Klingon Academy Assault Force was a clan formed in the game Klingon Academy that eventually moved into Star Trek Bridge Commander in February of 2002


KAAF Charter


I. Heart of Virtue

The members of the KAAF, when acting in fleet matters, will attempt to follow the basic principles of the Heart of Virtue.

  1. Duty- It is the Duty of all members of the KAAF to operate in a manner as requested by the Empire and its leaders.
  2. Honor- All members of the KAAF will act in a manner that safeguards their personal integrity while attempting to give high regard and respect to all they encounter.
  3. Loyalty- All members of the KAAF will remain faithful to the cause and ideals that the KAAF holds.

These three principles of the Heart of Virtue shall be followed at all times.


II. KAAF Command Structure

  1. The Command Structure of the KAAF will be followed at all times.
    It is the responsibility of new recruits to learn who their superiors are.
  2. Command Staff-
    A. Chancellor-
    The Chancellor is the Leader of the fleet. He delegates fleet responsibilities and has the final say in all matters that are fleet related. The Chancellor is also one of only two people that may officially declare war.
    B. General-
    The General is the Chancellor’s second in command. The General fills in as fleet commander in the absence of the Chancellor, and is the only other member of the fleet that may declare war.
    C. Lieutenant General-
    The Lieutenant General is the Chancellor's third in command. In the abscence of the Chancellor and the General, the Lieutenant General will fill in as fleet commander.
    D. Brigadier General-
    The Brigadier Generals are responsible for training and are the primary recruiters for the fleet. In the absence of the Chancellor, General and Lieutenant General, the Brigadier Generals will assume command, with all having equal authority.
    E. Colonel / Lieutenant Colonel-
    The Colonel and the Lieutenant Colonel shall assist the above as needed.
  3. Command Assistants-
    These members do not hold command rank. Their ranking is a thing of honor. In the field however they may assume command of those ranked lower than them.
    Lieutenant Commander
  4. Enlisted Ranks-
    These warriors make up the bulk of our fleet.
    Elite Commando
    Elite Warrior
    Warrior Recruit
  5. Citizen Rank-
    A Citizen is a member of the fleet that is not able to battle with us for whatever reason. They may fly the KAAF banner on message boards and forums but are not allowed to vote in fleet related matters. Any Citizen may become a WArrior Recruit when they are able to join us in battle.
  6. Promotions-
    A. Eligibility-
    Promotions will be given whenever the Command Staff sees fit. Eligibility for promotion is determined by the Command Staff on a per individual basis.
    B. Recommending a warrior for promotion-
    Any member of the Command Staff may recommend that a warrior be tested for a promotion.
    C. Testing For a Promotion-
    A test for promotion will be given by a member of the Command Staff. The parameters for the test will be decided upon by the Command Member giving the test. The end result of the test (Pass or Fail) is also the sole choice of the Command Member giving the test.
    D. Approval-
    Approval for promotions varies given the degree of that promotion.
    D.1. Command Staff promotions are only to be granted by the Chancellor or a member of the Command Staff acting with the Chancellor’s full authority.
    D.2. Command Assistant promotions are to be approved by the General or Chancellor.
    D.3. Enlisted Rank promotions can be approved by any member of the Command Staff.
    D.4. Note that any promotion may be overturned by the Chancellor or a member operating with the Chancellor’s full authority.



III. Diplomacy With Other Fleets-


In the cold of space, there is always a chance of an encounter with another fleet. If contacted by another fleet while in a GSA lobby or while in game, give them our site URL and alert a member of the Command Staff.

