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Welcome to the home page of ISOM Clan. We are the Imperial Stealth Offensive Military, a bunch of game geeks that have to do something with our spare time. We are branching out our clan into different games, and welcome any newcomers to our clan. There are no rules other than have fun. Some alliances have been made with the other clans, and we look forward to a creating a fun game community. If you need to contact us feel free to reach us on our forums page, or e-mail us at the address on the page.


ISOM was mainly allied with Space Explorers (SE) and warred mainly with Bridge Commander Confederacy Clan (BCC) and was at war with Samcold Fleet as well


ISOM Memberlist (February 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral Dead Man
  • Ambassador El Viceroy
  • Admiral Dead Pan
  • Captain DeadMeat
  • Captain Decoy
  • First Officer Grimghost (Retired)
  • Ensign Sunday Driver (Retired)