EQC was a Stock 1.0 Bridge Commander clan founded December 2004 by Ex-GK member Riker after having a disagreement with =GK= Leader Darkstar and Darkwave, Chancellor Paris possibly joined EQC after [AQA] disbanded which he was the leader of.


The clan had NAP's with SE and ISOM, the clan merged back into the Genesis Knights after Westanton resigned as President in February 2005 and Darkwave was promoted.


EQC Members (Circa February 2005):

  • EQC Westanton - Founder, President (Resigned February 2005)
  • EQC Darkwave - Founder, Vice President (Promoted to President after Westanton's resignation)
  • EQC High Chancellor Dark Design (December 2004)
  • EQC High Chancellor Paris - Diplo CO
  • EQC McSnipe
  • EQC Law