August 2003...


A stirring occurs within the political internal structure of the hierarchy of a semi known and unbalanced gaming institution...


Three enlisted officers begin to see the hypocrisy of the its command structure and decide to break away and free themselves in order to create a democratical system that would benefit those whom love the art of online gaming.


We began as a Trek clan; the Hazard Team moniker comes from the game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Elite Force was our first game, and we were founded some time in the Summer of 2003, when a few members of UF (United Federation) split to form HT. We expanded to other Trek games such as Bridge Commander and Armada/Armada II and others.

This is the story of the three founders (Equinox, Krip, and Metatron) of The Hazard Team. Their departure would lead their adversaries to formulate various methods of destruction such as mass propoganda, deceit and declarations of war. However, Equinox, Krip, and Metatron were able to overcome the tactics of this disorganized clan and thus create an organized gaming structure that would allow others to have the freedom to use thier talents and ablities without the hindrance of a dictatorial mentality or the flagrant use of an iron fist.


Thus...The =HaZard Team= was formed, and it now remains as a prominent, respected and influential institution within the cyberspace community...


Hazard Team Fleet Command (Circa December 2003):

The Hazard Team Fleet Command Staff Consists of 1 Fleet Admiral and 4 other Admirals from any other divisions. Fleet Command staff are responsible to see over the clan and command it under the direction of the Fleet Admiral. They can engage in war/stop a war or open diplomatic relations.

  • Chairman: Fleet Admiral Equinox
  • 2nd Seat: Admiral Krip (On Exended Leave)
  • 3rd Seat: Vice Admiral Metatron
  • 4th Seat: Rear Admiral Exeter
  • 5th Seat: Rear Admiral Drink
  • 6th Seat: Commodore Jasel

[Hazard Team] Bridge Commander Division

Commanding Officer [CO]

  • Vice Admiral Metatron

Executive Officer [XO]

  • Rear Admiral Max

Division Officers

  • Captain KillerJoe


  • Petty Officer Enterprise NX-01
  • Crewman Recruit Lawz
  • Crewman Recruit USS_Tannadice

Division Reserves

  • Rear Admiral Exeter
  • Lt. Commander Thunder
  • Crewman Recruit Felus

[Hazard Team] Elite Force Division

Commanding Officer [CO]

  • Rear Admiral Exeter

Executive Officer [XO]

  • Commodore Jasel

Division Officers

  • Admiral Krip (On Extended Leave)
  • Captain Jorgehay
  • Ensign Yeager


  • Crewman HubCapMessenger
  • Crewman Penguin
  • Crewman Recruit Felus
  • Crewman Recruit AzN PriDe

Division Reserves

  • Fleet Admiral Equinox
  • Vice Admiral METATRON
  • Rear Admiral Drink
  • Commander KillerJoe

[Hazard Team] awards

Cross of Distinction
The recipient has performed actions that go above and beyond the call of duty gaining him/her distinction with his/her commanding officer. *Awarded when needed*                    
Awarded to officers who have displayed the highest ideals [Hazard Team] stands for.

*Awarded When Needed*
Commendation of Loyalty
Awarded to any member who always offers a helpful hand fixing problems and, no matter how grim the situation may be, stays by their commanding officer. *Awarded Once*
Federation Medallion
The Federation's highest honor. Awarded by the Commander-in-Chief to a member of [Hazard Team] who has distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty against an enemy of the [HT]. *Awarded Once*
Command Cluster
Awarded to those Officers who have commanded a Division.
*Awarded Once*
Citation of Valor
The recipient has contributed in a major way to the [Hazard Team].

*Awarded Once*
[Hazard Team] Serviceman's Award
Awarded to every officer for 6 months of Service.
*Awarded Every 6 Months*
Exceptional Crewmember of the Month
Awarded to an exceptional officer or recruit of the Month.
*Awarded Once*


Hazard Team Command (Circa June 2004):

  • Battalion General Equinox       Chief of Staff 1st Seat
  • Admiral Krip                             Admiral's Council 2nd Seat
  • Commandant Metatron            Chief of Staff 3rd Seat
  • Vice Admiral Exeter                  Admiral's Council 4th Seat
  • Vice Admiral Drink                    Admiral's Council 5th Seat
  • Lieutenant General Jasel         Chief of Staff 6th Seat
  • Major General Zandyre            Chief of Staff 7th Seat

Games Played:

  • America's Army
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Bridge Commander
  • Call of Duty
  • Counter Strike
  • Elite Force I&II
  • Halo
  • Jedi Knight Academy
  • Medal of Honor


  • Battalion General Equinox                   Chief of Staff 1st Seat
  • Admiral Krip                                         Chief of Staff 2nd Seat
  • Commandant Metatron                        Chief of Staff 3rd Seat
  • Vice Admiral Drink                               Chief of Staff 4th Seat
  • Lieutenant General Jasel                    Chief of Staff 5th Seat
  • Major General Zandyre                       Chief of Staff 6th Seat
  • Brigadier General Penguin                  Chief of Staff 7th Seat
  • Rear Admiral Thunder                         Chief of Staff 8th Seat


  • Battalion General Equinox                    Chief of Staff 1st Seat
  • Admiral Krip                                          Chief of Staff 2nd Seat
  • Commandant Metatron                         Chief of Staff 3rd Seat
  • Admiral Drink                                        Chief of Staff 4th Seat
  • Lieutenant General Jasel                     Chief of Staff 5th Seat
  • Vice Admiral TPDL                               Chief of Staff 6th Seat
  • Rear Admiral Thunder                          Chief of Staff 7th Seat

Games Played:

  • Counterstrike: Source
  • Star Trek: Elite Force
  • Halo
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (Spearhead and Breakthrough Mods)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004

HAZARD TEAM COMMAND (February 2009):

  • Field Marshal Metatron                   Commander in Chief
  • Field Marshal Jasel                         Executive Officer
  • Admiral Drink                                  Space Command Commander
  • General Felus                                 Chief of Diplomacy
  • Brigadier General Telenoth            Chief of Security
  • Colonel Penguin                             HT Command
  • Lt. Colonel -=Longshot=-                Special Operations CO
  • Major Stelly                                     Technical Support Commander


  • Marine Captain Tycius                     Senior Officer

Games Played (Circa February 2009):

  • Battlefield 2
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Call of Duty
  • Counterstrike

The Hazard Team is currently defunct, and we haven't had an active Bridge Commander division for many years...


We then adopted mainstream games such as Counter-Strike series, Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor series, and Battlefield series. In our hayday, we played Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142.


Things slowed down in the last couple years, and at this point we are completely defunct, our forums dormant for many months. We did not compete heavily, it was mostly a closed community.


Around the time of our founding, there was a large feud between clans such as HT and SF, against UF and RS. The reason for the dispute is lost in time for the most part.