Star Fleet Tactical Force was a Star Trek: Bridge Commander clan based in Stock 1.0 - 1.1 and the KUU2 Mod. The clan was created back in 2002 by [SFTF] FA Josh Marinlaw, Adam and XsniperX. They were in Starfleet (SF) and decided their rules were too strict and just childish, so [SFTF] was founded and commissioned into STBC and Star Trek: Armada 1.


DoomSgt aka Follett was recruited from Armada 1 and brought into STBC and he started an Elite Force division. In Elite Force he recruited about 5 people, at one time [SFTF] had a peak of about 75 active members in the clan, that lasted for about 2 weeks... spread through 5 different games.


[SFTF] as it was known was mostly a war clan after getting fed up with the status quo and begun similar attacks like the Devil Dogs Clan of that era, one attack in June of 2004 was against the XFS clan which almost lead to war but ceased almost within a few hours.


[SFTF] Roster (Circa Novermber 2004):

  • Fleet Admiral Xsnip3rX
  • Admiral Josh
  • Vice Admiral Smart
  • Vice Admiral Blane
  • First Rear Admiral Codeman359
  • Commander Lotus

In January 2005 a 2nd war was started against XFS but was cancelled due to Fleet Admiral Sniper stepping down from Command of SFTF and handing it over to Fleet Admiral Adam who is a former XFS himself on February 17th, 2005. Sniper going on to join Royal Guards (RG) under Sol/Morpheus.


[SFTF] Roster (Circa January 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral XSniperX - Clan CO
  • Vice Admiral Pille - Clan XO
  • [SFTF] Da Pimp - Diplomacy CO
  • [SFTF] Jessica - Diplomacy XO
  • [SFTF] Cloud
  • [SFTF] Borg
  • [SFTF] Alucard
  • [SFTF] Beast
  • [SFTF] Arash8472
  • [SFTF] DJ Silverblade

By August or September 2005 after breaking off from RG, Sniper creates a couple more spinoff clans until [SFTF] is reformed again with some ex SCF members who quit from XFS.


[SFTF] Roster (Circa September 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral XSniperX - Clan CO
  • Admiral Josh - Clan XO
  • DA OnlyAshes - Diplomacy CO

During 2007 the clan changed for the worst, [SFTF] Fleet Admiral Tom Follett aka [SFTF] DoomSgt was kicked out of [SFTF] by Sniper on a Neutral server, Sniper declared war on DD, and the host replied "dont bring your clan wars in here". FA Doom Sgt commenced fire on [SFTF] Sniper.


[SFTF] history from 2007 is a bit skiddish, [SFTF] Sniper attempted a revival in 2007 where the clan failed and then in August 2009 when [SFTF] Fleet Admiral Thomas Follett attempted a revival for 2 weeks which failed as well. Ending the clan.


Games Supported (Circa 2009):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Trek: Armada Series
  • Star Trek: Elite Force Series
  • Second Life