Kilroy Squad - Soldiers With Attitude was a Star Trek: Bridge Commander Clan created in the Fall of 2008 in the Kobayashi Maru 1.0 mod as a clan to fight "The Mighty Devil Dogs" during their "Submit or Die" Campaign. Lead by KS<ARGO>SWA.


May 5th, 2009 - Argo's answer to DD's Operation: Extermination:

I Argo founder of the KS Squad and proud member of SWA whole heartedly agree with Kra'agg. DD can spout their manufactured stories and lies to themselves but the truth is DD, Your not just fighting IKF or KS. You are fighting 90% of BC, and by the epic failures you have encountered in every single engagement that you have attempted it seems to write your epitaph as follows:


DD, Your time is up. Our time is now.


You are a dinosaur of a bygone era that in itself should never have happened. You had the chance to use your numbers to improve BC however, power corrupts and as a clan and as a textbook lesson on dictator leadership you have chosen to use your clan to force the BC community to bend to your own personal whims. But you forgot one thing in the process. WE SAID NO! How many more times of being routed and run out of BC will it take for you to understand that your ideas of what BC should be are unwelcome and unwanted. SWA was born in the wake of your last attempt at domination to make sure that clans like you never ever get out of control again. Say all you want about IKF, DL, KS, LA, WP, ISS, Saratoga or anyone else I left out. 9 out of 10 clans agree, BACK THE HELL OFF AND LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE! So to end this, I truly agree with Kra'agg on this issue and will state here and for all time, KS/SWA AND ANY CLANS WE ASSOCIATE WITH HAVE NO AGENDA REGARDING BC, OUR AGENDA IS SIMPLE, TO KEEP DD IN CHECK. So you better get used to playing fair DD or SWA is gonna pull your card permanently. You've been warned bitches.


KS thinks to go Multigaming due to dwindling of Bridge Commander Activity...:

2009-07-27 8:56 PM PDT

After much talking with fellow Clan Leaders Musashi and Argo, we've decided about making a new operation called "Aspirations".


Basically, the point of such an operation is to break free of the limitations of Bridge Commander, and expand out into the gaming universe, therefore KS becoming a multi-gaming clan for the first time in its life.


With the ever increasing population loss of BC, KS is finding it harder and harder each day looking for new members to recruit into our divisions.


However there will be some very significant changes to KS and the way we work, however we will still keep the essence within us that makes us KS, the special philosophy of 3 things:

  • Fair play
  • Good competition
  • and the pursuit of anyone who tries to stop it.

Some of the significant upcoming changes that will occur are:

  • A brand new website (
  • A ranking system (possibly)
  • Divisions
  • Officer Award system

And quite a few others.


Games we plan on expanding to:

  • Star Trek: Legacy
  • Star Trek: Armada I
  • Star Trek: Armada II
  • Star Trek: Elite Force I
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II
  • Star Trek: Online

Other games under consideration:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty 5: World at War
  • Counter-Strike CS Source
  • Halo 2
  • Halo 3

During the period of the next 2-4 months all these changes will take it's pace as a steady rate, until then I will be shutting down unused parts of this Forum to prepare it for deletion when we have the new site.
As for Aspirations that's pretty much all I have to say for now, however I will keep you all updated as it happens.


In other news....

The meaning of SWA has now changed! - Yes that's right it no longer means "Star trek With Attitude".

The new meaning of it now is "Star trek World Alliance" due to the upcoming expansion.


For those who have "souped up" their post counts on this forum, unfortunately we cannot copy your post counts to the new site, so sorry everyone for the inconvenience.


Tensions are forming, word is being spread, this Saturday's 2009 {UFP} Vs. Kilroy Squad War Games will take place on the 1st of August, just a reminder to let everyone know that anyone may join as either an SWA or UFP supporter, remember anything in these War Games under no circumstance should be taken seriously to heart, we're all in it just to have fun, now I bring you the official report from our Intel Leader Musashi.


KS<Musashi>SWA wrote:

For the most part both sides are getting prepared for this event. Practice for KS will be held in a turkey shoot and/or death match environment this Saturday 7/25 for all KS members and members of the BC community that sided with KS. This will take place at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Doing this will get us prepared for what we may be facing on the 8/1/09. There will be drills instructed by myself and Argo. For the record if there is anyone that isn't taking this seriously, there will be rules applied.

  1. The death matches will be duels.
  2. You must ask to duel and get their approval before you shoot.
  3. You will get 3 warnings, after that you will be booted and not allowed to participate for a penalty of 10 mins.
  4. Work hard and have fun.

See you on the battlefield.


Bridge Commander clans ban the DD/XFS alliance from their Servers...:

May 18th, 2009

The following was a result of the meeting of clans KS, IKF, ISS, UFF, UFP, S T, PK regarding DD/XFS and their "Operation: Extinction".


DD/XFS are banned from all BC severs other than their own and if they do leave their servers and or attack anyone in BC all the following BC clan will attack them repeatedly and in force. KS, IKF, ISS, UFF, UFP, S T, PK anyone else wishing to be a STBC peace keeper please email me.


DD/XFS will be ignored as long as they stay in their servers.


Traitors to any clan are to be shot on site and disallowed from play in the above clan servers. We all agree, you made your choice, Now live with it.


DD/XFS in reply to this order have tried to make more accusations regarding our clans and that we cheat and hack PC's. These lies only prove that they cannot win fairly and show any form of honesty or respect so in that alone, We the clans and community of BC have in fact won this war.


Basically the major BC Clans of KM made a Pact to no longer engage DD/XFS in their servers in turn crumbling DD due to non-activity.


End of KS in Bridge Commander:

As of November 2009 KS, CB and other clans went into Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific. World of Tanks was added to the clan as well. Forum activity dwindled due to loss of Bridge Commander activity and then contact was lost with Argo and the clan faded away...



  • KS<ARGO>SWA - Founder and Diplomacy CO
  • KS<Tor'al>SWA - Clan Executive Officer and Supreme War Commander
  • KS<Musashi>SWA - Head of Intel
  • KS<DevilDog>SWA
  • KS<Chickyon>SWA
  • KS<Heinous>SWA
  • KS<Legia>SWA
  • KS<Kjvin>SWA
  • KS<Polly>SWA
  • KS<Webber>SWA
  • KS<Yar>SWA
  • KS<Tethys>SWA
  • KS<Badger>SWA
  • KS<Emperor>SWA
  • KS<Crispy>SWA

Some KS Signatures: