Imperial Klingon Fleet was developed by Former Rear Admiral Death, Admiral Hellmaster and Ambassador Martok formerly of SaW after they left SaW due being unhappy of SaW joining DD in their "The Brotherhood" Alliance in December 2007. Kilroy Squad was also created by Argo due to the "Submit or Die" Campaign of the Brotherhood and became Direct Allies with IKF to fight them.

Death joining Hellmaster and changing his name to IKF Chancellor Kr'agg and Hellmaster changing names to IKF Div'ok. Martok unfortunately didn't want to help and was loyal to Santa and ran back.

Many clans didn't like IKF due to them following the "Way of the Warrior" and fighting as Klingons, they warred with many clans such as DD, SaW, dL, LA, -=UFF=-, S13, etc. But started right off the Bat with SaW due to Santa being unhappy that Kra'gg and Divok couldn't run his clan anymore. 

Kra'gg's Sig

IKF shortly thereafter got bored with the Devil Dogs noobing tactics of kicking and booting and were mostly pissed off at Hawkeye and his men due them interfering in the testing of the IKF "Shadow Fleet" Mod for KM 1.0 which ruined the development of the mod for the BC community.


Soon thereafter IKF left Bridge Commander and went onto Combat Arms, a military based FPS starting in May of 2009.


In November 2009, IKF signed a Non Agression Pact (NAP) with the New Devil Dogs led by Janeway and Khan after Cartman disbands his part of DD to join IOC. Which lasts a short time due to Janeway disbanding DD and creating Elite Gamers (EG). 


Nov 13, 2009 at 12:54pm

Post by -=IKF=-D'ivok*CF on Nov 13, 2009 at 12:54pm

Imperial Klingon Fleet & Devil Dogs (DD)


Non Aggression Pact:
The parties involved agree not to engage in any hostile acts against
each other. Hostile acts include, but are not limited to, invading
servers with the intent to disrupt, opening fire without requesting
permission first, posting inflammatory posts on fleet’s forums or in
chat rooms.


The Council from DD and the IKF High Council have agreed to sign a treaty of Non


Details and agreements are listed in the articles below;

1. Ships flying either DD or IKF tags shall not fire upon a ship
from the opposite fleet unless all parties are in a friendly game or
an interclan role play match. Any officers of either fleet who violate
this article shall be reported to his/her Command.


2. DD and IKF agree to be bonded by this treaty to show the utmost
dignity and respect to the members of each others Fleet.


3. In the event that one fleet comes under attack, the other fleet is
under no obligation to come to the defense of the other fleet under
the conditions of this NAP. All requests to assist must be decided
upon by the fleets Admirals or high command as applicable.


4. Any member of the DD fleet or the IKF fleet who breaks these
terms will be held accountable and a court martial will follow from
his/her clan's Council/Security division.


5. This treaty will stay in effect until either side breaks the NAP.


A request must be made on the Forums board to be released.


Signatures of two or more DD Admirals and the equivalent of the
IKF and/or Diplomactic Officer are required in order to ratify this


Devil Dogs (DD)
1. DD=Janeway=L – Leader of Devil Dogs
2. DD=Khan Noonian Singh=HV – Honorary Veteran


(Imperial Klingon Fleet)
1.IKF-Kra’Agg [Chancellor Klingon Empire]
2.IKF- Husker IKF [IKF High Council]
3. IKF-D’Ivok [Co-Founder/ High Council]

In December 2009 the new site was created by Maltz/Hellkat where they continued to play Combat Arms and started up Battlefield Divisions as well. Defiance and Kra'gg had a disagreement and Defiance left IKF for UGF.


As of February of 2011, IKF Di'vok decided to return back to their roots in Bridge Commander to face new challenges and enemies. 

In April 2011 during IKF's return to Bridge Commander the Mothballed "Shadow Fleet" mod was changed to "The Warriors Path" and was led in development by Divok, DarkDaz and Aeria.


On October 1st, 2011 IKF Defiance and Divok have left the IKF to restart SaW, from there on in IKF forums have seem to been disabled and clan gone inactive.

Rank Structure (Circa November 2009):

  • CHANCELLOR (Klingon Empire Rank)

Games Supported:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Combat Arms
  • Battlestar Galactica Online
  • Star Trek Bridge Commander: KM 0.9 to 1.0


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