PL was formed April 20th, 2005 created by Enterprise using the name Patriot after he changed it and this was just prior to the creation of XG in June 2005. Hawkeye was MIA at the time PL arrived. In fact Stevie's DD had merged with DW and those members joined PL when we pulled away from DW to make PL.


Planetary Legions Clan Roster (Circa August 2005):

  • President Micheal A. Neal (PL~Enterprise~P) - Original President of Planetary Legions from April 2005 to August 2005.
  • President CrazyHorse (PL~CrazyHorse~P) - Founder and President of the Planetary Legions (Former Vice President of Planetary Legions)
  • Vice President Hunt (PL~Hunt~VP) - Vice President, Third in Command, NSA C/O (Former CoS and Intel Chief Commander)
  • Senator Sent (PL~Sent~SM) - Tactical CO, Senate Member and Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Senator Ron (PL~Risk~SM) - Commanding Officer of the External Relations Division
  • Senator Gecko (PL~GECKO~SM) - Executive Officer of the External Relations Division
  • Senator Xiferanze (PL~Xiferanze~SM) - Senate Member of the Planetary Legions
  • General Samcold (PL(T)-Samcold-01*) - BC XO, Head of BC Training, External Relations Officer
  • Commander Darkone (PL^Darkone^03) - Commander Rank, Bridge Commander Division
  • Monitor (PL^MONITOR^05) - Bridge Commander Division
  • Corporal EnergizerBunny (PL^EnergizerBunny^07) - Corporal Rank, Bridge Commander Division
  • Corporal Stevie (PL^Stevie^07) - Corporal Rank, Bridge Commander Division

Planetary Legions Code of Ethics (Circa May 2005)–

  1. The clan members must follow the CHAIN OF COMMAND. You are to go to your superior officer (task force commanders, XO’s, Etc.) with any problems. If the problem or report does not get resolved, then you may go to the next highest commander.
  2. Clan Members are to respect the salutation of officers higher in rank than you (calling them sir.) It is up to the officer if they want to be called sir or not. All officers are to refer to the President and Vice President as such, including sir.
  3. Clan members are not to use foul and harsh language on our message board, in game, or in private conference.
  4. Members need to respect clan and non-clan members.
  5. Members are to respect the terms of ALL Diplomatic Agreements.
  6. Members are not to step out of their scope of authority.
  7. You are to play fair in on clan and non-clan servers. No harmful or un-approved modifications. Use texture modifications only. You are to follow the host/clan/game rules when playing games on servers.
  8. Do not hack other gamers.
  9. Do not make things personal.
  10. If you have allegations against anyone in our out of the clan, you must have irrefutable proof in order for something to be done about it.
  11. Our Message board is a privilege, not a right. Respect our rules or do not use it. If you do not follow the rules, you will be removed. The Board rules will be posted elsewhere, and you must abide by them.
  12. The Senate reserves the right to remove anyone who is in several clear violations of these ethical codes. We also reserve the right to amend this code.
  13. Warnings / Ejection-

-Created on Apr 23, 2005 by the PL Senate
-Updated on Apr. 28, 2005 by the PL Senate


The Rights and Limitations of the President of the Planetary Legions
::Sitting President - Enterprise::

  1. The President is the leader of the clan. He/She is able to make any low/mid level decisions without consulting the Senate, Chief of Staff, or Vice President. These decisions are in the best interest of the clan.
  2. The President can not make high level decisions (i.e.: war) without the vote of the senate.
  3. The President does not have a senate vote. The President does have signature and veto powers, no matter the outcome of the senate vote. (1 veto per decision) If the senate re-passes a decision, the President's veto will be overridden.
  4. If there is not a quorum of the Senate in a serious situation, the President can use or make an Executive Order to alleviate a situation or to create an emergency vote to pass a clan decision.
  5. The President holds the powers equal to the Senate (being in the Senate) except voting power. The President however outranks all Senators.
  6. The President has the power to remove any member of the clan for any clan-threatening reason; or to deny the acceptance of any recruit of any officer.
  7. Impeachment of the President

The President may not interfere with the impeachment hearings. The President is relieved of duty (by the Vice President).


