Academia da Frota Estelar Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's Starfleet Academy

Founded on October 31, 2004

Admirals Julio Cesar and Henry Gonzaga


The goal of the gaming division is to inform about news, organize games, promoting tournaments or drills and games and teach every group member how to play Star Trek Themed games like Bridge Commander, Star Trek Away Team among others. This category is known as simulator games, but here we also have the RPG in two versions online and forums. The RPG Games are led by Fleet Admiral Julio Cesar.


We also have the live RPG using the official Star Trek TOS and DS9 RPG books, and so far our last attraction is the card game Star Trek, this one was the real start of all the other games.


Other cool simulation games were created, such as Bridge Commander which has a good command interactivity where the player feels like you're really on a starship, the game is entirely in English but for our true benefit some fellow guys created a patch that provides a translation of the game making it much more comfortable for non-english speaking players. Credit for this initiative are Lords Sinclair and Orlando in the Star Trek groups FFESP, FEGAM respectively.


Below are some pictures followed by descriptions of the games within the Trek universe and a few links to download patches of Bridge Commander.


Information for AFERJ prepared by: Admiral Henry Gonzaga.


Bridge Commander

Simulation game where you command a starship bridge, many races and ships, can be played in multiplayer mode or mission.













In the game you can visit several classic scenarios of Star Trek, including "The elegant domes of Starfleet, the ancient temples of Vulcan, the towers of Qo'noS, fire caves of Bajor, the Mutara Nebula and the reaches of outer space." 





Online RPG - Via E-mail or msn

[Startrek_rpg] USS Dragon - the captain's cabin

Meanwhile in engineering...


Everyone sees an Andorian, Ensign Yvok  who is very detailed and does everything by Starfleet’s book politely but firmly struggling with his immediate superior officer about some adjustments that he does not like.


Ensign Yvok -> "Captain Alex, you're wrong, we can not stand is the correction of these flow catalyzers through this conduit, we will have an overload."


Alex -> "Calm down ensign, every system supports, in critical cases an extra charge beyond the security specifications. All very well balanced. And if an overload happens we can dissipate it without any further problems."


Card Game


























Patches for Bridge Commander

Kobayashi Maru Version 0.9.1 Kobayashi Maru 1.0 Full