Welcome to Elite Command!
Elite Command is a Star Trek-based gaming fleet. Elite Command was founded by Fleet Admiral mrpijey and Fleet Admiral Wipeout on May 24 2002. The fleet's reason for existence is the purpose of bringing people together into a community where people all around the world can join and play Star Trek games together peacefully. The structure of the fleet is taken from Star Trek, with a command and rank structure.


Departments (August 3rd, 2003)
Fleet Council

  • Fleet Admiral mrpijey
  • USS Freeman NCC-27346
  • Galaxy Class
  • Fleet CO
  • Forum Admin.
  • Web Admin.
  • Elite Force ACO

  • Fleet Admiral Wipe-Out
  • USS Brazil NCC-78035-D
  • Borg Cube Class
  • Fleet XO
  • JAG CO
  • Diplomacy CO
  • Bridge Commander XO
  • Forum Moderator

  • Vice Admiral EnterpriserX
  • USS Atlantis NCC-65920
  • Sovereign Class
  • Bridge Commander CO
  • Intelligence CO
  • Forum Moderator

  • Captain Lightning Saix
  • USS Saber Fang NCC-74757
  • Sovereign Class
  • Armada CO

The Clan Disbands:

You are observing the remains of Elite Command, a Star Trek gaming fleet that, founded May 24, 2002 has ceased active operations as of October 12, 2003.


As of closure, Elite Command possessed 14 registered members, 8790 webpage hits, 72 registered forum users and 4440 forum posts.


We as a fleet cease to exist, but our collective spirit remains, the letters below reflect the personal views of the three senior commanding officers of Elite Command: Fleet Admiral mrpijey, Fleet Admiral Wipeout and Vice Admiral EnterpriserX