Soldiers of Justice Mission Statement:

We the members of Soldiers of Justice have taken a vow to honor and to protect our own space first and foremost. We will answer the call for help to aid and assist our fellow warriors from every realm. Our allegiance to our friends will never be taken lightly. Honor, protect and cherish all that is sacred or die trying. Soldiers of Justice are loyal, courageous, honest and will defend our principles even alone. We stand tall, proud and with honor.


We are the Soldiers of Justice.


Soldiers of Justice or SoJ as they're known is a Star Trek: Bridge Commander KM 1.0 based clan.


In its 1st incarnation, Created by Sheperd (SaW Razzor), Taonas (SoJ^Omega) and with the help of Foxhound members FX27 and Mikey, Extreme and IKF D'ivok back in September 2008. Sheperd formed SoJ after after Santa disbanded SaW, Santa said he could take it on but some disagreements occurred and Sheperd was going to call it SaW 2.0 But then changed the clan name to SoJ (Soldiers at War to Soldiers of Justice).

The clan was run mainly by Sheperd and Taonas (SoJ^Omega) but due to personal lives and time constraints they were unable to run the clan and the clan was passed to Omega and Extreme in December of 2008. Extreme was far too inactive to run the clan, so Omega passed SoJ along to Sovereign and Vengeance in January of 2009.


Soldiers of Justice Membership roster (April 2009):

  • SoJ^Holland^VCC
  • SoJ^Sovereign^FLT
  • SoJ^Browarek^FLT
  • SoJ^Dammerung^FLT
  • SoJ^Amarvoy^LT
  • SoJ^Rayden^LT
  • SoJ^Data^LTJG
  • SoJ^Lakota^LTJG
  • SoJ^Kyshu^LTJG
  • SoJ^Nforcer^LTJG
  • SoJ^Riker^EN

Soliders of Justice Rank System (VENGEANCE Era):

  • Commander and Chief (CC)
  • Vice Commander and Chief (VCC)
  • Fleet Admiral (FA)
  • Admiral (ADM)
  • Vice Admiral (VA)
  • Rear Admiral (RA)
  • Ambassador (AMB)
  • Diplomat Of Relations (DR)
  • Division Leader (DL)
  • Commodore (CDRE)
  • Fleet Captain (FC)
  • Captain (CPT)
  • Commander (CDR)
  • Lieutenant Commander (LC)
  • First Lieutenant (FLT)
  • Lieutenant (LT)
  • LT. Junior Grade (LTJG)
  • Ensign (EN)
  • Crewman (CRW)

The clan disbanded in April of 2009 by rejoining the Dragon Legions clan under Helios and Monitor.

In It's 2nd Re-Incarnation was a clan created by Shader and Sovereign in March 2010 due to disagreements within dL's membership. SoJ has restarted multiple times under Shader and Sovereign but as of January 2011, SoJ has disbanded due to Shader having kicked out Dax (Adversary, now Trip) and Sovereign from command and many of SoJ's loyal officers going to Sovereign's Intrepid Phoenix Clan.


Command Structure:

SoJ's command structure is based on council type leadership. Commander in Chief (CC) as the Leadership and standard Trek ranks for members.


Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander - KM 1.0
  • Freelancer
  • Counter Strike
  • Combat Arms
  • Battlefield
  • StarCraft

Soldiers of Justice Signatures: