It all began when I (-<FH>- Wing Zero) joined [KOL] (Knights of the League) in late 2002, I was so excited about joining a gaming community and everybody seemed friendly. The person who recruited me [KOL] Vengeance (the Fleet Admiral/Leader) at the time.


I met this friendly guy named Fox and we gradually became friends we used to play on BC together and have friendly competitions on who could get to the highest rank. Eventually Fox managed to beat me. I wasn't really bothered since we where good friends. Anyway [KOL] went to war with another clan (forgot who sooo long ago its 2006 now lol) well [KOL] Vengeance gave into them and became allies after they had been dissin us and stuff so me and Fox weren't happy at all.


Fox started making Foxhound (I didn't know at the time), I wondered why he was so busy all the time eventually he told me about him making a clan called Foxhound and making the site with phpbb. Naturally he offered me to be the other admin and I couldn't refuse. We where building it together and one weekend I finally convinced Fox and myself into telling Baz about it so we did. Baz was hurt and we didn't talk to him much after that. Anyway we started up Foxhound and recruited a few members. Then my brother introduced me to proboards the free web hosting we were using at the moment. It was way better so I started making the new site (without telling Fox) I didn't tell Fox because I wanted to surprise him.


Well he was well impressed and we started making skins for it. Then it was complete and we transferred, the clan was officially launched February 18th, 2003. Many of the old members we lost contact with which was a shame. Well I recruited loads of people and made skins then I met this clan named S31 (Section 31) and I started an alliance with them and became very good friends. Eventually the clan disbanded and became Federation Empires, things were going well. Then Lord Admiral Morianna went away for a very long time eventually the clan members started to disappear the members that where left joined (~GR~) Galactic Rangers. Anyway they wanted -<FH>- to have an alliance with them since they were good friends of mine, I accepted and we became allies. Things where running smoothly then Morianna comes back wondering what the hell happened???!!


Odyssey explains and Morianna isn't happy, after a while he understands and starts up FE again and starts recruiting. FE gets bigger quite fast, then Fox disappeared for months and months so I demoted him to a moderator of the forums kinda like a Admiral and replaced him with Sov 001 because he was doing well in FH and seemed to be the most deserving. Fox came back a couple of months later and he said he had won the lottery 60.000 (lucky bugger) and had gone straight on holiday to visit one of his relatives he understood why I demoted him and things moved on we managed to recruit quite a lot of members since then and FE went to war with RNGD they asked us to join them I was wondering whether to go to war or not but then for no reason at all RNGD Widow Maker/Casey/Maniac old member of FE disguised himself in BC as me in Star Trek: Bridge Commander!


Sol told me and I was out raged! I went in there and exposed him as the fraud he is and he said haha FEDDY! So I just left the server, later I saw him come in as Sol when Sol was already in the game. Then later on the next day he came in and me and Fox had a chat with him he denied it but it was obvious it was him cause he called us the same names, we destroyed him in Bridge Commander and booted him from the server.


Then somebody called DW Mich came in claiming he was leader of DW and said we insulted him and he declared war on FH again it was this Widow Maker cause it wasn't DW and he wasn't the leader. Sol made up a nick name for this Widow maker called him Window Licker which I thought was funny.


Above is the history we started off in Star Trek Bridge Commander!!


But now we have moved into other games like Unreal Tournament 2004


Foxhound officially became a multigaming clan in February of 2008, when -<FH>- Andromeda requested to lead the first Foxhound Xbox 360 Division expanding Foxhound onto new frontiers. Then he got kicked out and started a clan called GX (Gaming Xtreme) who now hold a firm stand in Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 on Xbox 360 according to intel (November 16th, 2008).


In October of 2008 the -<FH>- Clan site/forums were hacked and information lost but restored in December of 2008.


The end of Foxhound Gaming:

Before the clan turned into just a gaming forum/community it was a thriving clan with lots of members. Then one day me (MHz) and another member named Soldier Boy got together and formed a clan called Legacy.


