A Bridge Commander clan created in 2002 by Monitor during the Triple Alliance war, OO was a clan that helped the Triple Alliance destroy and take over DD's original website in 2004 and demanded DD's disbandment which DD never did by going MIA, OO returned in October 2006 after the demise of the Planetary Legions clan which they once again went after DD under command of Hawkeye and Rammstein. They were allied with Nova Squadron and Klingon Defense Force under Kor and had a NAP with the United Strike Force. The war did not go well in their favor and the clan disbanded and reformed as the Dragon Legion clan under Monitor and Helios


OO Roster (Circa Late 2004):

  • Leader Monitor
  • Helios
  • Hellfire
  • Marsovac
  • Cloakforever
  • Captain Punisher
  • Lieutenant Rome
  • Ensign Rico
  • Zen

OO Members (Circa Fall 2006):

  • Leader Monitor
  • Hellfire
  • Admiral General Master
  • Admiral Q
  • Rear Admiral Uss Voyager
  • Duel Master
  • Egogen Spitstars
  • Qt
  • Raptor
  • Shadowlike - Jag Officer