Federation Planetary League was created June 29th, 2002 after Fleet Admiral JT Leanman steps down as Fleet Admiral of the UFDF.


Welcome to FPL Space, Traveler. This site will offer you information about different aspects of our fleet. It will also function as a point from where different communications of FPL can be visited.


FPL is a Star Trek Fleet for a number of the Activision games. Bridge Commander is the most popular but we also play in Armada 1 and 2. When the next Starfleet Command is released we shall also become active in that. 


We also have a cooperation with The Ultimate Force - [TUF] - they are an EF clan under command of [FPL]Chibakka. They will function as our battle crew in situation where this is called for, and we will fight for them if needed.


Lieutenant Dewbie has been promoted to Lt Commander, congratulations Lt Commander!

16 September 2002.


He wrote his ideas down, and published a book that would become the constitution of the Federation Planetary League.


This was also read by the UFDF government, which split from Starfleet, and was lead by a President from that time on. It was clear at the time Leanman would be leaving UFDF, yet he was honored by being the first president of the UFDF, for approximately one month. Then the UFDFS Yamato was renamed to the FPLS Yamato, and he set course for the Beta-Quadrant.


His Federation Planetary League turned out to be one of the most successful organizations ever, hundreds of planets were involved with it, and today still it is one of the biggest known factions in the Milky Way. In 2403 however, after seven years of presiding the FPL, supported by many close people around him, he decided it was time to call it a day, and come home again. With much grief from both him and the people of the Beta Quadrant, he left the league, and set a course for Earth.


Over at Earth the first thing he did was going to his father’s grave, where he remained for at least 3 days, just sitting. His mother and his wife though knew what his father had meant to him, and let him sit, as they knew what would come out of it. And yes, they were right, he decided space was his home, and that was where he would be. He rejoined the UFDF, on his old position as Vice-Admiral. There he was, happy, and ready to spend his whole life being vice-admiral, and commanding officer at the UFDFS Yamato. Yet it wouldn’t be as easy as that, the old UFDF government proved to be crooked, and was overthrown. A lot of UFDF’s Glory was lost at that certain moment. Yet J.T. Leanman was convinced of the righteousness of the new government, and sticked with it, with the sole purpose off making the UFDF even more glorious and prestigious.


Although all that might make J.T. seem a person who had all the luck he could have, there have been some happenings during his life that placed firm marks on his being in present. Of course his Father's death, but also a shuttle accident that lead to the death of four of his closest friends, who were on a field-trip when he was sick at home during his high-school time. Also he would never forget the moment the first officer of the Grissom died, although it wasn’t his fault, he had always thought he could have saved him, and blamed himself for not doing so.



In FPL documents, Leanman would be described like the following:

“The man who first had the vision that later embodied itself to be FPL, a great spokesman and a dedicated leader. Never does he fail to find the right balance between maintaining order and allowing personal freedom. And besides this, an excellent ship's pilot. “



Status        Treaty                        Fleet Leader                                       Diplomatic Contact
MPP            UFDF                        President Frank G Labelle              President Frank G Labelle

NAP             UFPC                       Fleet Admiral Lewis Arthur              Fleet Admiral Lewis Arthur
NAP             UFA                          Fleet Admiral NCC                            Fleet Admiral NCC
NAP             NUFP

NAP             RS

NAP             Common Wealth  Fallen Lords                                        Slinky


Roster as of 2002:

Alpha Squad:

Rank                          Name                                                      Civil Positions

On Leave                  JT Leanman                                           President
Fleet Admiral           SomeEvilGuy                                          Chief of Diplomacy
Lt Commander        Kombat                                                    Vice Chief of FBTO

Lt Junior Grade       Sacrificer
Cadet                        Azza


Beta Squad:

Rank                          Name                                                      Civil Positions

Commodore            Lucifer                                                      Chief of SFA

Commander            Tesser                                                     Chief of SFA | Chief of FBTO

Commander            Azz                                                            Chief of Security
Lt Commander        Rob Joyce
Lt Commander        Evildeeds                                                Vice Chief of Security  
Lieutenant                Wamba                                                    Intelligence Agent


Charlie Squad:

Rank                          Name                                                       Civil Positions
Commodore            Xuth                                                           Chief of R&D | SFA Mentor | Acting President
Captain                    John Williams
Commander           GM                                                              Vice Chief of Intelligence  
Commander           Dewbie                                                      Chief of Intelligence
Lt Commander       WyLiE                                                        Vice Chief of R&D
Lieutenant               Locutus
Ensign                     LouisG
Cadet                       Chibakka
Cadet                       Redbearl


Delta Squad:

Rank                         Name                                                         Civil Positions

Captain                    Deadguy

Captain                    SP Karrer                                                   Chief of Internal Affairs



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