Welcome Traveler,

 Ask yourself what you want from a Star Trek gaming clan?


Do you seek a fleet that has a unifying and unending appreciation for pure Star Trek gaming?
Or perhaps a successful fleet with a legacy that predates the release of most popular Trek games?
A fleet commanded by veterans, some of whom possessing decades of experience in the community, with the wisdom and knowledge to ensure an engaging Trek gaming experience?


Look no further than the FEDERATION COMMAND. Our officers have triumphed in war across the greatest of Star Trek games and will turn you from an inexperienced enthusiast into a proficient and professional Star Trek gamer. You will form friendships that potentially reach beyond the internet and discover a community that looks out for one another, to achieve our mutual aims of expanding and championing Star Trek gaming for all.


FEDERATION COMMAND upholds the ideals of professionalism, fair play and equal opportunity. Our officers are located all over the globe, with differing philosophies and views, coming together to promote and unite the Star Trek gaming community. FEDERATION COMMAND is dedicated to providing an unparalleled Trek gaming experience.


=/\= Gaming =/\=

FEDERATION COMMAND’s active officer base prides itself on pure Trek gaming, a list of games we support are:

  • Star Trek Online
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander (With the Kobayashi Maru 1.0 modification)
  • Star Trek: Armada II (Stock or 1.2.5 for Vista users) / Fleet Ops 3.2.5
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (534b)
  • Star Trek Legacy (PC & Xbox 360)
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force I & II

 FEDERATION COMMAND is comprised of skilled and respected gamers in the community, with frequent war-games and STF runs, there is always a challenge for the FC officer.

=/\= The Fleet =/\=

FEDERATION COMMAND is commanded by an Executive Committee and Council of Admirals, among whom it would not be unrealistic to state have over 40 collective years of experience in the community. The officer pool is a harmonious mixture of veterans and new members, the latter keeps the former on their toes while the veterans do their utmost to impart upon the newer members the skills and knowledge they have learned over the years.


The Starfleet of FEDERATION COMMAND is the heart of gaming.

Alpha Quadrant : First Fleet

 Alpha Quadrant is home to the Federation Command's First Fleet, a specialized armada for the battlefield of Star Trek Online. The First Fleet is a PvE oriented outfit with advanced fleet holdings to supply visitors and officers alike.
The current CO of the First Fleet is Rear Admiral Trip.


The Delta Quadrant represents officers that are active within the pre-STO era of Trek games. The Delta Quadrant represents Federation Command's illustrious history, such games include:

  • Elite Force I & II
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Trek Armada I & II
  • Starfleet Command III

FEDERATION COMMAND also has an Operations side, if you’re a dab-hand at Photoshop or web-design, Engineering will suit your particular needs. If you have that infrequent flair for building a rapport – choose Diplomacy. Whatever your desire, FEDERATION COMMAND can accommodate it.


We are a clan that dispenses of bureaucracy in favor of pure enjoyment, we think it shows.


=/\= Communications =/\=

FEDERATION COMMAND operates a communications array, to which all visitors, prospective recruits and diplomats are welcome – click here to be transported now. To submit an oath, merely post your intent within our Oaths forum from the template stickied within the forum.


If subspace communications are more palatable, why not find us on our TeamSpeak server?


Port: 9987

=/\= Closing =/\=

FEDERATION COMMAND continues to be an unrelenting example of how a Trek clan can thrive under the right leadership. Our expansion into Star Trek Online has only cemented our self-belief that we are the premier Star Trek gaming clan.


FEDERATION COMMAND proves itself through gaming. If you want to be part of a welcoming community that champions excellence in pure Star Trek gaming.


Fleet Admiral Costello

Fleet Admiral Costello
Admiral TParis
Admiral Alexraptor
Rear Admiral Picard
Commodore Bailo
Captain Heero Yuy
Senior Captain Kelbie
Captain Janeway
Commander Shroombuck

[FC] Federation Command - 2002-present

The following names have served Federation Command with unparalleled distinction and professional judgment. They shall forever be honoured.


A Tribute to Online Legends

May 14th, 2015

As you might have heard, FC’s last days are numbered and the launch of [VC]Vanguard Command is imminent. We will attempt a feat that has very few times been successful, but I remain confident. We have time and time again shown our resilience, who we are and what we already accomplished together is something to be proud of. The Star Trek gaming community has been insufficient for sustaining a clan, and this has been true for several years now. Hope for a new and better Star Trek game combined with nostalgia and memories of better times have sustained us for years. However, as the situation show no sign of improvement we must put the interests of what is left of our group first and leave the Star Trek Community behind.


We can, each and every one of us, hold our head high – the last Star Trek game that fitted our style to have any success is now over 12 years old. Our survival is nothing short of absolutely extraordinary – we are not role players; we are gamers who have reinvented their group and their games for over a decade.


Most of us are now closer to 30 years old than we are to the 20’s. Our teenage days are long gone and it is somehow fitting that we should move on to something new. We should strive to refine our community but also expand it to keep it young. We will find new games to enjoy - returning to the basics of what made this community a leader: competitive gaming. We have never been a group for role playing or whatever STO is about nowadays. There is a better way forward for our group. Jesse understood this well when he advocated that we become a club, and on this point we agreed. I think we all know that our friendship is what makes us special, but we can and must bring new blood to this family and it can only be done the old fashion way. Being the best in the games we play and going out there, we can't stay isolated anymore.


The mission of this fleet has been fulfilled, and our group will continue to prosper under the leadership of Fleet Admiral Costello, he will write the beginning of a new chapter, the most important chapter since our creation.


We must now say good bye to this Star Trek community, It has occupied a big part of my life for many years.