Red Squadrons Multi-Gaming Fleet was founded on December 12th, 1998 in an effort to unite all Star Trek Gamers under one name.


Clan History (June 18th, 2007):

Red Squadrons was born on 12th of December 1998. Its mission: to help bring peace to the universe, in this time of the great Armada vs Alliance war Red Squadrons found times hard. But nevertheless played it's part in bringing down the Armada with officers like Fleet Admiral Jones and Admiral's Bisz and Pritchard they fought long and hard and soon became known. They formed a strong Alliance with the Independent Federation Fleet and soon became one with the IFF in a merger of the Fleet forming one great and powerful fleet.


The IFF/RS merger Lasted a long time but after some time it became apparent that both Fleets were needed to protect the Federation so they split and became two fleets again, Fleet Admiral Jones sent out the word and got his officers back together and the fleet was reborn.


At this time new members the like never seen in Red Squadrons joined their names were: Commodore Vanderessar, Commander Walker, Captain Sage, Commander Perrsio, these officers added to the fame RS was now achieving, but things were not to last.


The things in the IFF had gone wrong and RS merged with the IFF once more in a bid to save that once great and powerful fleet, but this did not work and soon RS would become a part of history never to be seen again or so everyone thought.


Red Squadrons was reformed by Fleet Admiral Pritchard, but things did not go well for him and he soon entered in to a poorly thought out Merger with the UFF. This unwise merger soon fell apart on seeing what was happening to this once great fleet Fleet Admiral Jones returned to Red Squadrons and was placed in Command again. But Fleet Admiral Pritchard was not happy about this and it soon became apparent that there was going to be a problem.


Fleet Admiral Jones went on medical leave for 2 weeks upon his return found that Fleet Admiral Pritchard had broken RS rules and had disobeyed orders, after some careful thought Fleet Admiral Jones removed Fleet Admiral Pritchard from the fleet, Commodore Perssio left with Fleet Admiral Pritchard, and Commodore Nazhine was promoted to Rear Admiral. Commodore Perssio returned to RS, Vice Admiral Hdog left RS to form NCF.


At this time Commodore Cookie joined Red Squadrons, he with the new generation of officers like Rear Admiral Ant, Commander Rigel, Captain Kewlman, formed the backbone of RS. Rear Admiral Nazhine and Commodore Cookie were both promoted to Fleet Admiral. Fleet Admiral Jones resigned, Fleet Admiral Cookie took over Rear Admiral. Ant was promoted to Fleet Admiral, RS merged with DF and NCF to reform SF.

High Command (June 7th, 2002):

  • Fleet Admiral Jones - Commanding Officer
  • Fleet Admiral Bulldog47 - Executive Officer, ACO KA
  • Fleet Admiral Ant - Fleet 2nd Officer

Fleet Admiral Resigns from StarFleet, along with Fleet Admiral Ant, Vice Admiral Hdog, Commodore Sutton. Fleet Admiral Nazhine returns to RS. This formed the building blocks of a new more powerful RS, officers of note during this RS were: Admiral Hass, Vice Admiral Karl, Commodore Fry, Commodore Fatman, Commodore Starkiller, Captain Olde, Commander Armstrong, Lt. Sci Fi and Lt. Sniper. RS merged with SF to save SF from collapse.


RS reformed by Fleet Admiral Jones and Fleet Admiral Bulldog after Fleet Admiral Jones resigns from StarFleet due to corruption in StarFleet's Council. Commodore Fry resigns from SF and returns to RS, Commodore Nazhine returns to RS and so the history of RS continues.


RSE merges in to RS bringing such officers as Fleet Admiral Ant, Admiral TorRep (Rigel), Rear Admiral Talyn, Division Rear Admirals Stork and Mcslime added to the new generation of RS officers like Fleet Captain Mrpijey, Captain Wipeout, Commander Yog, Lt. Commander Braveheart. RS's future looks to be a golden one.

High Command (September 9th, 2002):

  • Fleet Admiral Jones - Commanding Officer
  • Fleet Admiral TorRep - Executive Officer
  • Fleet Admiral McSlime - Fleet 2nd Officer

Rear Admiral Russlec is discharged from RS after disagreements with the RS High Council and he is found to be planning to reopen RSE. Fleet Admiral Ant retires from online gaming, Rear Admiral Nazhine goes on missionary work and takes a 2 year Leave of Absence.


