Federação da Frota Estelar de São Paulo


São Paulo’s Starfleet Federation


We started on July 18th, 2004 just after one of the FFESP conventions. There were 3 friends that met each other right there and the conversations went to the BC matter. At the time BC was in the market by more than 2 years and they were glad to find new game colleagues.



Those ships were the USS-Lancer, USS Viper and USS Urânide.

Once Urânide had played since 2002 she was chosen the master Coach ship to the others, once they were playing only by 6 months tops.

The three ships captains started to publish their training sessions to the FFESP’s e-group and many other ships came around to join us on the 1.1 arenas practically every day.

Lancer was the flagship and Viper was her number one. They together started to organize the other 10 ships. Yes, in a matter of one month we were already 12.

Sometime later Lancer did not agree with the FFESP high command directives about BC and left the fleet. Viper assumed command and took Urânide as her number one.

As number one and not only a trainer, Urânide developed an infrastructure for the fleet installing an FTP server so all ships could “dock” and download anything they need, updates, manuals, training materials and even to access a databank to register their Captain Logs. These facilities helped the fleet to grow from 12 to 79 ships along 2 years.

We were humble space hookies until October 2nd of that same year. We were training normally when a DD ship entered the arena just for a first contact. She inquired us about being a new clan. As a Star Trek Fan Club we always referred to ourselves exactly like that: not only a clan but a representation of something bigger. After those questions the DD ship challenged FFESP to a 4 x 4 duel.

Urânide was worried about that, not for his team, they worked hard, but about his training effectiveness. Even so, all the ships present were eager to the challenge despite it will be the very first “serious” combat as a team.

The challenge was accepted.

The DD opened an arena in a solar system with 3 planets (Alberia). FFESP was instructed by subspace radio to wait at the third planet and DD will gather their ships orbiting the first.

On their sign we would warp to the second planet and there would be the deadly combat.

The order came, FFESP warped in 4 ships and we used 2 of our best weapons, Portuguese language and pre-trained attack maneuvers.

The results were surprising!

In about 3 minutes all DD ships were destroyed and FFESP ended combat with minimal damage!!!

In the deep silence of space, under the hull plating that protected the FFESP ships bridges, the sound of Captains screaming victory and imagining their crews proud of their mission accomplished. The sensation was like the happy ending of an action movie.

Even during our celebrating moments, the surprises didn't end yet.

The same DD ship that came to challenge us, came back with our first N.A.P. (Non Aggression Pact) proposal. Surely they were very surprised too.

The FFESP BC Fleet nominated October 2nd as the FFESP BC Fleet Day, a day we celebrated every year since then.

The news about this “baptize with fire” as we call it, spread fast in the FFESP crew, more ships reported in and more combats, victories and news about our organization, honesty and training also became known in the BC galaxy. Just like the real Starfleet would do, we also offered our services as mediator to disputes and arguments between antagonist groups, so FFESP was also known as a representation of Order and Progress in the Galaxy.

Andre Almeida, a civilian friend of one of our ships captains works in some laboratories of the Brazilian Space Project and went to Ohio in a mission. Once there he met some colleagues and for coincidence all of them used to play BC. He told them about his friend, the captain of the Urânide and his American colleagues started to talk that they did not expect to see quite organized and talented fighters coming from a country like Brazil, even so they did not remember the group’s name.

André rose up and wrote the name FFESP on the whiteboard on the wall.

All four people there rose too and pointing to that name and screamed at the same time THAT’S THEM!

Even the Lancer came back as a regular ship. The fun proceeded as usual.

As the BC updates came, FFESP BC Fleet evaluated all of them and chosen the standards, 2005 went stant and joyful.

We promoted 2 internal championships, with all the pleasure and emotion that comes naturally in these events.

In that same year the FFESP ships USS Comanche and the USS Amazon Fate put FFESP on the galactic map again when together they developed the first and only Portuguese Language Translation Patch for BC, that works until today in all versions from 1.1 to KM 1.0 and it’s available in BCfiles site.

In 2006 due to internal problems between some bad tempered ships and despite all the Viper’s and Urânide’s efforts to calm them down, the FFESP’s High Command ordered to close the FFESP’s BC Fleet.

The wonderful memories of these glorious times will be always in our databanks as precious lessons and will always guide us to make an even better future.

Rear Admiral Marc Seven

Commander of the Academy, Diplomatic and Second Life Divisions on the

São Paulo’s Federation Starfleet

Former Commander of the Bridge Commander Division and the USS-Urânide, NCC-1771-C Prometheus class Starship

BC and Second Life are the only official games in FFESP

Command Roster of FFESP:


Admiral Wilton

Admiral Paul

Admiral Cesar

Admiral Fabio



Rear Admiral Marc Seven




Captain Siclair



Rear Admiral Hadrian



Commander Edna




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General Command



Rear Admiral Marc Seven



General Command




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