Reasons for Impeachment
Serious Wrong Doing, Treason, Tyranny, Excessive abuse of Powers, serious destruction or External Relations, Inside Scandal, Outside Scandal.


After a hearing is conviened and finished, the Senate (WITH THE SIGNATURE OR VETO OF THE VICE PRESIDENT) must have a unanimous vote to impeach. The Senate MAY bring in an Independent Investigator, but that person may not have a vote.


Created by the President Enterprise of the Planetary Legions, with approval of the Senate (May 5, 2005)
Rights and Limitations of the Senate of the Planetary Legions:

  1. The Senate shall consist of Major Department Heads, the Chief of Staff, the Vice President, and the President.
  2. Each Senate member (except the President) shall hold a Senate Vote. This vote gives the Senate the power to decide on issues of the clan. The Senate also has the power to override the veto of the President.
  3. The senate reserves the right to remove any member of the clan (except any other senate member) or to deny the entry of any new recruit or any officer.
  4. The Senate can move to impeach any member of the Senate (including the President) by asking for the approval of the Vice President. If approved, a hearing will conviene. A unanimous vote, including the President (only if the President is not being impeached) must be passed to impeach.
  5. Each Senate member has control of their department. They may make low/mid decisions in their department. All mid/high decisions must be approved by the senate. Promotions or transfers must be cleared by the Chief of Staff or the Personnel Officer (not yet assigned.)
  6. The Vice President is the assistant to the President, and can speak for the President if he is absent for an extended period of time, or has ordered the Vice President to speak for him. The Vice President is in charge of keeping the clan stable, as far as command is concerned. He is to insure that the President and the Senate are in a Checks and Balances Mentality. He is also able to delegate duties or to carry out executive decisions of the President.
  7. The Chief of Staff is the the chief administrator of the President's agenda. He directs the President's attention to specific clan matters, advises the President, takes care of deligated duties, oversees and regulates the clan as a whole, and carry out executive duties that are deligated from the President, through the Vice President.

Created by President Enterprise of the Planetary Legions, and approved by the Senate. (May 5, 2005.)


Planetary Legions had some minor wars with Obsidian Order which was created by former member Monitor and Nova Squadron an old Ally of DD back in June of 2005.


DD was impostered but not lead by the real Hawkeye 'til much later on. Someone else had started the real DD again. The original DD members however stayed with PL and we raped every clan against our authority in every server we could find. Our numbers were massive against the others and our tactics were unstoppable. From the creation of PL we then took over Suntzu's clan called XG and from that point basically recreated it to become THE NEW EXTREME GAMERZ COMMUNITY.


That was the plan all along. To create a new Clan, Something unique and special. PL was the attempt at that as a place to see who was trustworthy and who was not. Who wanted power only and who did not. What worked best for our structure, our ranking, who should be in leadership. Things like that. We trialed and errored in PL to make XG the perfect clan.


For all intensive purposes until newer members caused an uprising in XG it basically worked for 3 years things were beautiful and perfect. It was amazing!! We played BC every so often for fun but most of the time we were in Star Wars Galaxies and CoD and things like that. We were a "Lets have fun with our buddies and who cares about recruiting" clan. What came of that was the wonderful comradery between members in the clan and kept us very strong for a long time.


We finally became laxed in our recruiting and less careful. It was then that we recruited some not so good choices and they eventually turned on myself and again several years later on Bounty. Time has proven me right when I said I was wronged and did no wrong. Bounty had to stick to the rules when he became leader. HE did not know what side to take so he took no side. But then came to me one day and said "you were right" they did the same to me now too. (Written by Khil)


Games Supported (Circa May 2005):

  • America's Army
  • Bridge Commander
  • Armada II
  • Tribes
  • World of Warcraft

Some PL Signatures: