Early History:

Liberation Armada was founded in 2008 by former Fleet Admirals Browneh, Gendrix and Sloppy. The name "Liberation Armada" was chosen to represent their goal of "liberating" Bridge Commander from the wrath and idiocy of, at the time, the Devil Dogs clan. Since then it's gone through several command changes and evolved into a multi-gaming clan structured around Star Trek's navel rank system but not taking on the role-playing aspect. Instead it became a social community run by Fleet Admirals Ireland, Guido (110576) and Eire.


Early LA Signatures:

It was not long into the clans History that Sloppy was found guilty of treason and his name struck from LA's history which left a position open within the Fleet Admirals realms. Not long after Gendrix left LA due to personal reasons which now left LA with two empty Fleet Admiral seats. These were soon filled by Wolf and Crusnik who joined Browneh in the leadership of LA.

After a few wars namely XFS, DD and IKF. Browneh left LA and Mike joined the Fleet Admirals to begin a new era within LA with a whole new "Non founder" leadership. These were the failing years of BC which seen a number of attempts to change and adjust to the lack of BC activity. Browneh rejoined LA briefly but soon left with Wolf to form a new clan NwO. At this time Uriguri became one of the Fleet Admirals and LA continued on unlike NwO which never really took off.

Wolf soon returned after the NwO failure and Uriguri stepped aside for Wolf to return in his old position. Mike soon after left LA to join CE and so once again Uriguri took up the LA reigns and joined Wolf and Crusnik. Crusnik after much time MIA resigned his position.


RifleMan80 joined LA as a Fleet Admiral around June or July of 2008 after Mike left LA, disagreements between Wolf and Rifle caused him to resign as FA in November 08 allowing Warspite to join the Fleet Admiral Ranks.


Warspite joined Uriguri and Wolf as Fleet Admirals. Wolf had lost his love for BC and slowly slipped away from the clan leaving just Uriguri and Warspite as Fleet Admirals.

A New Era:

LA ambled on for sometime when Uriguri and Warspite had a discussion concerning LA's future. It was decided that neither Uriguri and Warspite did not have sufficient time to dedicate to LA and so handed over the reins to three fresh new Fleet Admirals Eire, Ireland and Guido.

This was a bad time for LA. The clan was failing, there was next to no members, things didn't look to good for the future of LA. Eire, Ireland and Guido tried many things to bring LA back from the dead. They made LA more of an e-family then a clan which worked, people started to join. People that left LA came back, LA had at last a stable Leadership that seemed to work well together. Even though Bridge Commander was dying, LA grew while most BC clans died KS, dL, DD, XFS, SGU etc.. 2 years later LA is here and still playing BC and will always play BC.

LA's New Logo

Fleet Admirals of LA since Founding:

  • =LA=Gendrix=FA - May to July 2008
  • =LA=Browneh=FA - May to August 2008
  • =LA=Wolf=FA - July 2008
  • =LA=Mike=FA - July 2008
  • =LA=Uriguri=FA - October 2008 to November/December 2009
  • =LA=EIRE=FA - September 2009 - Current
  • =LA=Ireland=FA -
  • =LA=guido=FA -

Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Steam Games
  • Star Trek Online
  • World of Tanks
  • Minecraft
  • ArmA 2
  • Navyfield
  • Freelancer
  • Eve Online
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Rank System:

The Liberation Armada uses Standard Star Trek Ranking systems starting with a new member as Ensign and gradual promotions at the end of the month depending on Activity, Behavior and Gaming skill.