DL was a Gaming Clan founded by Helios, Phantom and Monitor in December 2007 at the demise of the Obsidian Order Clan. The Dragon Legion Clan was mainly active in Star Trek Bridge Commander 1.1 and KM 1.0. Its main goal was to create and maintain good relations between ourselves and other clans. By doing that, we hope that we can keep these aging games interesting, as well as providing an atmosphere of sportmanship both in and out of game servers.


We are open to expanding new game divisions. We are currently holding a recruitment drive. However, in addition to casual members, we are also looking for dedicated, driven members that want to fill leadership positions in new games not yet supported by DL. If you are interested in a position as a divisional commander, bear in mind you will have support from the clan leadership, but you will have to adept, willing to start a division solo and able to recruit heavily.


Games Supported (July 2008):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander: KM 1.0 mod
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Counter Strike: Source
  • Super Power 2

Somewhere at the beginning of 2009 there were issues occurring with some members within dL that some members didn't agree with and that led to a mutiny within dL's ranks. Sovereign along with Shader and other members went on to create the Second Incarnation of the Soldiers of Justice clan. Half of the dL's fleet followed and joined them!!


Both clans did work peacefully together but were separate, after a while dL's BC force dwindled as many members just stopped playing BC altogether. Also due to Star Trek Online coming out which dL was planning to go into.

As of 2010 dL's membership was almost Non-existent as no one played games anymore except for dL's leadership.


As of March - April 2011 dL has disbanded and changed it's name to X Fleet based in Star Trek: Online under the Klingon Fleet and ran up until June of 2011 where that also disbanded. Monitor on the other hand being bored of playing by himself has created the Obsidian Order Lite clan based in KM 1.0 with some of his old members. But due to inactivity, that unit was disbanded as well.