We’re an online community with a passion for Star Trek, sharing the same vision as its creator Gene Roddenberry, that together anything is possible. We’ll stop at nothing to celebrate the greatness that is Star Trek and the ideals it represents.



In what began as a small group of people playing the popular Star Trek: Bridge Commander game in May 2002, our community has gone through many evolutions in its time. In what was originally a very focused gaming website, we’ve grown to support the many facets of the wider Star Trek community since then, including news coverage, developing a Book database and a much more diverse set of members.


Today, we’re one of the largest and oldest international Star Trek communities that has and always will remain open to everyone. We believe in leading by example, and so as such, we’re very morally driven and welcoming to everyone that wants to start a journey with us.



We strive to create an all-encompassing environment where we actively seek every member to give their creative input in how they think we should run. Our leaders are tasked with a standing order to craft a flexible base upon which members can continue to contribute to. As a result, hundreds of the many thousands of members who have passed through this corner of the internet have set their mark in improving beyond measure.


Our ultimate goal and commitment is to provide Star Trek fans on the internet with a totally unique experience, whether that be through our welcoming members, unique website or the services we offer to everyone. Through the generous donations we receive, we have been able to push the boundaries of our capability. Our infinite thanks goes out to those people who have helped us over the years.




The UFP’s top leaders govern and administrate the day to day functions of community affairs from the Federation Executive Office (FEO).


Fleet Admiral                                                  Vice Fleet Admiral

Fleet Admiral Three of Seven                               Vice Fleet Admiral Sammygm

Head of Technical Services

Vice Admiral Pedigo


Head of Community Gaming

Admiral Petrarch


The Federation Executive Office is the governing body of the community and is comprised of the most experienced and capable members of the UFP. Working together as a tight knit unit, the members of the FEO manage departments, plan new features and strive to make the community an enjoyable experience for everyone.

As individuals, the members of the Federation Executive Office, known as Federation Executives, care for a specific aspect of the community. These responsibilities range from Technical Services, Administration, Member Experience to External Communications. Federation Executives have a great deal of freedom and are encouraged to work semi-independently on their own personal projects, however they remain accountable to the Overall Community Lead - the first amongst equals.

As a democratically inclined entity it is common for FEO members to vote on most issues, discussions and proposals to ensure that all members can express their opinions and have a hand in deciding how the community is run. 




The Federation Administrative Bureau deals with the day to day administration of the community.


Head of Community Administration

Admiral Kerry Malone


The Federation Administrative Bureau handles many essential tasks within the community. Perhaps the most important responsibility of the Bureau is forum moderation. Keeping both the forums and TeamSpeak free of any unacceptable behavior or rule breaking is a duty which the trusted members of the Forum Moderation Team take very seriously.


The Community Graphics Team is arguably the most accessible team within FAB. Members old and new see the impact of this team across the site in the form of the forum signatures which adorn the vast majority of the memberships posts. A talented and passionate team with an eye for detail - they complete signature requests and help out with an eclectic mix of graphic related tasks.


External Operations sits under the Federation Administrative Bureau as a mostly autonomous department. They deal with the external relations of the UFP such as other gaming communities and in-game guilds and groups for the games we support.




Star Trek Online - Federation Division


 Starfleet Operations (SFO) is one of our divisions for Star Trek Online and specifically supports the Federation faction.


Star Trek Online Commanding Officer

Admiral Bridger


Star Trek Online Executive Officers

Admiral Jestersmith     Admiral Novalance     Admiral Bill


Starfleet Operations (SFO) is our largest Star Trek Online (STO) division. This division is responsible solely for running the Federation faction within STO and is comprised primarily of Quartermasters, Away Team Leaders and Logistics Officers. A busy and central division to many in the community, SFO caters to hundreds of members and has - through trial and error - mastered the art of maintaining an active, pleasant and enjoyable place for members of the community to play their Federation aligned characters.


With knowledgeable staff, passionate members and regular events, SFO is truly a welcoming environment for fans of Star Trek who are interested in traversing the stars and captaining their own vessels. Members of the UFP who are interested in STO’s Federation faction benefit from access to nine holdings with three banks spread across three in-game fleets. All of this is available to our members alongside a great deal of forum based support from staff and fellow SFO members.


