Bridge Commander Confederacy  or [BCC] as they were known was a Stock 1.1 Clan in Star Trek: Bridge Commander, they also supported Rome: Total War


Founded on July 7th, 2004; the clan mostly started out in war. In October the clan joined a coalition of 5 other clans vs the RNGD clan.


The Clan moved off of the Yahoo board which they were situated onto a Geocities website which is now defunct but at the end of December moved onto a Invision forum up until February of 2005.


BCC Law:

  1. DO NOT CHEAT, die with honor
  2. Don't run from battle
  3. Don't ram
  4. Don't attack our allies, or any clan that we have an NAP with
  5. Help our allies if they ask for help.
  6. If an ally attacks you, warn him/her before retaliating, then report back to a higher ranking officer
  7. All BCC members withhold the right challenge a superior officer if they believe that the officer is unfit for his/her position
  8. Challenges will decided by a 1v1 honorable fight
  9. Only Officers with a rank of Captain can challenge the clan leader.
  10. Do not challenge just to get a higher rank, there has to be something that the superior officer is doing wrong, and before a challenge, contact the officer, and tell him/her why you believe that he/she is unfit for his/her position, and see if they will change their ways.
  11. All challenges must be approved by the clan leader, unless the challenger is challenging the clan leader.

Diplomacy (Circa November 2004):


  • DD
  • CF
  • BW
  • DU


  • UFDF


  • ICC

BCC Roster (November 2004):

  • [BCC] Wildcat
  • [BCC] Hawkins
  • [BCC] Devastator
  • [BCC] Firehawk
  • [BCC] Raithspere
  • [BCC] Ark Royal
  • [BCC] Desert Fox
  • [BCC] Spanx

BCC Roster (March 2005):

  • Full name: Croix Newson

ALPHA SQUAD - Frontline of Defense:

  • Full name: James Taylor - Alpha Squad Leader
    Rank: 5 Star Admiral - Head Diplomat
  • Full name: Robert Sax
    Rank: Rear Admiral - Assistant Diplomat
  • Full name: Victor Chaplan
    Rank: Fleet Captain
  • Full name: Bill Scotchmist
    Rank: Commander

Bravo Squad - Main Assault Squadron:

  • Full name: Randy Mendosa - Bravo Squad Leader
    Rank: Commodore - Vice Diplomat
  • Full name: Danny Dunn
    Rank: Captain
  • Full name: Joe (One)
    Rank: Commander
  • Name: UNKNOWN
    Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Full name: Nicholas Lerik
    Rank: Lieutenant

Charlie Squad - Patrol, Small Attack  & Defense Operations:

  • Name: BCC Hawkins
    Rank: Commander
  • Full name: Tim Diesner
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Name: BCC put put cars
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Name: BCC-Raithspere
    Rank: Ensign