So when it was created we were still part of -<FH>- so we used -<FH>- as a recruiting ground, because me and him were so popular in that clan and a lot of the people didn't like the FA's they joined us in a heart beat so we ended up taking almost half of the members with us to form this new clan. All they really had left were the inactive members. So they tried to keep it alive but it really only lasted a month after we left.


Founders of Foxhound (2002):

  • -<FH>- Wing Zero
  • -<FH>- Fox

Foxhound Roster Jun 20th, 2007:

Foxhound High Command:

  • FH Wing Zero - Leader/Fleet Admiral/Founder of FH
  • FH Fox - Temporary 1st in Command Ldr/Fleet Admiral/Founder of FH
  • FH Elite Prime - Second in Command/Fleet Admiral
  • FH Sol - Vice Leader/Vice Fleet Admiral

Recruitment Officer:

  • FH Falcon - Head of Recruitment

Training Officers:

  • FH Torark - Training Commander
  • FH Dividicles - Training Officer

Diplomacy Officer:

  • FH USS Silent Service - Head of Diplomacy

Senior Officers:

  • FH Dark Dragon - Captain
  • FH Sovereign001 - Captain

Junior Officers:

  • FH Sovereign 002 - Lieutenant (Jnr)
  • FH Michel - Ensign
  • FH Andromeda - Ensign

Chief of Ops Officers:

  • FH Saquist - Master of Operations (1st)
  • FH Shuriken - Chief of Operations (2nd)
  • FH DreddStone - Chief of Operations (3rd)
  • FH JaxJaggs2100 - Chief of Operations (3rd)
  • FH Death from above - Chief of Operations (3rd)


  • FH Oogamar - Cadet
  • FH Soldier Boy - Cadet
  • FH Dark Raven - Cadet
  • FH Borg[ITA] - Cadet
  • FH Scarface - Cadet
  • FH Timmy Wallis - Cadet
  • FH USS Flame - Cadet
  • FH USS Starshot - Cadet
  • FH Jonskidmoore - Cadet
  • FH Predator - Cadet
  • FH Soulfire - Cadet
  • FH Ravid - Cadet
  • FH Qsquared - Cadet
  • FH Sniper Wolf - Cadet
  • FH Jago - Cadet
  • FH Cidious - Cadet
  • FH CornishSniper - Cadet
  • FH Kelesh - Cadet
  • FH Yugi - Cadet
  • FH USS Libra - Cadet
  • FH isotux - Cadet
  • FH darthlink123 - Cadet
  • FH thesnive - Cadet
  • FH stroker - Cadet
  • FH Artrus - Cadet
  • FH Executor - Cadet
  • FH Bluedragon - Cadet
  • FH Lord Curly Fry - Cadet

Foxhound Leadership: (Circa January 2009 to August 2009):

  • -<FH>- Fleet Admiral Dark Dragon
  • -<FH>- Fleet Admiral Elite Prime
  • -<FH>- Vice Fleet Admiral Sad Genie - Acting Head of Diplomacy/Recruitment

Foxhound Leadership: (Circa August 2009):

  • -<FH>- Fleet Admiral Dark Dragon
  • -<FH>- Fleet Admiral Elite Prime
  • -<FH>- Vice Fleet Admiral Andromeda

Foxhound Diplomacy:

  • Standard Alliance - Federation Empires - FE President James Morianna/FE Enterprise/Novascotchia
  • Standard Alliance - Phoenix Xtreme - PX Kern
  • Mutual Protection Pact - Devil Dogs/DD
  • Non-Agression Pact  - Dominion Warriors
  • Non-Agression Pact  - IIS
  • Non-Agression Pact - =EF=

Foxhound Rank System:

  • Foxhound High Command
  • Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore 1st Class
  • Commodore 2nd Class
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Instructor Commander
  • Instructor Officer
  • Ensign
  • Cadet

Special Ranks:

  • Head Of Recruitment & Recruitment Officers
  • Head of Diplomacy & Diplomacy Officer
  • Training Commander

Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Stock 1.1, KM 0.9 to 1.0
  • Dawn of War
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Freelancer
  • Console Gaming: Xbox, PS3 - Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3

Foxhound Signatures:

In Memoriam...