United Federation Defense Force was created December 26th, 1998 in the game Starfleet Academy by Fleet Admiral Francois G Labelle and has recruited lots of good starships Captains. UFDF is a Peaceful fleet... We do not fire first. We defend ourselves. However if we are severely insulted or whatever The UFDF HIGH COUNCIL will vote for or against a declaration of war. Until then we keep peace between UFDF and others fleets.. However if one of our allies request help in any war we will HELP because they are allies. The UFDF fleet is more then Great..... It is The Greatest Fleet of the Alpha Quadrant!!!

Original Command Roster (As of 2000):

  • Fleet Admiral Francois G. Labelle
  • Vice Admiral Pardek
  • Vice Admiral Gibbs
  • Rear Admiral D'anna

Command Roster (December 2002):

  • President Francois G. Labelle
  • Fleet Admiral Cody Barnett
  • Fleet Admiral Michael T. Reissner
  • Vice Admiral Lalias Wyllam
  • Rear Admiral Robert Miller

Command Roster (January 2004):

  • President Francois G. Labelle
  • Fleet Admiral Cody Barnett
  • Vice Admiral J. T. Leanman
  • Rear Admiral Eddy Coulson

The UFDF was set up by UFP….. To Preserve peace in All Quadrant of the Universe... But The others Race of the galaxy are Hostile and Aggressive Like the Borgs in the Delta Quadrant.


Also the United Federation Defense Force is The SISTER Fleet Of The United Federation Of Planets… In Star Trek. We try to maintain Peace between all Star Trek Universe Fleets... And our GREAT ally is the SSFC... they are a fleet like us. We began in the SFA Universe. And now we expand through into all Star Trek Universe games... and the other Universes But it is not Easy......


This is the History of United Federation Defense Force………….

(2398) 1998: 26th December ( Creation of UFDF )


(2398) 1998: UFDF Accept an offer of alliance from BJTF


Year (2398-2399) 98-99: not much treaties….Still trying to grow!


(2399) 1999: 28th January ( BJTF Declare war on UFDF )


(2399) 1999: BJTF War ravages UFDF Borders and deep in UFDF Space…UFDF Ships defending and drive them out of UFDF Space.


26th December ( 2399 ) 1999: UFDF Birthday 1 YEAR


August ( 2399 ) 1999 : BJTF War Ended


April 15th ( 2400 ) 2000: The SSFC & UFDF Ally themselves


July 31th ( 2400 ) 2000: GDF & UFDF Signed a War Pact/MPP...The War Pact Ended when our enemies have fallen. Our MPP is still Active


August ( 2400 ) 2000 : a new fleet is founded the UFSF!

Minor conflict with UFSF but it is resolved quickly!


September 10th ( 2400 ) 2000: UFSF & UFDF Ally themselves


October ( 2400 ) 2000 : UFDF & ME First contact.


Year ( 2400 ) 2000 : lots of treaties are made by UFDF with several fleets…a great step in diplomacy for UFDF. Again here Trying to grow!


December 22th ( 2400 ) 2000 : UFP Invades UFDF Space… We are in a BRINK of a WAR! UFP don't want to declare war on us…we think that they want us to declare. But we won't they ignore us insults ravages on the leader of UFDF. And UFP are erasing UFDF in they're allies page.


26th December ( 2400 ) 2000 : UFDF Birthday 2 YEARS


December ( 2400 ) 2000 ending : UFP is scratching and abuse said bad things in the UFDF Board!


January ( 2401 ) 2001 10th : The Leader of UFDF is no longer in Command of the UFDF…Taking a Short leave until June 2001. Vice-Admiral D'anna is in Command of UFDF.


February ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF Recruiting trying to grow.


February 22th ( 2401 ) 2001: Fleet-Admiral Frank have returned to Duty.


February 24th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF & Its allies WIN the war against UFP! UFP have fallen/disbanded at 1300 Hours PM EST.


March 22th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF & The Old ME that is now OS have re-active they're NAP Treaty


April 2 ( 2401 ) 2001: This is a great achievement to a long negotiation that the UFDF and The SOK have a NAP TREATY Active may our relationships grows even stronger!


