On 16 October 2005, the StarForce Union [SFU] was founded by Black_Soul, Lord_Bane, Shifty and Lifty.


Our clan was founded on these games:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Trek: Armada II
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II
  • Freelancer

Since October 18th, 2005 we have an alliance with the [EEF]-clan. On November 4th we were able to gain an alliance with -=|MOD|=- Clan. The alliances with the [IIS] and [GT] Clan have given us a big boost. Since then each section is covered with an alliance in an emergency and we always have someone on whom we can rely on. In the early days, we had a lot of problems we could solve successfully. These were diplomatic trouble due to fake players in the clan.


The clan continued to grow and from the four founders the membership grew in time to about 30 players. It was due to a dispute in the league and a few critical remarks on 3-Forums that on February 2006 [EEF] cancelled the clan alliance. Then we had our first clan war against this clan, which was also completed on the same day. Was due to some inconsistencies on February 24th 2006, the alliance with the [IIS] was terminated.


On 13 March 2006 just five months after the clan was founded, we won the Bridge Commander STNN-League 2005/06. We have lost 14 games by just one game and won the remaining games. Since 14 March, we also have a clan logo, which was created to work together more with clan members.


Since the May 20th, 2006 we started the browser game Dark Galaxy Battle Point, a separate alliance, which is conducted under the arms and with the players to our clan. On July 8th, 2006 we then started our race Galaxy Wars RPG game, where the big guns fight for supremacy in the Galaxy. A short time later, on July 18th, 2006 the website received a refit, so the website looked better. On 5 August, we got our first Wing. These are found in the Browsergame where our alliance is SFU. The Wing is named after Atlantis [AS].


The 21st August was shaped by the fact that no one was appointed praetor and is thus moved up to the clan leadership. On 10 September was our new Wing [DetI] Divide et Impera, we are also represented in the Battlefield area well. The week of the 15th to 17th September was the SFU Clan Megameeting, which was held in Munich. This clan meeting was our first meeting, where we have also attended the Munich Oktoberfest.


On 16 October was a day of celebration, because our clan is a year old. In this context, it was a weekend Funabend in all our games. To our regret we had to rethink a bit, so we went back to our classified section in Freelancer, which also had the advantage that we needed additional capacity for the hopefully soon to be released Star Trek - Legacy.


In November, we made our StarForce Union first place in the browser game Dark Point. In early December, we opened our doors to our legacy section. Towards the end of the year, then the "Word for Wednesday" was introduced, which is exposed to satirical manner abuses in the community and the clan.


The clan has had a good start to the year 2007, but there are hardly any changes. A big turning point came on 18th February 2007, where the clan system has been changed. Federalism within the clan, it was largely discontinued and there is now a centralized leadership. By this new items were introduced. The new system was not successful, so quickly was changed back to the old clan system.


In May 2007 came a void in the clan, which was caused by several factors. This went on until early August when the Star Force Union recovered. 27th August brought a major change to the clan. The unsuccessful ST Legacy games and Command & Conquer were removed from the clan. In return, a new Battlefield 2142 Section was established. This also led to a change in the clan profile.


The year 2008 began with a New Year's meeting, where the clan leadership was handed over to Simi. In the spring we made ourselves at a root server, which we can use our website to host games and Teamspeak server. In the summer, we revised our website and basically built a whole new page. On 14 October came a further change in the clan: Lifty was appointed chancellor.


On 8 December 2008, the Battlefield 2142 section, the newest section was closed because we as a Star Trek clan in Battlefield could not really take hold. In May 2009, the third clan meeting in Koblenz, where the new Star Trek movie has been viewed. The year 2009 will be a quiet year, which has been used for preparation and ground work. We also organize various tournaments that we contested with other clans.


In 2010, the clan structure has changed. Thus, besides the common play is an important pillar of the community, which has also become clear at several clan meetings. Even five years after the foundation it is necessary to make the best out of the situation and to consider innovative approaches. Therefore, the games have been Armada II, Bridge Commander and Elite Force II in the "The Original Section". This ensures that at least one basic activity is present in these games.


In December 2010 we rebuilt with STO. Thus a completely new section was created. Also, World of Tanks was added to the clan.


Together, we will pass all adventure - To boldly go where no man has gone before ...

About Us:

The Star Force Union [SFU] is an Star Trek Gaming clan that has played since 2005 successfully in several games now. The fun here is of course is to never be forgotten. We are not hardcore gamers, yet still have the right to be reasonably successful.


The clan is organizationally divided into three sections:

  • [M-SFU] Multigaming
  • [SFU-STO] Star Trek Online
  • [SFU-TOS] The Original Section, The Old Star Trek Games

Furthermore, we are represented in the following games:

  • [M-SFU] World of Tanks
  • [SFU-STO] Star Trek: Online
  • [SFU-TOS] Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • [SFU-TOS] Star Trek: Armada II
  • [SFU-TOS] Star Trek: Elite Force II

Our motto is "never forget, play to have fun"


For the honor...For the alliegence ... For the StarForce Union!