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Founded in July 2010 in Star Trek: Bridge Commander - KM 1.0 Mod, The Last Outpost is an innovative Star Trek gaming community, dedicated to creative roleplay experiences in premiere Star Trek games. Governed by a democratically elected Council, our group contains over a hundred members from countries all across the world, united by a desire to create an experience more immersive than has ever been seen before in Star Trek gaming. We’re a community of friendly, creative people who are always interested in new ideas and experiences, and we play, design and create together in both the RPG-X roleplay modification, and the Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online game.


If you’ve got a passion for creating and experiencing the Star Trek universe, then we think TLO is for you. Join us today on our forums, browse our guides and tutorials, or learn more about RPG-X and Star Trek Online – all through the links just above this text. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help in any way we can, whether it’s through our Academy program offering training in all aspects of TLO’s supported games, via live chat and public events, or even just through our forums.

We hope you like what you see, and we invite you to join us in boldly going where no one has gone before.


-The Last Outpost Council & Staff


Rank System

Last updated September 12, 2011 @ 10:08 pm


The Last Outpost’s rank system is a bit different from other groups. We’ve noted some of the pros and cons of a rank system, mainly the pros being structure and something to strive for, and the cons being a rank-obsession that often leads to higher ranked individuals “ordering” other members around. We’ve decided to adopt a different approach to ranks, one that is more based on a recognition of time served and contribution to the community than on getting power and prestige. If you have any questions about ranks, please feel free to contact us.


1. Recruit: This rank will be the starting rank for most people accepted into our group. People in this group will be guided by staff officers and be given training in their respective game. In order to advance from this rank, RPG-X recruits must graduate the academy.


For STO officers, promotion from this rank occurs after being active within the fleet for a few weeks and showing a willingness to participate within the community.


2. Chief: This rank is given upon the graduation of recruits from the RPG-X academy. This rank would serve as an intermediate rank between officer and recruit, allowing players to become more acclimated to RPG-X and the community, and to put their training into practice. Once the member has demonstrated a mastery of their training and is active in the community, this person will be promoted to officer.


For STO officers, this rank signifies that one has “settled in” to the community and has become a productive member of TLO. Members will be promoted to provisional officer after they have remained active in the fleet for a time, and have attended fleet events.


3. Provisional Officer: This rank is a special one reserved for new members who apply to join who have had substantial role playing experience in the past, and will not need training. This serves to show that they do not need guidance in RPG-X, but that they are new to the community. This is the highest rank we will normally allow a new person to join at. This rank may also be used for existing members who exhibit officer-like qualities, but may still be on the fringe of being promoted to officer.


For STO officers, this rank serves as a transitional one between chief and officer. Persons with this rank have been active participants within the community for several months, and have actively contributed to the community.


4. Junior Officer: This person has successfully completed all academy courses, has integrated themselves well into the community, and has shown competence in RPG-X. At this stage, a member is free to apply for leadership positions, and takes a more active role in the community.


For STO officers, this rank is an indication that a member has put a great deal of time and effort into the community. Someone with this rank has helped out with the group and events in STO, and is an asset to the fleet.


5. Officer: This rank is not much different from the Jr. Officer rank; however, it recognizes the continuing dedication to the community and a history of service.


6. Senior Officer: This rank is given to members who have been a part of the community for an extended period of time, and have made significant contributions to it. Such an officer serves as a “mentor” to newer members, and is often tapped for leadership roles.


7. Staff Officer: This is a special rank given to Server Administrators and Moderators. This rank distinguishes such people as trusted members of the community who have the authority to enforce the rules of the group in their respected area (server or forum). This rank helps eliminate the confusion about who can and cannot “order” someone, as the CoC states that people of this grade are the only people who can do so. Division Commanders must hold this rank or higher.


8. Flag Officer: This rank is only given to members of the Council. Flag Officers are given administrative access on both the server and the forums. If a councilmember steps down, retires, or is not confirmed, that person reverts to the rank of Senior Officer (unless they are given Server Admin or Moderator status, in which case they become a staff officer). The council may; however, elect to allow that person to remain a flag officer in recognition of their service even if they are not an active member of the council. Such an honor must be approved by the majority of the council.


Other Ranks:

  1. Retired Officer: This rank is given to members who have decided to retire. These officers maintain full member’s access to the board. If they wish to return to active status in the group, the council will decide at what rank they should be reinstated.
  2. VIP: VIP status is given to respected ambassadors from other groups whom we have formal communications with. VIPs will have access to most of the forums, even though they are not members. VIP status may also be give to prominent members in the RPG-X community who are not ambassadors, at the discretion of the council.