NoAlly was a German BC Clan created in assumingly October 2007 by [NoAlly]Nobody and [NoAlly]TangoMaru to fight 'The Brotherhood' during the Submit or Die Era. By April 2008 Operation: April Fools  was created by 'The Brotherhood' to trick all the BC clans that it had fallen apart which isn't so.


Due to internal arguments made by Noob Cisko the clan's activity dwindled but mostly Nobody was MIA. Nobody attempted a relaunch of the clan in July 2008 for more activity, but nothing came out of it and the clan was finished.


Suggested code of conduct.(for ALL)

Getting Started
1. Say Hello or Hi or Howdy or Yo, whats up?, or SOME THING!! don't just come in and shoot every one!

2. Ask for the Rules of the game.(exp. when it says it in the server name {ie,KM 1.0 | noally FFA}.) You should still ask just in case.

3. Don't ask for a Duel with your phaser (some people don't understand!)


Tags or Names
1. Be respectful in your name. (ie.Don't have your name be DD Sucks or USS Bite me you get the Idea!)

2. Be Honest. (NO NAME COPIES!!!!! if you do I will come and KILL you. lol, just if I were to use nobody's name he would KILL (or disband) me!, it's Not cool)

3. If you are in a clan show your clan tags,ie. =WP=, noally, DD, UFS etc, etc, and your Rank (or position) ie. Cmd, Cpt, Col, Aml, AMB, Lt. you get the idea.


In Game

Besides the rules for getting started you should follow these as well.

1. If you don't like the host........... don't join!

2. Try not to curse or swear all the time.

3. If it says no SD then don't do it!

4. If its a Tky game ask if you can use mines or shuttles


Hosting or Being a server

1. Follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule.

2. Have fun.

3. Be nice to the players. (you were them once too!)

4. Don't Lie, ie. don't host a DD war space if you are not in DD (exp. if you want to have a war space then say WAR SPACE FOR DD, that way you can do both.)

5. This is more of a suggestion, host a small ships only game, this gives people a chance to see what they can do!

6. Say what kind of game it is. (FFA, Duels, Who cares, RPG, TDM, Fed vs. Non Feds, etc.etc.



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