Welcome to the [UFA]. The [UFA] was established in May 2002 with the aim of being a peaceful Starfleet based clan/guild that played Armada and Bridge Commander. As the fan base of Star Trek based games diminished the clan split and was torn in two. After months of being static, the guild has re-emerged into the Star Wars Genre of gaming but never forgetting its Star Trek roots.


Birth of the Federation - 2 May 2002
The Founding of the UFA. Founded By NCC7787, Rubadum and Goldgirl.


High Council - 8 May 2002
Rear Admiral EMH is a new member of the High Council Along with Rear Admiral Chief.


No Hacking - 11 May 2002
A motion was passed to decree that any member caught in acts of computer crime or "hacking" within the UFA would be Dishonorably Discharged and / or reported to the appropriate authorities.


Website up - 15 May 2002
Basic Draft of the UFA website is now up :)


High Council - 12 June 2002
Marine Joins the High Council on a temporary basis.


Resignation - 17 June 2002
Xuth and SEG Are asked for their resignations.


First Contact - 1 Oct 2002
First Contact with the SFX didn't go well, tensions are high


First Contact - 13 Oct 2002
The SFX situation is resolved.


Teamspeak - 21 Nov 2002
UFA implements the use of Teamspeak so coordinate battles and training.


High Council - 1 Dec 2002
Captain Woodeye is asked to join the High Council in recognition of his amazing loyalty and dedication.


War! - 2 Dec 2002
For the first time ever, the UFA is forced into war by the [SE] clan. The war will only end when the SE have made a full public apology to the UFA and issue their surrender.


New Alliance - 6 Dec 2002
UFA establishes an alliance with the Slayers Clan.


War Over - 24 DEC 2002
In recognition of SE's apology to the UFA, the UFA hereby agrees to call off hostilities against the SE.... Merry Christmas!


RNGD Declare war - 3 Jan 2003
RNGD Declare war on the BC Council. UFA is placed on high alert. RNGD are now considered hostile! All ships engage if fired upon.


In response to the growing RNGD threat to the entire BC Community, UFA regrettably, with full, and direct support from FPL, enters a state of total war on RNGD, May god serve us well on this mission we undertake.


PEACE - 7 Jan 2003
The RNGD war has ended, peace talks have proven productive. Stand down to yellow alert.


UFAFLEET.COM - 5 Mar 2003
UFA now has its own .com that can host forums.. woohooo, bye bye ezboards :)


THE BIG 40! - 27 Mar 2003
After numerous booting of inactives.. UFA Finally reached the big 40 active members.. Special thanks to Woodeye and TNT who are recruitment machines.


UFA Tournament - 21 Apr 2003
UFA Launches its own squad tournament system, good luck to all squads.


UFA Update - 1 July 2003
Okay a few things have happened, we now host ELITE and the Clan Council Forums for them, member numbers stand at a big 50 ::D, RNGD are still acting like asses (whats new eh) and the 3rd tournament is now underway, this time with a nap. Should be interesting, Oh and we are now fully allied with UFP.


Split - September 2003
An internal problem has arisen, and as consequence approximately 1/2 of the fleet have left to found a new clan. Relations with the new separatists is now hostile.


UFA Disbands - 24 Aug 2003
Resulting from the troubles following the split, it is decided that UFA should disband. This day is indeed a sad day.

New updates? - 11 Aug 2004
Patchy updates have been noted on the old, abandoned UFA website, why after so long?


Jedi Ranks - 14 Aug 2004
New Jedi knight ranks added to the ranks page, tournament map redesigned, front page colour scheme changed, links page slightly modified, rules page overhauled.


UFA ~ TLW war - Sometime January 2005
TLW Declares war on the UFA because they don't like being owned, UFA's official response is a hardy belly laugh followed by a burp.


JKA Server - January 2005
UFA now has its very own dedicated 16 player JKA Server, thanks to Turtle for setting that one up.. cheers bud :)


Clan Activity - 13 March 2005
Clan activity at an all time high, Jedi Master Zuce is welcomed to the Council and is the JKA CO.


TS Rebirth - 15 August, 2005
The use of TeamSpeak was brought back into use with the ufa for better communication.


Rubadum's Return - May 2nd, 2006
The old Sage returned to |ufa| to take up the position of Overlord. Congrats to Rubadum!


New Leadership - October 17th, 2006
Rubadum leaves unexpectedly and Zuce accepts the rank of Fleet Admiral and is the new leader.


Star Trek Legacy - November 9th, 2006
Upon the release of STL, ufa will be fully supporting the game.


[UFA] Roster (Circa Spring 2003):

  • Fleet Admiral NCC07887
  • Rear Admiral EMH
  • Rear Admiral Woodeye
  • Captain ICE
  • Captain Joe
  • Captain TNT
  • Captain Nemesis - S.O. Officer/IntelOfficer
  • Lieutenant Commander Reliant
  • Crewman Clifton
  • Black
  • GCN02

UFA Roster (Post Split, August 2003):








Roster (Star Wars Era, December 2004):

  • Fleet Admiral Turtle
  • Admiral GCN02
  • Jedi Knight Rubadum
  • Jedi Sweet Ashley
  • Captain Kane
  • Lieutenant Jedi-Vince
  • Lieutenant Ian
  • Trainee Chuli
  • Trainee Jaden

Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Armada
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Wars: Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars: Jedi Academy Series
  • Star Wars: Galaxies

UFA Signatures: