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The Wolf Pack was a Star Trek: Bridge Commander based clan in KM 0.9.1 created by former CU Leader Confed in February 2007 just before the release of KM 1.0. The Wolf Pack was a major defense clan in the "Submit or Die" campaign of the DD against BC in KM 1.0.


=WP= fought valiantly in the "Submit or Die" war with names like Ace, Red, Wolf, Knight, Alecto, Koloth, Khan, Taurus, Furnace, Ryan, Akira, Haze and many others.


The Wolf Pack quit playing Star Trek: Bridge Commander, due to the Death of =WP= Lieutenant General Taurus from a Heart attack caused by Anaphylactic Shock, which his funeral was broadcast over the web.


After that day, =WP= Members no longer wished to play Bridge Commander; due to it reminding them of Taurus. Except for Koloth and another player.


=WP= Moved onto Star Trek: Online for a short time but then gave it up, ending Star Trek Gaming altogether.


The clan is still around as of this day but is more of a family and not a clan.


=WP= Leadership (Circa October 2007):

  • Sky Marshal CONF3D
  • Fleet Field Marshal Sent
  • Field General Ace
  • Lieutenant General Odin
  • Major General Athalon
  • Brigadier General Knight
  • Bridadier General Taurus


  • There will be no hacking/cheating of any kind
  • All {WP} are to be respected at all times
  • All members respect higher in command
  • Ranks go up with the showing of skills whether solo or team wise
  • There will be no insulting, this includes racism and sexism
  • All level of skill should feel welcome in our server
  • If a problem should occur in our server with people report to high rankers and they will take care of the problem
  • If you don't plan on taking the clan seriously don't bother reading these rules or joining the server
  • Female members of Wolf Pack will not be treated as lesser, all {WP} are treated the same
  • Passwords are only given to official {WP} and if you want to give it out for any reason talk to highest in command and ask for invitation rights for non {WP}
  • While in open home server make guests feel welcome
  • All {WP} must be respectful in all servers at all times and well present the {WP} the actions of one idiot effects the rep of the whole {WP}
  • If you know of anybody wishing to join the {WP} inform the high command CONFED: or Sent:
  • Any breaking of the above rules will result in an appropriate punishment such as being banned completely from the clan
  • Obey all rules and there should be no problems

Rank System:

The Following Rank system is unique to The Wolf Pack:


Bridge Commander Ranks (Circa 2007 - 2011):

SKM (Sky Marshal) =}^{=

FFM (Fleet Field Marshal) =^/*\^=

FM (Field Marshal) =<^>=

FG (Field General) =*****=

GEN (General) =****=

LT.G (Lieutenant General) =***=

MG (Major General) =**=

BG (Brigadier General) =*=

COL (Colonel) =\*^*/=

LCO (Lieutenant Colonel) =^*^=

MJ (Major) =<*>=

CPT (Captain) =*II*=

CMD (Commander) =///=

SBC (Sub Commander) =^//=

LTC (Lieutenant Commander) =\\*=

LT2 (Second Lieutenant) =*I*=

LT1 (First Lieutenant) =I=

SGT (Sergeant) =^^^=

CPL(Corporal) =^^=

PVT (Private) =^=


Current Ranks (Effective October 2011):

SKM (Sky Marshal) =}^{=
LSM (Lieutenant Sky Marshal) =\|*|/=
FM (Field Marshal) =^/*\^=
MAR (Marshal) =<^>=
COM (Commandant) =**^**=
GEN (General) =****=
LTG (Lieutenant General) =***=
MG (Major General) =**=
BG (Brigadier General) =*=
COL (Colonel) =\*^*/=
LCO (Lieutenant Colonel) =^*^=
MJ (Major) =<*>=
CPT (Captain) =*II*=
CMD (Commander) =///=
SBC (Sub Commander) =^//=
LTC (Lieutenant Commander) =//=
1LT (First Lieutenant) =*I*=
2LT (Second Lieutenant) =I=
SGT (Sergeant) =^^^=
CPL (Corporal) =^^=
PVT (Private) =^=



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