  1. General Protocol-
    A. No member of the KAAF will agree to engage in a treaty with another fleet without the express approval of the Chancellor or the General acting in the Chancellor’s place.
    B. No member of the KAAF will attempt to engage in discussions with another fleet in matters regarding treaties without first seeking the KAAF’s stance in regards to the fleet in question.
    C. No treaty with any fleet will be approved if the fleet lobbying for a treaty or agreement with the KAAF has used spies on the KAAF or an ally of the KAAF.
    D. The KAAF does not use nor condone the use of spies or spying. Any member of the KAAF caught or suspected of spying will be brought to justice.
    E. The KAAF does not condone the use of flaming. If you are flamed or harassed by a member of another fleet, take a screenshot and report the incident to a superior at once.
    F. All members of the KAAF are to treat members of other fleets with respect at all applicable times.
  2. Treaty Types-
    A. Alliance- The highest level of treaty that the KAAF acknowledges and also the rarest. An alliance bounds the KAAF and its ally to help one another in time of need and to protect each other's borders in times of peace as well as war.
    B. Mutual Protection Pact- The MPP is usually granted on a temporary basis when the KAAF and the fleet in question both have a goal that is mutually beneficial, be it training or war.
    C. Non Agression Pact- The NAP is given to almost anyone that requests one. Simply put, the NAP means that no vessel or a warrior of the KAAF will attack a member of the fleet in which we have made the NAP with in a hostile manner.
  3. Any fleet wishing to engage in any for of treaty with the KAAF must read and acknowledge the Charter. If a fleet that the KAAF has entered a treaty with commits a violation of the KAAF Charter, the KAAF reserves the right to withdraw from the aforementioned treaty.



IV. Intra Fleet Problems-


There may come a time when you find yourself in disagreement with another member of the KAAF. Depending on the situation, the following will apply.
All disagreements regarding policy and regulation matters will be solved by deferring to rank (See section II). Any disagreement of a personal nature will be solved in an Honor Duel, the settings of which will be determined by those involved. If settings can not be agreed upon, then a member of the Command Staff will be chosen to officiate the duel. Some situations, depending on severity, may require that a hearing be held to solve them. This hearing may take place via the forums or live via GameSpy Arcade. (See section V for more information regarding hearings and how those are conducted.)



V. Hearings And Voting-


  1. Hearings-
    Should a hearing be called, it may be held in one of two ways-
    A. Via the forums- The involved parties will state their grievance or defense (depending upon the situation). The Prosecution (or other party) will then state its case. The Judges shall be comprised of the Command Staff. After both sides have stated their case, a verdict will then be decided by a vote of the Command Staff.
    B. Via GameSpy Arcade- The involved parties will state the Grievances WHEN CALLED UPON by the room’s host. The party called upon will then Click Ready and they will have the floor until another party is called upon. All other parties will remain silent. If another party wishes to speak, they may request permission to do so. After both sides have stated their case (the members with the grievance, or the member who is being brought forward for the hearing depending on the case) then a verdict will be decided upon by a vote of the Command Staff that are in the room at that time. Highest ranking officer should also host this room as well.
  2. Voting-
    There are two types of Votes that the KAAF will use, a Fleet Wide Vote, or a Command Staff Vote.
    A. Fleet Wide Vote- A Fleet Wide Vote will be called for matters of little importance to fleet security or fleet sovereignty. In a Fleet Wide Vote, all members have equal say in the matter that is being voted on. In order for a Fleet Wide Vote to occur, it must meet the following requirements-
        The Vote must be brought before the warrior's immediate Brigadier General and approved by that Brigadier General.
        The Vote must then be taken to the Lieutenant General and the General and approved by both.
        The Vote will then be reviewed by the Chancellor (or a member of the Command Staff acting with his full authority).
    After these requirements have been met the warrior will be granted permission to bring the Vote before the fleet, or if required, the Vote will be brought before the Command Staff and resolved using a Command Staff Vote.
    B. Command Staff Vote- A Command Staff Vote will be called for matters of importance to fleet security or fleet sovereignty. In a Command Staff Vote, different ranks receive a different amount of votes.
        The Chancellor’s vote is counted 6 times.
        The General's vote is counted 5 times.
        Lieutenant General's votes are counted 4 times.
        The Major Generals get their vote counted 3 times.
        The Brigadier Generals get their vote counted 2 times.
        All other Command Staff votes are counted once.
    Command Staff Voting is limited to Command Staff only.



VI. Removing a Chancellor from Office-


The KAAF is not a fully democratic fleet, nor is the KAAF a full monarchy. Should there be a time when a member is unsatisfied with the Chancellor’s performance, that member may attempt to remove the Chancellor from his post. But, keep in mind that a failed coup is considered mutiny, and the organizers of said coup will be brought before a Command Staff Hearing as described in Section V.

