, we have witnessed the demise and fall of many great Gaming Superpower clans/fleets/guilds. We have witnessed the rise of an even greater organization. This day is the celebration of the birth of Greatness, True Fellowship, and the re-pledging of Honor, Sacrifice and of course, Brotherhood. Our Brotherhood.


The 29th of January, in any year in the future will be recognized as the birthday of The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix Fleet/Clan/Guild. Our Brotherhood, Your Brotherhood, was born on this day one year ago.


The fires that forged the resolve that built this organization still burn in each of its members. Its Brothers and Sisters. This is what we hold most dear, our members, our founding documents to clearly defining the role our members play. They are the most important elements of the organization. With our members, there would be no Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix.


When the RPHX was founded, it was by those that had shown some jealousy from that of the old defunct fleet/clan/guild. They said that we would fail, they laughed at us, denigrated us, threatened us, shunned us and said we were worthless while it was them who ultimately saw demise. We are proud to report that those finding were incorrect, to be exact and inclusive at best.


Not only have we survived, we have flourished beyond our founding, Da’s expectations. Our success is, as stated before, not attributed to one individual, but to the total membership of the Brotherhood, every Brother and Sisters. This day is yours; take time today to reflect upon our Hall of Fame, our Charter, Constitution, Code of Conduct and our History. The history is continuously written by you, the members of The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix.


There will be times, which others will see the successes of our union and our teamwork and Brotherhood. They will try and by any means destroy us, hamper us, divert us, disjoint us and harm us in any way possible. Pledge with me, today, tomorrow and the future to re-affirm your fellowship and brotherhood to each of your Brother and Sisters, to protect our Brotherhood and to thwart and destroy any organization, group, squad, clan or fleet that tries to soil the good reputation and image of Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix Fleet/Clan/Guild with Extreme Prejudice.


When the War Drums sound and the organization is mobilized, we are a formidable sight to behold. We may be 65+ members, but we play and fight like 600!! The aggressors will soon wish that it had thought this over. The amount of Firepower we have at our disposal is nothing to be overlooked. The crushing might of our mighty Brotherhood will storm the beaches and invade the countryside while moving inland and crushing any pockets of resistance the enemy has for us. The vast Risen Brotherhood will surround the planet and conduct Orbital Bombardment of the enemies Capital Cities. We will bring any enemy to its knees, but we will not throw the first stone in hatred, it is not our style.


We have made some great allies in the past year. They add to our strength and have pledged loyalty to our cause, and in turn, we offer support in all areas that they require. Their loyalty and friendship to us is unquestioned. We are truly fortunate to have connected with such great organizations like the STX Fleet, and reconnected with our long lost brothers….liberated during the fall of the once defunct clan/fleet we all left, the mighty Exile Alliance. As we collectively look at the future, we will cross into some new and exciting battlefields. STO is already set, as well as Battlefield Bad Company 2. The battlefields are a tradition that we have carried over from our ancestor fleet. There will be opportunities to promote the fleet/clan/guild to the general populace of the gaming community. We shall not falter or fail in completing our organization objectives. The future is ours. It belongs to our Brotherhood! We are a Quality Organization. Every ally knows this. We are solid from the ground up. Every member should feel the sense of Pride, Devotion and Brotherhood in every game we play, in every forum you go to and use your signature, the RPHX Tags, and every time you wear your RPHX T-shirt out in your area. Be proud, you are The Risen Phoenix……And you are ALL POWERFUL and INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!


So, enjoy this blessed day…you have all earned it. As always, Brothers and Sisters….Keep Charging, Ever Forward!!!


-FAdm Fyasko Le Deon | The Lordship (Jan 29th 2010)-


The Dawn of Year Two – Star Trek Online, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the Rise of the RPHX Marine Corps

The future shined like a nebula at the dawn of 2010. STO went from closed beta to open beta in the first weeks of January. This allowed the fleet to get some practice in the areas of coordination, tactics and strategies, exploration and in game fiscal organization. Near the end of January, the very first RPHX Anniversary Weekend was organized and celebrated by all members in the organization. Several Members received accolades. Among them was the first RPHX Senior Phoenix of the Year, Jaketh and the Junior Phoenix of the Year in Crowbarmaster, and the promotion of Acidrain to the rank of Lieutenant General and his election to the RPHX Lordship Council.


The Launch of STO and the First Deployment

On February 3rd, 2010, at 10:00 am PST, the Risen Phoenix Fleet was formed on the Holodeck Server as Star Trek Online officially launched to the public. With that, the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix Fleet was cemented in history as one of the first 10 original STO Fleets in the history of the game. Within 2 hours, the Fleet deployed across the Sirius Sector for the first time as a Unified and Formidable force. The launch did have its bumps and bruises. Server and game issues became the norm during the first week. The promise of new and expanding content within the first 6 weeks of release kept the fleet moving ahead by recruiting new members and spreading itself among the systems of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. However, The Brotherhood remained strong while finally moving into that of the Klingon Faction while still maintaining a presence in Federation Space.


