Tal Shiar Fleet was a Star Trek: Armada II and Bridge Commander based clan in 2005 that also played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and StarCraft.


Star Trek Games Supported:

Star Trek: Armada II

  • 1.1 Patch

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

  • Stock 1.1
  • Enemies of Life: 1.2 to 1.4
  • Kobayashi Maru 0.9, 0.9.1

Hello!!!! Welcome to the home of the [TF] Clan. Which stands for Tal-Shiar Fleet. I am the Founder of the [TF] Clan [TF]Amb-WebDuke. This clan was started On 9/28/05, after I left the [ADF] Allied Defence Force. Under the Command Of SFAdm-LuBu_SF. I formed the Tal-Shiar Fleet because I wanted to have fun and enjoy the game again and it was getting too political in the [ADF]. This clan is under the leadership of [TF]CmdGen-Mentalcase.






The Constitution of the Tal-Shiar Fleet

[TF] Tal-Shiar Fleet Command Fleet Constitution
The Constitution of the Tal-Shiar Fleet



We, the members of the Tal-Shiar Fleet, have decided to establish this constitution in order to form a better clan. We are doing this to help provide defense against attacks, to promote and grow our clan, and to provide tranquility within our clan.


Article 1: The Command Council

The Command Council of the Tal-Shiar Fleet shall consist of all of the Admiralty, excluding the Commander General and General. Their job is to lessen the work load for the Commander General and General and to help the Commander General and General make important decisions. The Command Council of [TF] as of March 27, 2006 consists Of.


Chairman of the Council  Sub-General
Co-Chairman of the Council  Colonel
Other members of the Council  Rest Of Admiralty


Sub-Article 1.1: Voting of the Council

Every member of the Council will have one vote. However, the Commander General has the right to veto any issue being voted on (this is done only as a last resort and should not be taken lightly.

Sub-Article 1.2: Placement and Removal of Council Members

Any officers of the rank Commander Major and above, are automatically placed on the Council. A Council member may be removed either by the Commander General or by a vote over 66% of the Council.


Article 2: The Chain of Command

All officers of the Tal-Shiar Fleet must abide by the chain of command.


Sub-Article 2.1: Ranking System

The Tal-Shiar Fleet has a Romulan chain of command Style, Commander General will always be the highest ranking member of the clan (see Article 4 for more information on the Commander General).


Romulan Style: Commander General, General, Sub-General, Colonel, Sub-Colonel, Commander Major, Major, Commander Captain, Captain, Commander, Sub-Commander, Centurian, Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant, Jr-Centurian, Ambassador.


Sub-Article 2.2: Promoting


No person entering the Tal-Shiar Fleet may have a rank above Jr-Centurian unless the Commander General makes a special exception. No person may receive more than one promotion every two weeks. Promotions may be given by Admirals and Division CO;s only. The people promoted by Division CO;s may only be promoted up to the rank Sub Commander. After that they can only be promoted by Admirals.


Sub-Article 2.3: The Promotions and Commendations Board


The Promotion Department is made up of all Admirals, Division CO's and XO's. Their job is to recommend people for promotions and commendations. 


Article 3: Multi-Clanning and Spying


The Tal-Shiar Fleet WILL NOT tolerate mult-clanning or spying. If any member of [TF]or another person is caught multi-clanning or spying, their IP Address will be permanently banned from our forums and Teamspeak.


Article 4: The Commander General


There may only be one Cmd General in the Tal-Shiar Fleet. If the Cmd General disappears without leaving any reason, the General will take over after two weeks. If the Cmd General has still not returned after two more months, the General will be promoted to Cmd General. If the Cmd. General returns after this, he may be reinstated as the Cmd. General if the Council votes over 50% in favor of the reinstation.


Article 5: Gaming Policies


No member should leave during any game, unless they have a personal reason or computer problems. All members are expected to fight to the end, no matter how badly you are being beaten. If you absolutely have to leave, do not do so until you have explained to everyone in the game that you have to leave. If you are disconnected for some unknown reason, please apologize to everyone that was in that game the next time you see them.


Article 6: Diplomacy


The Diplomacy Department is responsible for all diplomatic relations with other clans. The members of the Diplomacy Department are also responsible for writing all treaties and pacts with other clans. No member of the Diplomacy department may have permission to begin diplomatic talks with any clan unless an Admiral gives you specific permission to do so. All treaties must be signed by at least three Admirals and/or Diplomacy members. There must be at least one signature from an Admiral on every treaty.


Sub-Article 6.1: Types of Treaties


The Tal-Shiar Fleet deals with only three types of treaties:

Full Alliance (FA) - A Full Alliance is only made with very close clans. Both sides agree to help each other during war, unless the attacking clan is a friend of the other clan.


Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) - A Mutual Protection Pact is a treaty that is used to help both clans involved grow and expand together.


Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) - A Non-Aggression Pact is a treaty that is used to begin diplomatic relations between two clans.


Article 7: Departments


There must be a CO for every division/department for it to be considered a full division/department. Once there is a CO, he or she must pick an XO. The CO and XO of a division/department are responsible for getting all recruits for their divisions/departments to post on our forums. All division/department CO's must make a post on the forums showing all the members of their divisions/departments and whether they are active or not.


Article 8: Amendments and Retractions to the Constitution


The Constitution may only be amended if 75% of the Council votes to do so. The Constitution may be nullified only if the Commander General and General decide to do so, followed by a 75% vote by the Council.




Rank System In [TF]

 Commander General (Fleet Admiral)

 General (Executive Admiral)

 Sub-General (Admiral)

 Colonel (Vice Admiral) 

 Sub-Colonel (Rear Admiral)

 Commander Major (Fleet Commodore)

 Major (Commodore)

 Commander Captain (Fleet Captain)

 Captain (Captain)

 Commander (Commander)

 Sub-Commander (Lieutenant Commander)

 Centurian (Lieutenant)

 Lieutenant (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

 Sub-Lieutenant (Ensign)

 Jr-Centurian (Cadet)

 Ambassador (Ambassador)