  1. First, the complaint must be brought to the Chancellor’s attention.
  2. A hearing will then be called via Gamespy Arcade (Section V.1.B)
  3. After the Hearing, a Command Staff Vote will be called (Section V.2.B) (note that the Chancellor’s vote is counted).
  4. Should the Chancellor be voted out of office, he will be given the rank of Major; a new Chancellor will be elected using a Fleet Wide Vote with the Command Staff votes counted as they would be counted in a Command Staff Vote (section V.2.B).
  5. Should the Chancellor remain in office (the coup fails) then the mutineers will be stripped of rank and/or removed from the fleet entirely.

VII. Issuing a Formal Challenge or Honor Duel-


Warriors may, at any time issue a challenge or invoke the right to duel in the event that honor has been wounded.

  1. Intrafleet Challenges or Honor Duels- These challenges may be called by any member of the fleet when a breach of The Heart of Virtue (section I.) has occurred within the ranks of the KAAF. Note that a warrior challenging a member of higher rank could invoke a Hearing (sect V.1.A.+B) should the challenger lose. In Honor Duels, might does indeed make right. These matters are not to be taken lightly, only invoke an Honor Duel when there is a direct violation of the Heart of Virtue or when personal honor has been attacked.
  2. Interfleet Challenges or Honor Duels- These challenges are not to be taken lightly. Invoking or demanding a duel with a member of another fleet could very well lead to war. These interfleet challenges can also avoid war should the two (or more) warriors leave their differences on the battlefield. As with Intrafleet Challenges and Honor Duels, only invoke these formal challenges when there has been a direct violation of the Heart of Virtue or when personal honor or fleet honor has been compromised.

VIII. Declaring War-


    1.  Who May Declare War- Only the Chancellor, or General acting with the Chancellor’s full authority, may officially declare war.
    2.  Reasons For War- Reasons for declaring war on another fleet include, (but are not limited to) the following-
        A. Spying on the KAAF, or harboring spies that have acted against the KAAF or its allies.
        B. Insulting the Honor of a member of the KAAF.
        C. Attacking an ally of the KAAF.
        D. Declaring war on an ally of the KAAF.
        E. Attacking the sovereignty of the KAAF.
    3.  Ending War- Wars will come to an end when one of the following occurs-
        A. The Chancellor’s demands (which are to be described along with the War Declaration) are met.
        B. The Chancellor and the Command Staff, via a Command Staff Vote (section V.2.B.) admit defeat.
    4.  Recommending War- Any fleet member can bring an issue before the Chancellor and recommend that an action of war be taken.



IX. Amending These Regulations-


These rules and regulations may be amended and added to as needed. Any fleet member can bring up an amendment, but a vote by the Command Staff is the only way the amendment will go into effect. Also, the Chancellor reserves the right to amend and alter this Charter as needed to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the KAAF. Note that additions to the Charter will be added BEFORE this regulation, regardless of its apparent place or worth. The regulation “Amending These Regulations” is the only regulation that will change in numbering and it will always be the last regulation on this Charter. This is the only regulation that cannot be amended or altered.



KAAF Command Staff Signatures


    Qang mochloD'tmos


    General Jimbob


    Lieutenant General Ex Malterra


    Brigadier General MacCoy
    UPT Division Commander-in-Chief


    Brigadier General RCgothic


    Brigadier General Redjac


    Lieutenant Colonel Darkest Vorlon
    UPT Squad XO


    Lieutenant Colonel Turok
    vIt'etlh Squad XO



KAAF Squads

The warriors of the KAAF are organized into three honorable squads, each with it's own unique credo.


UPT Squad

Commanded by Brigadier General MacCoy, the Utopia Planitia Team Squadron is the KAAF's specialized Federation Division. This squad is taught with the rules and regulations of the Federation as well as being trained to use Federation ships in combat. To join this squad all that is asked is that you enjoy battle and are willing to learn how to fight in a true warship.


- Brigadier General MacCoy


Vengeance Squad

Led by Brigadier General Redjac, Vengeance Squad is for those members wishing to join a hardworking loyal team of pilots, skilled in both solo play and team play. Members of Vengeance Squad may play as any race they choose, but must be open to constructive criticism, and be ready to unlearn and relearn. We are a small but proud band, and our loyalty to the fleet is far beyond question.