For a more thorough rundown of what Starfleet Operations has to offer, consult the fleet summary table below or get in touch with a member of the command team.



Star Trek Online - Klingon Division


The House of Kular (HoK) is one of our divisions for Star Trek Online and specifically supports the Klingon faction.


Star Trek Online Commanding Officer

Admiral Bridger


Star Trek Online Executive Officers

Admiral Jestersmith     Admiral Novalance     Admiral Bill


The House of Kular (HoK) is our Star Trek Online (STO) division which is responsible for supporting the Klingon faction. HoK is comprised primarily of Orion Syndicate Traders, Battle Officers and Battle Masters. With dedicated staff and a loyal following within the community, HoK caters to hundreds of members and is very much the home of UFPlanets Klingon members.

A highly active and friendly division, HoK is the perfect place for fans of Star Trek to bring glory to the empire and command their own crew of warriors. Members of HoK have access to six holdings with two banks spread across two fleets. Much like members of SFO (many of whom are also active within HoK), this division is full of helpful and friendly members who are always willing to render assistance to those who may need it. Support can be found both in-game and on the forums.

For a more thorough rundown of what the House of Kular has to offer, consult the fleet summary table below or get in touch with a member of the command team. 




Various Trek games, including mods and mobile games


Starfleet Tactical (SFT) provides support for popular non-STO Star Trek games, as well as Trek mods for non-Trek games. Alongside, is support with hints and tips, as well as discussions for Star Trek mobile games.


Starfleet Tactical, formerly known as Starfleet Reserves, supports a wide range of non-STO Star Trek titles, ranging from the intense FPS Star Trek Elite Force, to the intricate real time strategy that is Star Trek Armada, to the time crunching mobile game, Star Trek Timelines. The people detailed below are tasked with providing events for all the non-STO Trek titles out there, recently expanding to a number of popular mods for non-Trek games.

Alongside support for the classic Trek titles and the more modern Star Trek mods, there will now be support for various Star Trek mobile games, including Star Trek Timelines, Wrath of Gems and Trexels. Whilst these games aren’t playable with friends, there are tools available to talk to each other in game and help each other out, alongside this Starfleet Tactical will provide specific areas for discussion, hints and tips, as well as news about new updates or titles being released.

The goal of Starfleet Tactical is to expand the Star Trek gaming experience for the community, providing an area solely dedicated for playing Star Trek games that aren’t STO, whether they are the classic titles or mobile games, Starfleet Tactical will have it.

In collaboration with Starfleet Holodeck, joint events for non-Trek games, which have Star Trek mods, will be hosted by both teams, increasing the number of games we can play and have available. All of the games and mods currently supported are listed below, however our portfolio is not strictly limited to these games.




Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Undoubtedly one of the best Star Trek games ever! Bridge Commander puts you in the centre chair as you take commend of one of a wide variety of Trek ships in the most advanced Star Trek ship simulator ever. As well as vanilla, we play enhance this game with the Kobayashimaru mod.


Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - A fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled, first person shooter. Elite Force provides a highly competitive atmosphere which is truly unforgiving to those who come unprepared. May the best man/woman win!


Star Trek: Armada 2 - The sequel to the best Star Trek RTS game, which allows you to take command of an entire fleet. A Star Trek real-time strategy game with endless hours of fun, including roleplaying, team deathmatch and free-for-all.




Star Trek: Armada 3 – for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Based around all the key factions in Star Trek, this mod brings Star Trek into one of the best 4x RTS games in modern times. Originally the first mod to be officially supported within the UFP, it provides a stable platform to have a multitude of events and regular matches.

Star Trek: Continuum – for Homeworld 2 With Homeworld 2 being one of the most advanced RTS games of the 2000s, this mod brings all four major eras (ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG) all into one advanced, 3 dimensional space games. As Homeworld is unique, it provides the advanced Bridge Commander ship simulator, into an RTS scene.