The First Great Expansion into New Battlefields – ARMA II and Eve Online

Shortly after the launch of Star Trek Online, we started to branch out into other areas and other gaming arenas such as that of Eve-Online and ARMA II.The Brotherhood formed an Eve Online Corporation under the RPHX tag and flag, while under the leadership of Lord Omaga, Whitefox, and Fyasko. During this time, the Brotherhood’s first entry into the MMORPG, World of Tanks began under the leadership of that of RLGates and its introduction by Xavier.


Reflections and Fine Tuning – Shaping RPHX Policy for the Future

During the Summer and End of 2010, the Brotherhood started to experience some downsizing due to the nature of the world economy. The RPHX Leadership had taken the time to reflect on the importance of what and where they wanted to focus as a Fleet/Clan/Guild. This involved the complete review and overhaul of all Brotherhood Policies that were put in place during the Founding. During the summer of 2010, Acidrain, Frag, Fyasko, Whitefox, Bull Halsey, Xavier, RLGates all participated in the re-writing the founding documents. Acidrain drafted the first RPHX Constitution for the purpose of making it a guideline which shows the proper means of succession at all levels. The Brotherhood consolidated its Dual Rank Structure under a Unified System in the Fall of 2010. Whitefox had revamped the Code of Conduct while also including areas that protect and respect those of our members that include Sisters of The Brotherhood. This document assisted greatly in expanding the RPHX member base and solidified the Brotherhood’s Diversification and Non-Discrimination policies.


Expansion into New Ventures and New Horizons

The Creation of Xavier’s “Risen Phoenix Radio”, and the Gamers Lounge Podcast through had been established during the Spring and Summer of 2010. This greatly expanded the visibility of both and the RPHX, jointly.  As the 2010 year came to a close, the Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix went through some significant changes, adjustments and adopted new philosophies of operation that ensured the RPHX’s survival in the next years.


The 2nd Anniversary and a “Seismic Shift” in Online Gaming

The Brotherhood continued to evolve and move forward after the celebration of it’s Second Anniversary on the 29th of January, 2011. A change in the winds of how Online Gaming was currently structured came around this time. As new developers emerged to challenge the establishment of Game Creators and Publishers, the innovative Free-To-Play (FTP) model broke new ground and ushered in a seismic shift in the way MMORPG PC Games were produced, tested and distributed.  This new payment model went against the traditional Subscription Model that was established by steadfast games like World of Warcraft and Eve Online. The Brotherhood saw opportunity in this and capitalized on it by re-establishing the World of Tanks Division.


World of Tanks and the Rise of Mechanized Warfare

The World of Tanks Division became the founding division of the Mechanized Warfare Department and would show incredible growth with an explosion of membership. The Mechanized Warfare Department would encompass all future Mechanized Warfare Games, sanctioned by the Brotherhood and would include World of Warplanes, World of Battleships and the planned Mechwarrior Online. Its FTP Model became a standard way to recruit, train, level and operate in a MMO environment.  This also allowed for the RPHX Leadership to establish a larger Teamspeak 3 Voice Communications Server to accommodate the new members.


Battlefield 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and the End of 2011

With the signaling of the new FPS Shooter, Battlefield 3, the Brotherhood made preparations to jump into the game in the Multiplayer Side in the correct fashion. The Brotherhood’s Leadership established a Fundraiser Drive amongst its members in order to raise rental funding for an RPHX BF3 Game Server.  The RPHX donated the funds for the initial 3 month rental of the server that would accommodate up to 32 players with rotating maps.  Upon launch, The BF3 Server became among the most popular in DICE’s Server list, ranking among the top 300 servers used Worldwide.


The Brotherhood became Beta Testers for the MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. With many members receiving Beta Invites, the RPHX began to establish itself in the SWTOR Community as a unified force to be feared and allied with.


As for 2012, well they say the world will end on Dec 23rd 2012 though look out for us on the Battlefield as 2012 will be an interesting and challenging new year. Anticipate seeing us in the following titles for 2012; Star Wars The Old Republic, FireFall, World of Battleships, World of Warplanes and many more titles....


The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix


Lordship Since Commissioning (Circa January 2009):

  • Grand Admiral Da                                                              29 Jan 2009 -15 June 2009
  • Fleet Admiral Fyasko                                                         29 Jan 2009 - Present
  • Executive Admiral Aqua (Retired)                                      29 Jan 2009 - 24 Aug 2010
  • Executive Admiral Whitefox (Retired)                                 25 Aug 2010 - 12 Oct 2011
  • Executive Admiral Acidrain                                                12 May 2009 - Present
  • Fleet Admiral Xavier (Stepped Down)
  • Vice Admiral Flaming Force
  • Vice Admiral KBrown                                                         17 June 2011 - Present