- Brigadier General Redjac


vIt'etlh Squadron

Under the command of Brigadier General RCgothic, be prepared to learn the Way of the Warrior. Klingon Culture and the Teachings of Kahless will be taught to all comers. The only requirements to joining vIt'etlh squadron is a willingness to learn what we have to teach, and total adherence to the qualities of Honour, Duty and Loyalty.


- Brigadier General RCgothic


KAAF Starting Roster - August 14th, 2002

mochloD'tmos     Chancellor, Fleet CO

Jimbob                General, Fleet XO


UPT Squad

MacCoy                Brigadier General, Squad CO

Darkest Vorlon     Lieutenant Colonel, Squad XO

Turok                   Commander

StarGodess         Lieutenant Commander

DrunkenHobo      Elite Commando

Joshmaul             Elite Warrior

Angelius              Warrior

FederationWarrior00     Warrior

Azn_Boi               Warrior


Vengeance Squad

Redjac                Brigadier General, Squad CO

Ex-Malterra         Colonel, Squad XO

Precoman           Lieutenant

Sghetti                Warrior

Wizvac                Warrior

Wuvmuffin          Warrior Recruit

Commander Cain     Warrior Recruit


vIt'etlh Squad

RCgothic                    Brigadier General, Squad CO

El_Capitan                 Lieutenant Commander, Squad XO

alpha22                      Elite Warrior

Kldode                        Warrior

Wingless Flyer            Warrior

Dark Vengeance        Warrior Recruit

JOKER                       Warrior Recruit


Awaiting Squad Assignment

Captain McScott     Warrior Recruit
Awaiting Response
(rank will be re-instated when member checks in)

Actionduck/looner     Citizen
amctxp                      Citizen
Blackadder               Citizen
Geia                          Citizen
GenKor                     Citizen
JLW88LT                  Citizen
Locutas                    Citizen
Morn_DS9               Citizen
Wizzard_Gizmo        Citizen


KAAF Roster - May 25th, 2003
  Chancellor, Fleet Commanding Officer

  General, Fleet 2nd in Command

  Brigadier General
  Brigadier General
  Brigadier General
  Brigadier General
Krenn sutai-Rustazh
  Lieutenant Colonel
  Elite Warrior
  Warrior Recruit
Dark Vengeance

  Warrior Recruit



  Warrior Recruit

El Capitan143
 ? unknown rank
  ? unknown rank
  ? unknown rank


Final KAAF Roster (Last Updated January 15, 2004)

High Command
Ex Malterra - KAAF_EX_Chnclr            Chancellor, Fleet CO
Jimbob - KAAF-Jimbob-Gen                 General, Fleet XO
Turok - KAAF-Turok-LtGen                 Lieutenant General, Fleet CO-XO


UPT Squad
MacCoy - KAAF-MacCoy-MajGen        Major General, Squad CO
Paladin - KAAF_Paladin_Maj               Major, Squad XO
McScott - KAAF-McScott[Lt]                 First Lieutenant
Mohsye - KAAF-Mohsye-WR               Warrior
Sir Killalot - KAAF - Sir Killalot              Warrior Recruit
REDEagle - KAAF-REDEegle              Warrior Recruit


Vengeance Squad
Redjac - KAAF-Redjac-MajGen                               Major General, Squad CO
DrunkenHobo - KAAF-DrunkenHobo-M                   Colonel, Squad XO
Poqk'Ter                                                                  First Lieutenant
Venom - KAAF-Venom-CO                                      Commando
Lord of the Dragons - KAAF-Skiboy11-[EW]           Elite Warrior
Candy - KAAF-Candy-W                                         Warrior


vIt'etlh Squad
Darth Raven - KAAF-DarthRaven-CMDR                Commander, Squad CO
RC - KAAF-RCgothic-Col                                        Colonel, Squad XO
Antheus - KAAF-Antheus-Lt                                    First Lieutenant
GenKor - KAAF-GenKor-C                                      Elite Commando
Darth Maverick - KAAF-DarthMaverick                    Elite Warrior
SnowLeopard - KAAF-SnowLeopard                       Warrior
Angel of Death - KAAF-ANGELOFDEATH-W          Warrior
Thor - KAAF-Thor                                                   Warrior Recruit