S31-IKS History
Two of the oldest, active fleets in Trek gaming =S31= (Founded in March of 2003) and =IKS= (Founded in July of 2003) came together to form a joint fleet operation in May of 2005. Hence forth they have been known as S31-IKS.


S31 (Section 31) being Federation based and more structured in their ranks and protocol with different areas of assignments and appointments.

Founders: Flag Admiral S31Ashaman, 2nd in Command Fleet Admiral S31Ender, 3rd in Command Admiral S31Jonas, 4th in Command Admiral S31Anubis


IKS (Imperial Knights of Stovokor) staying true to Klingon traditions with a high council (being the founders) while the rest of IKS are true warriors equal in every way.
Founders: Coman, Kull, Kilogg, Billbo, Doomsday

Currently S31-IKS holds over 50 members, we are a fierce and strong pillar of the community and hold a large modding team with several SFC3 MODs those being; Unity, Islandwars, Domwars, Sedition, Uncertain Destiny, Sci-Fi Wars, TMP Lost Battles, Galaxy Wars etc.

We do play a wide array of games. While the fleets both started out as primarily Star Trek fleets and still hold to this tradition but we also play anything from the Battle Field series to WOW and everything in between.

We are more than a fleet we are a close family and while we are always recruiting we don’t recruit without that person spending time with us and making sure they fit in or without someone in the fleet sponsoring them. Moreover we do not recruit from other fleets as we feel this is very disrespectful and dishonorable toward other fleets.

As Ambassador and High Council for both fleets S31-IKS High Council, Ambassador X is the fleet advocate and community liaison for both S31-IKS.


Current S31/IKS Leaders:

  • Flag Admiral S31-Ashaman
  • Admiral S31-Jonas
  • Admiral S31-Anubis


  • IKS-Billbo
  • IKS-Kilogg

Allied with:

  • UFP
  • F9th

At war with:



Games we play are:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Battlefield 3
  • World of Tanks
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Minecraft
  • Guild Wars