It started with a single idea in the spring of 2003 when founders Fleet Admiral Morpheus and Vice Fleet Admiral Doncaster departed from SFX with a cadre of talented gamers: create a community where fun, comaraderie, loyalty, and honor could converge. That vision was articulated into The Marquis Alliance (TMA) gaming clan.


Today The Marquis Alliance, which began as a haven for gamers in Star Trek Bridge Commander, is role playing in popular multiplayer gaming environments such as Wolfenstein, Freelancer, Jedi Academy and Star Trek Elite Force II. We're always testing new games for integration into our community, creating a dynamic experience for TMA members.


The Marquis Alliance is governed by the High Command Council, which is comprised of five high-ranking clan officers. Although the council leads and sets policy through the Governing Protocols, many decisions are implemented through a democratic process.


Gamers who are fortunate enough to wear TMA tags are the finest officers in the clan community. Our membership roster grows weekly. We encourage you to join us on our journey.


Roster (December 2003):

High Command:

Fleet Admiral Morpheus                                                                        VFA Doncaster
First Leader                                                                                             Second Leader
Rear Admiral Maliki                                                                                Commodore Mad Dog

Senior JAG Officer                                                                                  Chief Communications Officer  
Personnel Officer
Fleet Captain Neo
Chief Diplomat


Senior Officers:

Lieutenant Chal Yoj                                                                                Lt. Commander Savior

XO- Diplomat Corps                                                                              Clan Counselor
Lt. Commander Rob
CO- Freelancer Division



Lieutenant Blazien                                                                                   Lieutenant Taz
Freelancer Division                                                                                 Freelancer Division



Lt. Commander Savior                                                                           Lieutenant Taz
Clan Counselor                                                                                       Freelancer Division


Ensign Ragnarok

Wolfenstein Division


Lieutenant JG Nite Crawler
Clerk to the JAG


Lieutenant JG Cossack                                                                         Crewman Popper100
Trainer - Freelancer Division                                                                Freelancer Division


Ensign Pippin                                                                                         Crewman Dead-Eye
Federation Division                                                                                Wolfenstein Division


Ensign Jarek                                                                                           Crewman AmnRoss

Wolfenstein Division                                                                              Freelancer Division


Cadet Johnathan
Bridge Commander Division