A Star Trek: Bridge Commander clan reated by Senior Fleet Admiral Raven in 2003 which played BC Stock and multiple other games up until 2007 then attempted to play in KM 1.0 in BC in April 2007 "til Raven disbanded the clan. The clan was reborn under Fleet Admiral Perry which its fate is unknown


War Alliance with -=RR=-:

Motion by Zii, June 27th, 2006, 100% passage.


WAR ALLIANCE PACT X-Fleet Sentinels (XFS) & Red Ravens (-=RR=-) 


War Alliance Pact: The parties involved agree not to engage in any hostile acts against each other, but focus an allied war effort against a common enemy. Hostile acts include, but are not limited to, invading servers with the intent to disrupt, attacking without requesting permission first, posting inflammatory posts on clan/fleet/guild's forums or in chat rooms.


The Command from the X-Fleet Sentinels and Red Ravens have agreed to sign a treaty of War Alliance. Details and agreements are listed in the articles below:


1. Members wearing either RR or XFS tags shall not attack a member from the opposite clan/fleet/guild unless all parties are in a friendly game or an inter-clan role play match. Any officers of either clan/fleet/guild who violate this article shall be reported to his/her Command.


2. X-Fleet Sentinels and Red Ravens agree to be bonded by this treaty to show the utmost dignity and respect to the members of each others clan/fleet/guild.


3. In the event that one clan/fleet/guild comes under attack, the other clan/fleet/guild is under no obligation to assist unless the attacker is a common enemy of both. All requests to assist must be decided upon by the clan/fleet/guild's Leaders or high command as applicable.


4. Any member of the X-Fleet Sentinels or Red Ravens who breaks these terms will be held accountable as per the rules and regulations of their clan/fleet/guild.


5. This treaty will remain in effect until the conclusion of hostilities against the enemy or until either side wishes to terminate this agreement. At the termination of this agreement, this treaty will revert to a Non-Aggression Pact should both parties involved wish to continue friendly relations.


Signatures of the three XFS Branches and Command Branch approval and at least three High Command Members of the allied clan/fleet/guild are required in order to ratify this treaty.


Red Ravens -=RR=-:

  1. Senior Fleet Admiral Apok - Community Director
  2. Vice Fleet Admiral Fudd - Strategic Ops CO
  3. Rear Admiral Jonas Meadows - Chief of Security, Intelligence Director

X-Fleet Sentinels (XFS):

  1. Sovereign – Public Relations Branch
  2. -=Z=- – Judicial Branch
  3. Craig – Executive Branch Approve / Decline - Command Branch

-=RR=- Full Fleet Roster (Circa Spring 2004):

  • Senior Fleet Admiral Raven                            CO Red Raven Clan, Chief Diplomat, Webteam Active
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Fudd                                   XO Red Raven Clan, XO Recruiting, Diplomatic XO Active
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Spawnner                         Chief of JAG, Second Officer -Fleet Command, Academy CO, Webteam
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Hall
  • Commodore CancelXero                                Protocol Enforcer
  • Commodore Infiniti                                           Recruiting CO, Division Commandant, Diplomat Active
  • Fleet Captain Markus                                       CO Security Department
  • Fleet Captain Death To All
  • Fleet Captain Sparky                                         CO Halo Division Active
  • Fleet Captain Balein
  • Captain Ironfeld
  • Commander Mageta                                         CO Enemy Territory Division Active
  • Commander Incan Warrior                              CO Starcraft Division
  • Lieutenant Lance                                               CO America's Army Division
  • Lieutenant Rimshot                                           XO Halo Division
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Gigamaster
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Moose                      XO Enemy Territory Division
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Electabots               CO Battlefield 1942 Division
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Killer                         XO Battlefield 1942 Division
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Gh0st                       Wolfenstein ET Division
  • Ensign Billybob
  • Ensign Sniz
  • Ensign Xel                                                            Retired: 1-Feb-04
  • Ensign Dark Days                                               XO America's Army Division
  • Ensign Atomsk                                                    CO Mech Mercenaries Division
  • Ensign Gamemastax                                         America's Army Division
  • Yeoman Diz
  • Yeoman Gravedigger
  • Yeoman Fuel
  • Crewman Wongtong2g
  • Crewman Halo
  • Crewman Mets9131
  • Crewman Kakashie
  • Crewman Little_T
  • Cadet Blade
  • Cadet Rogue
  • Cadet Deathball
  • Cadet Tenacious D
  • Cadet Naruto
  • Cadet Wheel Man
  • Cadet Phoenix666
  • Cadet Aephex
  • Cadet Jason
  • Cadet Sniper
  • Cadet Dorko
  • Cadet MJOLNIR
  • Cadet Mizatt
  • Cadet Guardian
  • Cadet Strider
  • Cadet Hunter
  • Cadet Damage
  • Cadet Beau

-=RR=- Command Roster (Circa June 2006):

  • Senior Fleet Admiral Raven - Clan CO
  • Senior Fleet Admiral Apok - Community Director
  • Vice Fleet Admiral Fudd - Strategic Ops CO
  • Vice Admiral Luke
  • Rear Admiral Jonas Meadows - Chief of Security, Intelligence Director

Games Played (Circa 2004):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Stock 1.0
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • America's Army
  • Halo
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Starcraft