April 13th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with a Bridge Commander Fleet: BATTLE GROUP: OMEGA = BGO :-)


April 13th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF/UTSF ALLIANCE TREATY is now Officially Sign and Active.

In the month of March we have met with SHIELD and we are now in Negotiations April 21th ( 2401 ) 2001 The NAP TREATY will be active soon.


April 23th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF-SHEILD NAP Treaty completely Signed and Active.


May 5th ( 2401 ) 2001: FTF= Federation Tactical Force made First Contact with UFDF By proposing An ALLIANCE.


May 24th ( 2401 ) 2001: FTF-UFDF ALLIANCE TREATY fully Signed and Active. Great Victory in Diplomacy for UFDF. ((( COMMENTS ))): UFDF will be like The FEDERATION ALLIANCE in Star Trek. All our enemies will regret it if they Declare war on us.


May 28th ( 2401 ) 2001: The SHIELD have disbanded! Now Ma' am Zeranna is the leader of the Terrorcons


May 28th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFF Declared WAR on UFDF


June 6th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFF/UFDF CEASE FIRE!


June 8th ( 2401 ) 2001: Discovery of The Star Fleet Elite Command, making First Contact on June 9th 2001


June 13th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with The Galactic Mercenary Force


June 21th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF STARFLEET COMMAND HEADQUARTERS finally sent the UFDF-GDF ALLIANCE Treaty.


June 23th & 25th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with The Supreme Guardian Force


July 1st ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF Headquarters receive the UFDF-GDF ALLIANCE Treaty From GDF Command Headquarters. The Treaty is now ACTIVE!


July 15th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF Declared WAR on IOPE.


July 17th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF Headquarters have sent the MPP Treaty to GMF Command. Waiting for the treaty to be sent back and Active.


July 21th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF Call a Cease Fire on IOPE.


August 6th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF finally send the NAP Treaty to UFF


August 8th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF Send the NAP treaty to IKC


August 9th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF send the NAP treaty to EMA


August 11th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF is waiting for a Returned Signed copy of the NAP Treaties from UFF, EMA & IKC


August 22th: ( 2401 ) 2001: The FTF-UFDF ALLIANCE Treaty has now Ended 1751 Hours EST. FTF are at present status NEUTRAL~. UFDF consider sending a NAP treaty to FTF.


August 22th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with Legate FireFox of The Cardassian Union. All have goes well.


August 22th ( 2401 ) 2001: Around 2200 & 2300 Hours EST Disastrous contact with Gul Firebird of The Cardassian Union. Because he don't like UFDF & he don't like Fleet-Admiral Frank. The Only message Fleet-Admiral Frank receive from this ARROGANT SNAKE was: " Where did you get my ICQ number? ". Too IDIOT to salute Frank in peace. NO NO NO he have to provoke, And Denied request of Frank for being in his ICQ list.


August 26th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with the Armada Clan/Fleet [ADMIRAL]. This FC was meet by Commander Wallace of the UFDF.


September 14th ( 2401 ) 2001: The United Federation Defense Force had a Disastrous First Contact With the Elite Federation Fleet. We are now putting them as NEUTRAL~ WAR!.


September 16th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact from United PeaceKeepers by Commodore Leanman, who made contact. Nicely done.


October 4th ( 2401 ) 2001: Contact with EEF.


October 5th ( 2401 ) 2001: GDF is gone, one of our great ally is gone, [DOMINION] is Born. Our Treaty is gone. The UFDF is putt on High Alert, The Dominion is in the Alpha Quadrant.


Week of October 14th to October 19th ( 2401 ) 2001: Major Breakthrough in Recruiting.


October 20th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with the RSE. The Romulan Star Empire. They're added to our Allies page.


October 20 ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with RSE. The Red Squad Elite. They're also added to our Diplomacy Page.


October 28th ( 2401 ) 2001: First Contact with TRA. The Terran Romulan Alliance.


November 16th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF have made a Alliance Request to [DOMINION].


November 17th ( 2401 ) 2001: The FTF & FTF-TGA are now a Threat to all individuals Fleets in the Star Trek Universe status with them is NEUTRAL~ENEMY.


