Tal Shiar was a Bridge Commander Clan. The Tal Shiar in its original incarnation was founded in November of 2004 by TS_Churchill_FL and TS_Vengeance_WL. TS Supported Stock 1.1, KM 0.9.1


We wanted to be in a clan, but didn't want all of the serious, gung ho type training of the other clan. We wanted the feel-the ranks, the prestige, the diplomacy and war-but we didn't want to treat it like real life (i.e. mandatory training, court marshaling, tedious recruitment).

This got us a lot of criticism due to our "blind recruiting" policy. If you wanted to join, you could sign up, and you were given the highest availible rank. Eventually, after several political troubles, the Tal Shiar were disbanded. Now we are back, and our mission is the same as ever:

Provide a fun clan experience that is user-friendly and yet sufficiently deep
Nhil Obstat: TS_Churchill_FL
Imprimatur: TS_Churchill_FL


They reformed again in June of 2005. Not much information is known of what occurred, however there is a defunct forum featuring a Non Agression Pact with the Planetrary Legions Clan commanded by President Michael A. Neal aka {DW}'s former President Patriot.


Clan was reformed a Final time in 2007, nothing is known on it's final fate.


TAL SHIAR RANK SYSTEM (Circa June 2005):
First Lord of the Admiralty (FL) - Leads the council and personally promotes men to the Honor Fleet. Can depose unruly Fleet Admirals, can promote Fleet Admirals to the council, and can expel persons from the clan. Supreme authority.

Second Lord of the Admiralty (SL) - Has power to call a vote of the Fleet Admirals to depose First Lord. In addition, can exercise authority of a Fleet Admiral if none are available in situation. Can recommend people to the Honor Fleet to First Lord. Elected by all members every three months. Member of the council.

Warlord (WL) - Permanent position given to distinguished member of the clan by First Lord. Is a member of the council and can exercise authority of Fleet Admirals. Also given to former First Lords who resign, and can be given to First Lords who have been deposed if the new First Lord allows it. Cannot vote.

Lord Admirals (LA) - Fleet Admiral who is on the council at request of First Lord. Can be deposed along with First Lord if Fleet admirals vote to depose First Lord.

Fleet Admiral (FA) - Non-councilor Fleet Admiral. Exercises authority over one of the Tal Shiar fleets (14 vessels). Is responsible for carrying the orders of the council to his fleet, and ensuring their disbursement through the ranks. Can exercise supreme authority in a battle where no council members are present. Can vote, if a vote is called, to depose the First Lord. Can be replaced by First Lord every 3 months. The replacements are drawn from ranking Admirals who have won at least five battles. Must be replaced if candidates are eligible.

Admiral (A) - High ranking member of the fleet. Despite his title, he exercises no superfluous authority. He is merely one rank closer to Fleet Admiral.

Captain (C) - Second lowest Tal Shiar rank. Exercises authority over Commanders only.

Commander (CD) - Lowest rank in the Tal Shiar. If you join and three months later this is still beside your name, you need to rethink your life in the TS.

The Following replace your rank if you are awarded them

Honour Fleet (HF) - If observed by the First Lord, Second Lord, or 3+ TS members in distinguishing service, the council can vote to promote you to the Honour Fleet. This fleet is made from ships from all of the fleets, and is only called to one fleet, under direct command of the First Lord, if a war is being lost and elite fighting is needed. Honour Fleet members exercise authority of Fleet Admirals, except over other Fleet Admirals.

Fleet Zeus (FZ) - The First Lord's private guard. Chosen personally by him, and deposed along with him. You leave your current fleet and join it if promoted to it. All members authority is that of an Admiral, except for the First Lord, who is by default a member of it.

Fleet Omega (FO) - TS_Vengeance_WL's personal bodyguard. I have given him permission to appoint non-TS members to it, and fairly well do what he likes with it. All members have as much authority as an Admiral. (Note: Not all Warlords get a private fleet, but Vengeance and I were cofounders of the original TS clan, and so I owe him something.

Impervious (IM) - By vote of the council, a member can be voted "impervious". By this we mean he cannot be deposed, but likewise he cannot be promoted. To signify this, he writes his rank in lowercase (CD = cd). Can be a blessing or a curse. Can only be upturned by a vote of the council.



Warlord (WL) - You bow down to him...a very low bow.


Der Befehlshaber (BH) - The second in command and manager. Senior diplomat.


Khan (KN) - A simple Admiral. Commands a fleet of centurions.


Elite Centurion (EC) - Distinguished commander of a star-ship.


Centurion (CE) - Command a star-ship.


The star-ships are the preference of the captain. There is no assignment via honour or rank involved. These allow easy battlefield identification.