Welcome to the Klingon Defense Force

First created as Klingon Defense Force in 2004 in Stock 1.0 Bridge Commander


Klingon Defense Force 1st Empire
Not much is known about the First Empire, It was started by three Fleet Generals: Fleet General Klaa, Fleet General TigerClaw, and Fleet General Chris. In the spring in 2005, KDF went to war with Nova Squadron.


The war was looking good for the Klingon Defense Force, but could have gone either way. Fleet General Klaa had to take leave for a period of 9 weeks, this would mark the downfall of the First Empire. With Fleet General Klaa gone, Fleet Generals TigerClaw and Chris were left in command. When Fleet Generals Chris and TigerClaw were falsely accused of helping Nova Squadron it threw the Empire into a fierce Civil War.


Commander Kang (Intel) and Warrior Second Class Matt with a little help of the former head of KDF Intel Major Odyssey won the civil war, thus beginning the Second Empire. Major Odyssey and Major Trust moving on to create Shadow Nexus which shortly thereafter becomes Galactic Rangers


Klingon Defense Force 2nd Empire

The Second Empire was started by Commander Kang and Warrior Second Class Matt, who when faced with running an Empire assumed temporary rank of Fleet General.


They rebuilt KDF into an honorable clan once again when others said it was an impossible task. When Fleet General Klaa returned he was outraged to see what had happened, but grateful to have loyal officers, he then promoted Matt and Kang to Fleet General Permanently. Kang and Matt went through some changes, and decided to change their names, Matt became Fleet General Koloth, and Kang became Fleet General Kor and the first female Fleet General was introduced, Fleet General Mich.


Together as a team the four fleet generals lead the empire into battle against many smaller clans, such as the defected members of KDF that started the clan Gods Of War, this war did not last long as GOW soon Broke up. KDF went to war with the Devil Dogs, with an unofficial alliance with the Dominion Warriors, Galactic Rangers, League of Generals, and Star Fleet Tactical Force. The Devil Dogs overwhelmed with the force they were up against, along with covert ops against them led by this mighty alliance went into hiding as they often do when faced with danger.


KDF had some internal issues with the changes going on inside the Empire, so it was time to name an Emperor and a Chancellor, with agreement between the High Council to keep the same power, just with different areas of responsibility it was agreed that the High Council Members would each keep the military status of Fleet General but work in their assigned billet.


Emperor Klaa, Chancellor Kor, Fleet General Koloth, and Ambassador Mich together lead the Empire into many battles and small skirmishes with opposing forces to include Nova Squadron, who KDF saw as a friend after the war, but there was still much tension between the opposing clans. But turbulence hit the High Council, and opinions opposed so greatly that the Empire was almost once again plunged into civil war, the turbulence so great that members to include Ambassador Mich resigned everyone knew that the Empire was in trouble once again.


Emperor Klaa appointed a new Diplomatic Officer, Captain Torq. The new website got hacked, all of the files, and administrators were deleted thus putting an end to the Second Empire.


Klingon Defense Force 3rd Empire

Chancellor Kor decided to once again rebuild the once Glorious Empire. He decided the best way to do this was to assume the role of Emperor, and appoint a new Chancellor.


Things did not go smoothly and Chancellor Kor was forced to merge the empire with longtime friends and former KDF members located within the Galactic Rangers.


Klingon Defense Force 4th Empire

After a year of inactivity KDF was reformed when Captain Punisher (KDF-Kor), Ensign Rico (KDF-Koloth and Lieutenant Rome (KDF-Kang) of the Obsidian Order decided that they needed to bring back Punisher and Rico’s old clan.


DD tried to impose policy on KDF that would prohibit clans warring with the DD/Soldiers at War (SaW) alliance from using their tags in neutral space.  KDF’s official stance on this was that the war under no circumstances would take place within Klingon space.


NoAlly, and United Strike Force carried the same policy as KDF on DD forcing us to do this which lead to DD declaring war on the three clans. "The Brotherhood" which they had called it soon broke up with SaW no longer being in a position to fight the war.  Hostilities continued however and eventually SaW rejoined the war taking up arms against KDF once again.


With turbulence both on the field of battle and behind friendly lines the Imperial Klingon Fleet was added to the Empire.  Together KDF and IKF fought the enemy relentlessly with the aid of their new alliance, the Confederated Alliance of Fleets.


End of Klingon Defense Force in Bridge Commander

After the "Submit or Die" war ends Kor keeping his piece of KDF creates a "Super Alliance" with Galactic Rangers for the Game EVE Online and becomes Kobol Defense Force.


While Klaa broke off his part of KDF in February 2006 he creates his piece into the Xtreme Gaming Community and changing his name to -XG-'s First President SunTzu.



Welcome to the Klingon Defense Force. We are a clan dedicated to fair play and upholding our honor. If you wish to join this clan there are a small number of steps that you must take to ensure your recruitment.


First, you must be able to play by the rules and work to maintain the honor of you, the klingon warrior. You must play fair and respect everyone you encounter, even if they spit at you, be the honorable one and don't sink to there level.


Secondly, you need to have a means of bieng contacted outside of the forums such as, an email address you can be reached at or a Instant Messenger Name.


Thirdly, you must play one of the games on our supported list, as well as be active in that game for at least twenty percent of your internet time.


For the Final Step, you need to pick what House you would belong to, so it will help us in determining your commanding officer as well as the ships you fly and the way you play.



Bridge Commander

Red Wing

Division Commanding Officer: Commander Howler
Division Executive Officer: Open
Commander, Air Group (CAG): Open


Blue Wing

Wing Leader: Open
Wing Lieutenant: Captain K'Vort
Wing Ensign: Open


Green Wing

Wing Leader: Lieutenant Polaris
Wing Lieutenant: Chief Petty Officer Gusty
Wing Ensign: Open


Supported Games (Circa 2008):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Freelancer

Games Supported (by Kobol Defense Force):

  • (PC) Battlefield 2
  • (PC) Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • (PC) Battlestations: Midway
  • (PC) EVE Online
  • (PC) Freelancer
  • (PC) Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • (PC) Star Wars Battlefront


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