November 18th ( 2401 ) 2001: [DOMINION] Sent the Alliance treaty to UFDF. The UFDF is waiting for the UFDF HC to respond for the Alliance request made Ages ago.


December 2th ( 2401 ) 2001: We are now ALLIED with [DOMINION]


December 2th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UTSF have been removed, our Alliance is no longer active.


December 5th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF-EEF is now in Negotiations for an Alliance.


December 7th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF-AUFC Alliance Treaty have been sent. The Negotiations are going pretty well.


December 8th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF-AUFC Alliance Treaty is now Active.


December 16th ( 2401 ) 2001: The Dominion our ally declare WAR on TRA for spying...


December 23th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF Website known as geocities.com/ufdf is no more...


December 24th ( 2401 ) 2001: TRA is disbanded. The Dominion & its allies Claim VICTORY. All TRA Space is now under control of The Dominion and its allies


December 25th ( 2401 ) 2001: The UFDF New Domain Website is now completed and Active


December 26th ( 2401 ) 2001: UFDF BIRTHDAY ((( 3 YEARS ))) The Gift of the Fleet for this Year is the NEW Domain. :-))


December 27th ( 2401 ) 2001: The outermost Colony of UFDF, which includes Humans/Klingons/Romulans, near the Delta Quadrant...is destroyed by a Borg Tactical Fusion Cube...which is heading to earth


December 29th ( 2401 ) 2001: Many parts of Starships are lost & lives are lost...


January 1st ( 2402 ) 2002: Happy New Year, The Borg Ship is nearly at earth, but a Federation/Klingon/Romulan Task Force intercept it...While at the same time The UFDFS Columbia is heavily damage by the Borg Ship...but succeed in sealing off Hull Breach's...


January 2nd ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF Task Force succeed in destroying the whole Borg Ship...Now, the UFDF recover from this Invasion...its the Second time in 3 years...The other invasion was while I was in chat with some officers...I think back in 2399-2400 between these years....


January 14th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF is plunged into chaos. A Mutiny is formed. Martial Law & Security Measures Declared. The Reason of this Mutiny is because they are childish individuals, impatience & don't know how things works in UFDF. A Traitors Fleet is created.


January 18th ( 2402 ) 2002: The Mutiny is almost finished. It is undergoing very good in dealing with theses traitors. Any UFDF Members that has not respond to the ICQ Messages will expelled. But we'll wait long enough to see if they become traitors or loyal officers. Mature individuals will resign peacefully and state why & where they're going.


January 20th ( 2402 ) 2002: All communications with UFAF are cut off. For the moment. If they're not changing they're fleet name anytime soon, we will be force to destroy them. We'll crush them like a BUG! Theses are the terms.


January 27th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF has enough evidences to declare war on UFAF. Now, its up to the UFDF High Council and Allied fleet advices. The EEF-UFDF MPP Treaty is now send. Waiting for it to be returned back full signed. It will become officially by then.


February 6th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF High Council decided on NEUTRAL~ WAR! Status with UFAF. Votes are now Final.


February 8th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF is still waiting after the EEF-UFDF MPP Treaty.


February 14th ( 2402 ) 2002: The ISF Come to us with an Alliance Treaty.


February 15th ( 2402 ) 2002: ISF Diplomatic Alliance request have been summited to the UFDF HC


February 17th ( 2402 ) 2002: UFDF discovers with the help of Spheric from the UFP, that an Impostor, created an Imposter UFDF, UFDF Thank You Spheric.


February 19th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF open Peace Talks with UFAF.


February 19th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF tried to make peace with [DOMINION], we're being rejected.


February 22th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF has agreed on a Alliance with the ISF, the treaty is being written.


February 22th ( 2402 ) 2002: The EEF-UFDF MPP Treaty is now completely signed...waiting for a copy of the full sign version to be official.


February 23th ( 2402 ) 2002: The YJF-UFDF Alliance Treaty is now send to YJF HQ.


March 3th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF Open now a dialogue with the other UFDF. One member of the other UFDF Committed an act of war against UFDF, in UFDF Space.


March 7th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF-UFAF NAP Treaty have been return. It's an historical event for both sides. May history remember this. The UFDF-UFAF NAP Treaty is now Official.