The Star Trek mod – for Artemis: Bridge Simulator Artemis is a game, which brings the bridge to your computer screen, with multiple bridge positions to command, you have work as a team to fly and maintain your ship, during multiple objectives and scenarios. A Star Trek game in its own right, without the Star Trek universe – until this mod!

Star Trek: Infinities and New Horizons – for Stellaris Both these mods are in the very early stages of development, thus not fully playable at this time, but will be in the near future! Stellaris is a large real 4x RTS game, created by Paradox Games, it provides the most in-depth large scale strategy game in modern times, having only come out in May 2016, this game has a lot to offer.




Star Trek: Timelines - The most recent Star Trek mobile game, you create your crew from any Star Trek character you can think of, complete story missions and rank up your characters. Recently implementing a space PvP battle arena, this is the most advanced and good looking Trek game on mobile platforms to date!

Star Trek: Trexels - Based in TOS, only recently have TNG ships been added, Trexels is a small 8-bit based game where you manage your ship and explore the depths of an unknown system, with a detailed story and space combat PvP, this game has a lot to offer!

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems - A Star Trek version of Candy Crush, with two stories – one following the TNG and one following the TOS crew, you pick your crew and abilities to fight through the campaign with the characters you like as well as fight other players to achieve great rewards!




Various Non-Trek


Starfleet Holodeck (SFHOLO) is our gaming division dedicated to non Star Trek gaming


SFHolo Commanding Officer

Admiral Chris Wilkinson


Starfleet Holodeck (SFHOLO) is the division which deals with non-Trek gaming. Supporting a wide variety of games that are not related to Star Trek, SFHOLO has something of interest for almost everyone. Consisting of a mixed staff of Quartermasters and Event Officers, Starfleet Holodeck is active in such titles as Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Minecraft & WarThunder.

As well as those games which are supported in name, it is not uncommon for this division to run events on an impromptu basis, on any number of games which are popular at the current time. The multifaceted nature of Starfleet Holodeck is what sets it apart from other divisions in the community, and what makes it such a welcoming place for such a wide variety of people.

If you are interested in learning more about what Starfleet Holodeck does and what games it does or can support, just get in touch with a member of the command team.




Starfleet Academy (SFA) manages our initial member experience and ongoing officer training in the community.


SFA Commanding Officer                 SFA Executive Officer

Rear Admiral Sunfire                                   Commodore AlexRider


Starfleet Academy acts as the first port of call for new members of the community. Styled after the educative facility seen in Star Trek, Starfleet Academy ensures that new members are warmly welcomed and catered to as they take their first tentative steps into the community.

The vast bulk of staff within Starfleet Academy are Recruit Support Officers, whose job it is to take on new members and provide them with all the information they need to become comfortable, content and functioning members of the UFP. Without the work of the Academy, it would be very easy for new members to be overwhelmed when presented with the site, the event system and all the services provided by different divisions and departments of the community.

As well as caring for the experience of new members, the Academy also runs and updates courses which allow interested members to be eligible to apply for CL4 positions. This streamlined process - which is the result of the hard work of all Starfleet Academy staff - ensures that all UFPlanets volunteers understand the rules, expectations and processes of the community. It is thanks to this ingenuity and dedication that the community has continued to function so exceptionally over the years.




All community news, Star Trek news, and interviews are published by our very own community news staff, known as the Federation News Service (FNS). They are tasked with reporting the latest in Sci-Fi.


FNS Commanding Officer                                   FNS Executive Officer

Admiral Solace                                                               Captain WoorLord


The Federation News Service is the dedicated news department of the UFPlanets community. Having pride of place on the front page of this site, the news service provides all Star Trek fans a place to catch up on recent news. With many detailed articles and in-depth interviews with prominent figures in the realms of general science fiction, Star Trek and gaming; the news service has something for everyone.

As a department, FNS represents a great shift in the very nature of this community. No longer simply just a place to play games with friends, UFPlanets is quickly becoming home to creative and informative journalism. With skill, natural ability and a passion for all things Trek, the Federation News Service and its staff continue to go from strength to strength.

Not a gimmick. Not an afterthought. The Federation News Service is an artistic endeavor which is truly establishing itself as a major and highly valued addition to the community.