.: Phoenix Xtreme Central Fleet Command

Check here for the current status of our Fleets & Battle Groups.


.: Current Fleet & Force Status:

   Fully Operational.


.: Fleet Command

Our Fleets are comprised of 1 to 5 Battle Groups, and are commanded by Officers holding the rank of  Commodore Admiral & Above.


.: Battle Group Command

Our Battle groups consist of 3-5 ships, and are commanded by Officers holding the rank of Commander & above.

.: Current Fleets

  • 1st Fleet (Commander: Fleet Admiral Phoenix)
  • 2nd Fleet (Commander: Admiral Voyager)
  • 3rd Fleet (Commander: Commodore Iceman)
  • 4th Fleet - Death Stalkers (Commander: Commodore Raven)

.: Current Battle Groups

  • Zeus Battle Group, 1st Fleet (Commander: Commander Zeus)

.: Current Ship Positions

A security clearance of CF01 & Above is needed to access this information.




Rights & Privileges of Phoenix Xtreme Members:

- Members are free to play whenever they like, without restrictions or gameplay schedules.
- Members can make their own Battle Groups.
- Members are NOT obligated to recruit other players
- Members can pick any call sign they like, and can change it at any time.
- Members can suggest another game other than BC for Phoenix Xtreme to host (Ex. Elite force, etc).
- Members can use any ship they prefer.
- Members can voice their opinion on clan and personal matters.
- Members' requests for promotions will be considered.
- Members can talk to anybody they want to, including members of other clans, friendly or enemy alike.
- Members have the right to protection when they have been attacked by enemy or hostile forces.
- Members can ask anybody on the BC Servers to a duel, and proceed with their permission.
- Members can host their own servers with rules such as Free-For-All, Team Battle, and others.
- Members can mod their copy of BC as they chose. - Members can play either 1.1, KM 0.9.1, or any currently popular super mod (please bear in mind a group of players have to have the same files in order to be able to connect to a server).
- Members are free to leave the clan at any time, with confidence that PX members will not be hostile to the
   said members.

Phoenix Xteme Mission:

Phoenix Xtreme seeks to hold the highest standards of conduct and diplomatic relations, while providing
an enjoyable and engaging atmosphere for its members, friends, and allies. We feel that, by growing our
clan and developing allies, we make the Phoenix Xtreme gaming community one of the most entertaining


Phoenix Xtreme Directives (In order of importance):
1st (Prime) Directive: Creating & upholding Diplomatic Relations (Non-Aggression Pacts, Alliances, Etc).
2nd Directive: To Support and defend the Prime Directive against our enemies & all those who oppose it.
3rd Directive: Awesome Gameplay! (Fun & Challenging servers)
4th Directive: Promote Cadet Academy to other players (In doing so, you will be creating your own Battle Group!).

Phoenix Xteme Creed:



Rules & Regulations of Phoenix Xtreme:

- During Training, Ranking Officers may ask that you be present during class times, if you requested or
  applied for a specific school (instructors will consider special training times & dates).
- During Academy Training, you will address any ranking officer as “Sir or Ma’am”.
- You must show your clan association & Rank on your name during gameplay (Ex. PX-CALLSIGN-PX11).
- After being qualified for a specific ship class, it will be recommended that you command a ship that best
  suits your skills and qualifications.
- It may be recommended that you use a certain ship during gameplay (Ex. Sovereign Class vs. Freighter)
- You must have at LEAST 2 people to start your Battle Group (Battle Group members must have been
   recruited by Battle Group Commander or Battle Group Members).
- You may be requested to recruit other players.
- Be respectful to other players and ranking officers when voicing your opinion.
- Certain clans may chose to act hostile towards PX, and therefore it may be deemed necessary to initiate
  actions towards those individuals. A PX member may be called to war during gameplay, and it may be
  requested that a member be present or available during that time. (No action will be taken against a
  member if a member cannot be present).
- Do not act hostile towards other players (Ex. Do not attack without permission, do not gang up on a player).
- DO NOT start wars with other friendly clans by insulting or attacking their ships.
- Insults from individuals or other clans do not constitute an act of war.
- DO NOT engage an enemy or hostile ship first. A player that is insulting you has to attack first in order for
  you to take action.
- When hosting servers, do not taint our image by making rules such as “All vs. 1”, or something to that effect (Unless we are currently at war with a certain enemy).

Remember: Good conduct is of great importance to us, and developing good relations with other players and clans will help keep the star trek (and Bridge Commander) gaming community alive!

Uniform Standards:

Your uniform during game play means your Call sign as you “wear” it. As in the armed forces, a clean uniform means a greater chance of rising in rank. Here are the regulations:


- Must use all caps (Ex. A,B,C, etc.)
- Do not use profanity (Ex. PX-SH*THEAD-PX12)

This is what your name during play needs to look like:


In addition to those, you have the option (not required) of showing your qualifications and battle group
associations during gameplay. If all this seems a little too complicated, just don’t use it! Stick to the first
2 rules and you'll be fine. Here are some examples:


No Decorations: PX-NAME-PX08 (This IS the requirement during gameplay).
Wings: PX-NAME-=PX08=-
Battle Group: PX-NAME-DS08 (Battle group in this case is Death Stalkers = DS)
Top Gun Pin: PX-NAME^PX08^
Trident (SpecWar) Pin: PX-NAME*PX08*
Multiple Decorations: PX-NAME-=^*DS08*^=- (MUST be worn as shown!).

Ship Quals:

You may show your ship qualification WHILE you command that ship. For example, if you're
flying in a Sovereign Class starship, your rank might look like this (shown with full decorations):




As you probably have guessed by now, the first letter of the ship CLASS will be used. A Vorcha Class
will be V, an Akira will be A, a Hybrid will be H, Etc. (Ambassador class is M.)


Note 1: depending one the length of your call sign, you might be restricted to showing only some of
              your decorations.

Note 2: Group Names MUST Consist of 2 words, or a 2-letter acronym of 1 word (this will be
              explained in more detail in Battle Group School, open to commanders (PX05) and above).


.: Command, Joint Chiefs of Staff


Chiefs of Staff:

- Phoenix (Fleet Admiral): Commander-In-Chief; Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Commander, 1st Fleet.

- Voyager (Admiral): Co-Chairman, Joint chiefs; Commander, 2nd Fleet.

- Iceman (Commodore Admiral): Acting Co-Chairman, Joint chiefs; Commander, 3rd Fleet; Co-Lateral Command: Training Command.

- Raven (Commodore Admiral): Joint Chief; Commander, Death Stalkers (4th) Fleet.



.: Phoenix Xtreme Member Base

  • Fleet Admiral Phoenix - PX01
  • Admiral Voyager - PX02
  • Commodore Iceman - PX05
  • Commodore Raven - PX05
  • Lieutenant JG Frizzo - PX10
  • Lieutenant JG Riker - PX10
  • Ensign Jake - PX11
  • Ensign NCC-D - PX11
  • Ensign Ford - PX11
  • Ensign Qapla - PX11
  • Ensign Kirk - PX11
  • Ensign Trek - PX11
  • Ensign Orchid - PX11
  • Ensign Intrepid - PX11
  • Ensign Commander - PX11

.: Phoenix Xtreme Ranks

  • Phoenix Xtreme Flag Officers
  • Phoenix Xtreme Line Officers
  • Phoenix Xtreme Junior Officers