March 9th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF-EEF MPP Treaty is now OFFICIAL.


March 23th ( 2402 ) 2002: The Yellow Jacket Fleet are now ALLIED with UFDF & Official. The RFA = Romulan Federation Alliance made First Contact with the United Federation Defense Force. The Relations with the Impostor UFDF Fleet are now degrading, if they don't change they're DAMN fleet name IT WILL BE WAR.


March 28th ( 2402 ) 2002: The Other UFDF leader Admiral Slipstream, the fleet have been taken on by mutineers, Deadguy & Hubris. Slipstream, has no longer control of the other UFDF. Impostors...He have managed to destroyed the homeworld website. About the impostors of the other UFDF, if he creates another website, and putt UFDF on they're pathetic flag, our mission they're complete DESTRUCTION. First contact with Phoenix Battle Group.


March 30th & April 28th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UNITED FEDERATION DEFENSE FORCE & SONS OF KAHLESS have now a MUTUAL PROTECTION PACT! :-) Let's make sure history don't forget the name UFDF & SOK. Our compliments to the SOK HIGH COMMAND for they're nice looking treaty on a PDF Format. Long live the SOK Empire.


April 1st ( 2402 ) 2002: The SOK-UFDF MPP Treaty has been sent to the SOK HIGH COMMAND. The treaty has been signed by the UFDF. MRA= Maquis Rebel Alliance wish to engage in diplomatic Relations.


April 2nd ( 2402 ) 2002: UFAF Taz tries to get chaos into UFDF...But, with a hail from UFAF & the help of UFDF Fleet Intelligence & Security/DOMINION combined force we have undiscovered the traitors. Send them to the Brig, We don't know what happened to UFAF Taz. The Investigation is still going forward...The Fleet has been secured.


April 4th ( 2402 ) 2002: The RFA have send they're diplomatic request to UFDF HQ Diplomatic Department.


April 6th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF is still investigating on Taz case. UFAF & DOMINION Boards doesn't show the evidences anymore.


April 7th ( 2402 ) 2002: First contact with The Borg Collective Clan...


April 13th ( 2402 ) 2002: A great member has left the UFDF last weekend ago...we shall remember Rear-Admiral Long - Chief of UFDF Fleet Security - Commander Rehu is in charge of the security now.


April 13th ( 2402 ) 2002: First Contacts throughout the Universe, many Fleets wants to negotiate with the UFDF. The UFDF High Council is voting on theses requests.


April 20th ( 2402 ) 2002: Sunday, Stardate, 240204. 21, an Armada of Three UFDFSS Vessels will be at the Borders of the UFDF/UFAF NEUTRAL ZONE. Waiting and monitoring UFDF/UFAF Neutral Zone & beyond. We are looking for Taz.


April 28th ( 2402 ) 2002: Monday, stardate, 240204. 29, The Armada of three UFDFSS Vessels are changing course to intercept any UFP Starships crossing the borders... Theses three ships are now en route to the UFDF/UFP Neutral Zone. Further history, Diplomatic Affairs are going real fine, Treaties are all written up. UFDF is prospering, flourishing.


May 2nd ( 2402 ) 2002: First contact with UFA.


May 6th ( 2402 ) 2002: A diplomatic Vessel, The U.F.D.F.S. COLUMBIA NX-1698 is dispatched to the UFDF-UFP Borders with orders for the three vessels over there and, an Ambassador for the UFP Starship.


May 6th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF is now going through a major change in the High Ranking Officers.


May 10th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF have discovered what RFA really are... All diplomatic channels are closed. They are enemy of the UFDF. We are still in negotiation with UFA and Three members resigning. Admiral Leanman & Admiral Frank is now overruling the HC decision about the high ranks changes.


May 17th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF-UFP have now finally Peace! We have a NAP! :-) It's official. All Treaties have been send to the fleets we're negotiating with...finally.


May 18th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF & PHNX have now a MPP Treaty.


May 20th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF & MRA have now a MPP Treaty.


May 28th ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF & UFA have now an official NAP Treaty full signed and returned.


May 30th ( 2402 ) 2002: First Contact with the XFF. We're in Negotiations.