Division Rear Admiral Braveheart is forced to take an indefinite Leave of Absence due to personal problems, we all await the day he returns to us. Good Luck and God Speed Braveheart.

RS decides to enter non StarTrek Games, Field Marshal Rogue Commands the Ghost Recon Marine Division, with Field Marshal Flash Commanding the BF1942 Division, with officers like, Commodore TParis, Commodore Event Horizon, Field Marshal Rogue, Field Marshal Flash, Commodore Shawn, Commodore Fry, Captain St. George, Commodore Tidus, Commander 30sp, Colonel Gunman, Major Reved, Captain Spyman. RS's future both in ST and marine games looks secure.


Fleet Admiral Torrep, Field Marshal Flash and Commodore Reved attempt a mutiny upon failing they leave RS, they eventually end up in UF. Field Marshal Rogue takes over as RS XO, RS moves in to MOHAA, CS, COD and HALO. As well as opening the Air Force.


RS Builds up its forces in Marine games including officers such as Harman, Dez, Colleth, Rage, ---T---, Scotty, Evenlazer, Imac, Wigger, Titan, Bullin, Ranger, DJGaurdy, Freebird.


Field Marshal Rogue Leaves RS with Field Marshal Gunman and Maverick to form AR.


Field Marshal ---T--- Takes over as RS XO. Commodore Fatman returns to RS.


AR Closes and Field Marshal’s Rogue, Maverick and Gunman return to RS, Field Marshal ---T--- retires from clan, Field Marshal Rogue takes over as RS XO.


RS’s growth continues and we enter the golden Age for RS, with over 200 active members.


With the advent of Star Trek Online in 2010, all this changed.


For lo! The Grand Return has now commenced. At long last, the enemies of the Federation will know true fear once more. At long last, the sleeping giant has awoken. At long last, the Red Squadrons have returned!


July 18th, 2010:

Upgrades Updates and New Servers

Red Squadrons, has a new 200 man TS see server page for details, we have fully restored the main site and forums after a server outage, and the backup site at is now fully functional.
We all so now have a dedicated server running many games see server page for details.


Games Played (May 21st, 2003):

Star Trek Divisions:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Starfleet Command series
  • Klingon Academy
  • Armada 1 & 2
  • Elite Force 1 & 2
  • Dominion Wars
  • Birth of the Federation

Marine Divisions:

  • Ghost Recon
  • Unreal Tournament
  • News Archives
  • Medal of Honor
  • Command & Conquer series
  • Operation Flashpoint

Roster of the Council Division (August 13th, 2007):

  • SAS Fleet Admiral              Devil-Jones              Fleet CO
  • Marine Colonel                   locutus                      Marine 2nd ACO
  • Marine General                  Gunman                   1st Core XO
  • Field Marshall                     Bergo                       Web CO - On OEL
  • Marine General                   Rogue_Trooper       Web Team CO
  • Field Marshall                     Maverick                  Fleet AXO / 1st Core CO
  • Marine Major                       w4d                         Web XO
  • Navy Rear Admiral             FreeBird                   Navy 2nd Fleet CO/1st Core CO
  • Marine Brig General           DragonWolf              Dipomatic CO
  • Navy Fleet Admiral             Devilette                   Upper Council Chairwoman
  • Marine Major General        Knightmaree             1st Core XO


Fleet Command:

  • Fleet Admiral Devil Jones - Fleet CO
  • Admiral Rogue_Trooper - Fleet XO

Fleet Administration:

  • Admiral Rogue_Trooper
  • Captain Wilzman3
  • Captain Bounce1966
  • Marine Captain Morpheus

Honour Plaque:

This is the Honour Plaque for members of the Red Squadrons who have done a great service to and for the fleet. Any member on the plaque cannot be removed for any reasons.
June 18th, 2007

Games Supported (Circa 2012):

  • Star Trek: Online
  • Star Trek Legacy‎ Games - Armada 1/2, Bridge Commander, Away Team, Elite Force, etc
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Battlefield Series: BF, BF2, BF: Vietnam, BF:BC 2, BF2142, BF3