The Federation is a online gaming organization, and is determined to become the leading Star Trek gaming clan dedicated to the Federation race and culture. Being established in 2004 means that we have no future games to launch on due to the Activision vs. Viacom incident, however we have an array of very skilled and cunning community veterans to push forward. The Federation is commanded by the Fleet Admiral whose responsibility is to provide command, control and clan stability.


While the Fleet Admiral does run the Fleet, it is the Advisory Board that runs the fleet in his/her name. They are a group of very skilled veterans, the cream of the crop, and are dedicated to bringing the online gaming experience in line with our own expectations.


Internally, there are opportunities to join the Military, Intelligence as well as other current and future sub-divisions to continue the online gaming experience and benefit the clan in its entirety.


Diplomatically, the Federation excels. We prefer to solve situations through diplomacy, and our alliances actually mean something. We are always looking at the possibility of establishing embassies in foreign fleets, if you are a delegate from another fleet, feel free to drop us a line today. Officers from most other fleets are respected, and it is important to us that we portray to you the right image.


We have designed it so everything clicks together nicely in the Federation, nothing un-necessary is added to the Fleet structure as we value efficiency and stability. With such little extra baggage strapped to the Fleet it is easy to see how we excel.


Our overarching objective is to have fun, but have fun properly. We are not a shallow-minded group of hoodlums and mercenaries which have never heard the word "netiquette". We are lean, mean, Klingon vaporizing machines, and very proud of it. Fleeting is a tradition as old as the community, best left to those who know what they are doing!




Name and Rank Duties Bio
Fleet Admiral Jesse Fleet Commanding Officer.
General Kier'Telks Fleet Executive Officer.
Captain Omega Military CO.
Colonel TParis Intelligence CO.
Lt Colonel MH Intelligence XO.
Commander Greed Military XO.

Name and Rank Duties Bio
Colonel TParis Intelligence CO.
Lt Colonel MH Intelligence XO.

Name and Rank Duties Bio
Captain Omega Military CO.
Commander Greed Military XO.

Name and Rank Duties Bio
Lt. Cmdr Joe Cool Arch Angels Squadron CO.
Lieutenant Nataku Arch Angels Squadron XO.
Lieutenant JG Greeny Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
1st Lieutenant Slugger Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
Lieutenant JG Ka' Cheg Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
Ensign Daniel G Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
Ensign J. Williams Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
Ensign Uss Ugstar Arch Angels Squadron Officer.
Ensign Cordes Arch Angels Squadron Officer.

Name and Rank Duties Bio
Lt. Cmdr Maniac Dice Lancer Squadron CO.
Lieutenant Deimos Lancer Squadron XO.
Lieutenant JG Darkireland Lancer Squadron Officer.
Lieutenant JG Lil Pun Lancer Squadron Officer.
1st Lieutenant Picard Lancer Squadron Officer.
Ensign Gerrard Lancer Squadron Officer.
Ensign Orc Lancer Squadron Officer.
Ensign AveAce Lancer Squadron Officer.
Ensign Nadura Lancer Squadron Officer.
Your name here  "X" Squadron Officer.