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[RG] or Royal Guard as it's known was a Stock 1.1 Bridge Commander Clan created by Fleet Admiral Morpheus in February of 2005.


Sniper joined Royal Guard after stepping down from the SFTF Clan as leader, due to multiple transgressions agains't the Bridge Commander community particularily the X-Fleet Sentinels in 2004.


Royal Guard Leaders (Circa January 2005):

  • [RG] CIC Morpheus
  • [RG] CIC Xsnip3rX
  • [RG] VCIC Supernova

[RG] hacked and stole XFS's "Mark 7" interface to use as their own website during the short time it was alive and was placed under mass scrutiny. At the end of January 2005 the clan was split into 2 parts where Xsnip3rX mutineed agains't RG's leaders creating a Renegade Soliders clan and then went on to recreate a new from scratch version of  SFTF with the Renegade Soldiers members.


[RG] once again steals the XFS clan site, Forums and MySQL Database information in March of 2005, much to the dismay of XFS Leadership. X-Fleet Sentinels declare a Copyright Infringement war in which they contact [RG] Host and have [RG]'s site/forums disabled.


Royal Guard Leaders (Circa March 2005):

  • [RG] CIC Sephiroth
  • [RG] CIC Solar

Nothing is known of the remainder of the RG clan except for then Samcold in December 2005 requesting XFS for a Non Agression Pact