June 1st ( 2402 ) 2002: The UFDF-GCW Alliance treaty is now re-send to the GCW Headquarters.


June 2nd ( 2402 ) 2002: Fleet-Admiral Frank is no longer in command of the UFDF, due to school. Fleet-Admiral Sinclair & Vice-Admiral Leanman are now in charge, until June 27th. Further more, First Contact made by Vice-Admiral Leanman, with the XFF. XFF= The Xtreme Frag Force


June 29th, 2002 FA Leanman steps down from command of UFDF and creates Federation Planetary League.


From July 2nd to July 8th Fleet Admiral Groupil takes Command of the UFDF as President but then returns to Fleet Admiral G. Labelle for now.


July 13th, 2002 UFDF signs Mutual Protection Pact with FPL run by J.T. Leanman. From August 3rd to August 8th for some strange reason all contact was lost with clans they were trying to work with diplomatically. But started to rebuild with other clans.


UFDF suffered mostly a clan member shortage from July 24th to October 7th. From November UFDF took a 1 month "Shore Leave" to evaluate and Fix up leadership of the clan.


December 23rd, 2002 the UFDF returns to gaming with new Leaders; kicking out Fleet Admiral Reissner for inactivity and Fleet Admiral G. Labelle retiring from the UFDF Military to take on the Presidents Position.


January 2nd, 2003: The United Federation Defense Force Starfleet & The Federation Command has now an official Non-Aggression Treaty Pact all signed and Active in all games as of this Stardate. Another big step towards Diplomacy & many more to come.


January 5th, 2003: UFDF Starfleet Declares WAR on (RNGD) RENEGADES. According to the FPL-UFDF Mutual Protection Pact. Which lasts 13 days until a ceasefire is put in place.


July 2nd, 2003: UFDF Starfleet & StarFleet signed a Mutual Protection Pact Treaty, it is now active in all Games.


July 5th, 2003: The Federation Republic makes First Contact, wants to have a NAP Treaty with UFDF Starfleet.


January 17th, 2004: The UFDF Starfleet has been attacked unprovoked by the CBF.


February 10th, 2004: a meeting hosted by Captain Robichaud in UFDF space with the leader of CBF ENDGAME come to the conclusion that it was an impostor. Relations drop to normal.


March 6th, 2004: Impostors attack CBF ships in there space causing a state of war, but thanks to Captain Robichaud , Rear-Admiral Coulson (better known as =GK= Leader Darkstar) and Fleet-Admiral Barnett the matter was dealt with and we are now on good terms with CBF. 13 days later on March 19th UFDF members leave fleet is in disorder and it starts falling apart.


March 20th, 2004: Fleet Admiral Barnett takes over until the president comes back to restore order to the fleet, most members who left come back, 2 active members decide to go: Captain Evan and RA Coulson to create the =GK= Genesis Knights clan.


March 28th, 2004: Historical day as Fleet Admiral Barnett has taken over command of this esteemed fleet after an investigation showed that EX president Frank G.Labelle was using his power to sexually harass female members of the fleet, Diplomatic frontiers re-opened.


April 1st, 2004: NAP signed with the rebirth of FC


April 3rd, 2004: Historic day for UFDF. UFDF Liaison Officer Fleet Captain Robichaud was able to negotiate the Integration of =GK= into UFDF, after many meetings and negotiations an agreement was found , =GK= agreed to join UFDF.


In 2004 The whole UFDF Leadership was changed around and became more of a democratic clan with voting on Leadership as well taking it into new Direction.

UFDF Fleet Roster (December 2004):

  • President Cody Barnett
  • Fleet Admiral Lalias Wyllam
  • Vice Admiral Luke Brown
  • Fleet Commodore Winterburn
  • Commodore Robert Robichaud
  • Fleet Captain Evan
  • Fleet Captain Paul
  • Captain Grismer
  • Captain David Craft
  • Commander Rafael
  • Lieutenant Commander Jessie
  • Lieutenant Commander Verplak
  • Lieutenant King
  • Lieutenant Sylvin Periyard
  • Lieutenant Lucas Bednall
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Jamil Mrad
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Nathaniel Smith
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Josh
  • Cadet Revan

Federation Council (Circa February 2005):

