Starfleet Tactical Response was created at the disbandment of [UFP] - The United Federation of Planets at the beginning of August of 2011, Website is currently in development but forums are active



End of an Era and the Fresh New Start


Greetings Fellow Fleet Members and Honored Guests,


Today is a both a sad and a joyous day in this fleets history. This is the day that I official close the final chapter of the [UFP] United Federation of Planets. Created in 2005 by the merging of two fleets, [FEDS] The Federation and [FC] Federation Command, this fleet grew to a distinct place within the Star Trek Gaming Community. It was with the hard work of all members of this great fleet to make this last for so long. With guidance of six Fleet Admirals and two Presidents, [UFP] prevailed through some of the lowest of lows and dominated at the highest of highs. This fleet meant a lot to a great deal of people and the legacy of this fleet in its pinnacle will live on. It is with great remorse that I make this final post as the Fleet Executive Officer of the [UFP] United Federation of Planets. May her glorious times be remembered.


Now, this fleet will be moving to a new era with a distinctly new look. As the first part of our transformation, our fleet choose to craft a new image and start from the ground up, including a new name. With the fleet having voted, I have the Distinct privilege of announcing our new name:


[STR] Starfleet Tactical Response


With this new face lift, we have started down the path of recovery. Many changes are still happening within the fleet and as such the fleet will still remain at Blue Alert, however, we are now open to recruitment. I would like to thank all members of this fleet that helped to get us back a float. This was a team effort on parts including the design of the new banner and insignia. While I may not have shown my gratefulness in form of publicly announcing everyone's name and their achievements, I do know that you all have shown what a true fleet member is. Thank you to the fleets that offered assistance and allowed us to play games with them during these last few months. I see many good things coming in the future for this fleet.


Admiral PooperScooper
[STR] Starfleet Tactical Response
Fleet Executive Officer


Admirals Council:

              Chairman: Fleet Admiral Church

              Acting Fleet Executive: Admiral BobO369

              3rd Seat: Vice Admiral Naruto


Starfleet Command:

Task Force Alpha

                                  Commanding Officer: Commodore Spock


Task Force Beta

                                  Commanding Officer: Admiral BobO369



Officers: Rear Admiral GregColemar
                Commodore Spock  

                Commander Felus



Officers: Rear Admiral Taylynn

                Rear Admiral GregColemar

                Commodore Spock

                Commander Felus


Federation News:

Officers:  Rear Admiral Delta  

                Commodore Mr. D


Federation Security:

Officers: Commodore Mr. D

                Commodore Spock

                Commander Felus


Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Online
  • EVE Online
  • Star Trek Legacy Games: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, etc
  • Battlefield 3