ESQUADRA TARANIS – Frota Estelar do Distrito Federal - FEDF
(Taranis Squadron – Starfleet Federal District- FEDF)


The Taranis Squadron is a Squadron of the Frota Estelar do Distrito Federal - FEDF, a fan club headquartered in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Established in June of 2000, the fan club it is the main reference of Star Trek in the Brazilian capital.


The squadron was created in 2006 for the FEDF to bring together the Bridge Commander players of the fan club for participation in games and to play in official matches organized by other clubs, and also to give a proper name to the division of the fan club responsible for Bridge Commander.


The name of the squadron comes from celtic mythology. Taranis or Taraan was the god of rays, thunder, fire and storms, he cross the sky provoking rays and thunders with his chariot.


Initially the squadron had only three ships. The first ship of the squadron, and also, the most representative is the USS Mycroft, ship commanded for the FEDF Admiral, oldest player of Bridge Commander in the fan club, playing since 2004. The other ships had been the USS Tokelau and USS Macross that had small participation in the squadron and now are both inactive.


In 2007 the FEDF organized the First Brazilian Championship of Star Trek Bridge Commander (


The Championship is an annual event, generally carried through the months of September and October and has many patricipants and personalized prizes. The matches have clear and elaborated rules. As well the USS Tokelau and the USS Mycroft had played in the competition, and the USS Mycroft left victorious winning first place. The championship featured 20 competitors of diverse Brazilian Regions and BC clans, such as: AFERJ, FFESP, BCB, FEGAM and SFM. The Competition has been sucessful to reach it's 5th edition. The USS Mycroft also won first place in 5th Brazilian Championship in 2011. In this championship as well the USS Slash, also belonging to the Taranis Squadron, won second place, becoming the second ship in the squadron to win important ranks in competitions. All championships are played in the Kobayashi Maru mod 0.9.1.


During the Second Brazilian BC Championship was the first match between squadrons. Participating were the clans AFERJ, FEGAM and ECS (Esquadra Cruzeiro do Sul), with victory of this last one.


The USS Mycroft also refereed the matches organized for the ECS and also was part of refereeing matches of other fan clubs.


Currently the Taranis Squadron has 8 Registered ships, only 4 continue in active service: USS Mycroft, USS Slash, USS Elton and USS Kentucky and they train two times a month to stay active.


The FEDF by means of the Taranis Squadron keeps Star Trek Bridge Commander active in the Brazilian territory by continuing the tradition of the Brazilian Championship, and also for other initiatives. In the 2008 the FEDF (represented by Taranis Squadron) and the Trek-in-Rio fan club (represented by ECS) has created the Brazilian League of Bridge Commander and the Brazilian Ranking of Bridge Commander ( It was a innovative idea, but they did not get the desired success. In 2008 the number of active players of Bridge Commander was decreasng in Brazil. Until the end of the year there were many active Brazilian players, but currently its rare to see one simple Brazilian player online in Bridge Commander.


Another initiative is playing Bridge Commander in RPG games. At the moment the RPG Factions are in development along with the ECS. Using Bridge Commander for RPG, it be used for conquests of territory and resources in real time during online matches.


Another game which the Taranis Squadron is also playing is Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, where its players can play ground missions with other clans.


By the declining number of players in Brazil the FEDF and Taranis Squadron will continue to play as much as possible so this wonderful game doesn't become defunct in Brazil. This is one of our objectives and reason for creation of the Taranis Squadron.


Admiral Marcos Roberto – Llestath

FEDF High Command
Commander of the Taranis Squadron
Commander of USS Mycroft - NCC-247300 - Prometheus Class Starship


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Admiral Marcos Roberto – Llestath
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Rear Admiral João Misael - Shran


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