  • President - President Luke Brown
  • Fleet Admiral - Fleet Admiral Laura Wyllam
  • Seat 3 - Admiral Cody Barnett
  • Seat 4 - Fleet Commodore Chad Winterburn
  • Seat 5 - Commodore Robert Robichaud
  • Seat 6 - Commodore Evan
  • Seat 7 - Fleet Captain Marty Grismer

UFDF Chain of Command (Circa 2005):

  • Fleet Admiral (Elected)
  • Vice Fleet Admiral (Elected)
  • Fleet Commandant (Highest ranked FC Member)
  • Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Fleet Commodore
  • Commodore
  • Fleet Captain
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Ensign
  • Cadet

The above chain of command shows rank priority with the leader being at the top going down.
You must follow orders from a person who is a higher rank that yourself, unless you feel that the orders are a violation of the UFDF rules or are morally wrong,
then you have the right to refuse orders and must immediately contact the clan CO or XO with a full report of the situation.

Two persons of equal rank do not have any priority ranking except with the following exceptions:

  • One of those persons is a FC member, or one of those persons is the dept head/Game Commander

There are exceptions to the Chain of Command:

  • No one can order any person to reveal something that is not to do with UFDF or the online UFDF community.
  • No person can order another to do anything which is direct violation of a treaty without the permission of the FC.
  • No person can order another to violate an order of a superior officer. Any violations of any of these directives will result in an immediate reprimand and possible court martial depending in the seriousness of the offence.

Federation Council (Circa July 2007):

  • President -]UFDF[- Locutus
  • Vice President UFDF Laura Wyllam
  • Fleet Commandant UFDF Luke
  • Admiral UFDF Paul
  • Admiral UFDF Naruto
  • Vice Admiral UFDF Winterburn
  • Fleet Commodore UFDF David Craft
  • Divisional General UFDF N. Smith™

Federation Council (Circa December 2007):

  • President -]UFDF[- Locutus
  • Vice President UFDF Luke
  • Fleet Commandant UFDF Paul
  • Admiral UFDF Naruto
  • Vice Admiral UFDF Winterburn
  • Fleet Commodore UFDF David Craft
  • Divisional General UFDF N. Smith™

Federation Council (Circa February 2008):

  • President -]UFDF[- Locutus
  • Vice President UFDF Naruto
  • Fleet Commandant UFDF Luke
  • Admiral UFDF Paul
  • Vice Admiral UFDF Winterburn
  • Fleet Commodore UFDF David Craft
  • Fleet Captain UFDF Ai-Ex

The UFDF Government (May 2008):

  • Fleet Admiral (Elected)
  • Vice Fleet Admiral (Elected)
  • Fleet Commandant (Highest ranked FC Member) 
  • Federation Council Members 5 Seats

The UFDF Government is comprised of 3 Commanding officers and 5 Council members.


The Fleet Admiral (CO) and the Vice Fleet Admiral (XO) are voted upon by the members every 6 months

the requirements to be eligible for running in the elections are, you must be Captain or above.


The Fleet Commandant (RXO) is awarded to the highest ranking FC member and is the 3rd in Command.

The Federation Council is composed of the most dedicated and loyal members to UFDF.


Federation Council (Circa May 2008):

  • Fleet Admiral UFDF Naruto
  • Vice Fleet Admiral UFDF Paul 
  • Fleet Commandant UFDF Adam 
  • Vice Admiral UFDF Winterburn 
  • Fleet Commodore UFDF David Craft

UFDF stayed active in Bridge Commander up into 2008 when UFDF finally went into Hibernation until Star Trek: Online came out in 2010


For the year of 2010 UFDF mainly gamed in Star Trek: Online as it was slowly released into Full Version.

As of February 21st, 2011. UFDF was disbanded and Merged back into the [United Federation of Planets] along with it's STO Fleet ending it's 13 Year reign as one of the longest running clans in Trek Gaming.


Games Supported (Circa April 2008):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander -  Stock 1.0, Stock 1.1, KM 0.9 through 1.0
  • Star Trek: Armada 2
  • Star Trek: Legacy
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3
  • Star Trek: Elite Force 1 and 2
  • Star Wars: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Crysis
  • Freelancer