The ''3'' Pact was called 'The Alliance' as it was created with one reason. The 3 clans in it signed this pact in late 2002 as the BORG threat was getting bigger. The Borg clan was probably the biggest clan we've ever faced. A clan with around 10-15 divisions and by one of our Intel's they had more than 500 members, mostly in Star Trek games. They were expanding everywhere.


NS was created in 2002 as 'Phoenix clan' by Phoenix and Voyager. Months later they changed name to Nova Squadron and later Phoenix left the clan (still in 2002). Phoenix returned few years ago to create a new Phoenix clan, a brother clan of NS and soon after we signed an alliance.


I never remember DW joining the 3 pact, maybe I just can't remember correctly but the pact was ruled by 3 clans, CU-LG-NS. I believe I got some screen shots since 2002 somewhere. There were many clans in BC at the time but most of them joined that 3 pact for protection.


Anyway a war started in late 2002 as BORG engaged one of the smaller clans (I cannot remember the name of it). By that time 'The Alliance' (formally) knew about new threat, we were spying on the BORG and we knew that sooner or later we will all be in war against against a big and strong enemy. That's the main reason why 3 pact was created.


The smaller clan attacked by the BORG called us for help, this only gave us the chance to try to strike first. The first day of war is remembered for crashing down the servers, they were back up soon again and the war was going.


In the next few months, the war was going bad for us, but for Borg as well, 'The Alliance - or 3 pact' started talks with other clans in other games (where Borg clan was) and so, many clans signed alliances just to bring them down. This was the best and biggest thing I believe anyone has ever done in BC. Together we hit them with everything we had but their stronghold was BC.


After they were in war with everybody (and they had no allies because they didn't want alliances) they started some other attacks. Not only in games, this was a big problem for us. Our website crashed, our members received tons of mails with viruses and had to reinstall games and Operating Systems, but this only meant that our strike worked, they were in a panic.


The war ended in 2003 with BC mostly destroyed, almost all of the clans were eliminated, many people quit BC. Just before the end, the Borg created a clan that was made of 'Pirates', that's how we called all non-clan people that were attacking and provoking others into fight without asking. Pirate clan was huge, it was a good move from their side because it opened another battlefield for us and gave much more trouble.


In next few months the Borg was being overrun, just before we destroyed them they quit from BC and all games they played. This was really strange, we had no idea where they went, no info about anything, our intelligence had no clue what was happening. They just vanished.


But before that happened the message they left was 'That they will return stronger and bigger than ever to take BC and everything else for them' lol. Something like that. Since then no one ever heard from them, and that's good, no more Borg threat.


But the war wasn't over, that Pirate clan was giving us trouble, in the last month of war, leaders from NS-LG-CU get together, we arranged that all 'Alliance' clans and members that will join in one big clan, we chose CU (Confederate Union). NS-Tadej-NO5 was ordered to supervise the transfer.


We wanted to bring peace to overthrow the chaos in BC. The idea was good, but it lasted only 7 days.

Clans that signed pact with Us (3pact) started transferring members into CU, we wanted to control our members from one place and not from 20, after the war BC was devastated, we were barley alive, no one wanted to join the clans, everyone was attacking everyone, anarchy.


But we failed. Half of the NS members were transferred in CU, at the time I was 4th in command (i started with rank 9). The transfer was going good but the problem was that CU was unable to control new members. Finally it fell apart, I was still in NS before CU completely fell apart. We've lost most of our members there, no one wanted back, many of them quit BC, and we've lost many good allies that day. CU was dead too, our biggest ally alongside the LG clan.


Hm, it was fun playing BC.


We survived, I was given command by NS Voyager in early 2004.


We had a 10 day civil war in which we won, It happened after one of my officers claimed that NS Voyager (leader at the time) gave him command of the clans. That was really hard to believe because I knew Voyagers intentions, he told he was leaving and that he will let me the clan as I was second in command at the time with rank Fleet Admiral (02). That member was only around (07) rank and was only 5 months in clan. I refused to stand with him, and 90% of NS stood by my side, in next 10 days we defeated him and he left BC and never returned. NS-Xerxes was his nickname.


2004-2005 was hard for us, then in 2006 we came out in a PC Gaming Magazine called PC-PLAY (Croatia). Since than we had a golden age 'til 2008 when we went into hibernation.


Last year we almost returned with new paid servers, professional website and bunch of things.

NS is registered now as corporation but it doesn't work. We tried but we failed. We still hope to bring clan back. (Its not dead, it's in hibernation. We all get together each 4-5 months and play together just to remember glory days.)


We had many divisions, the biggest was STBC and ST Armada 1. ST Armada was controlled by NS-DooC-N03 (as Admiral) and STBC was controlled by NS-CapLeo-NO4 with rank of Captain, I was the leader.


Nova Squadron Ranks:

NS-nickname-NL1 (Leader) N means Nova and L means Leader, NO1 is a rank in short that represents your rank - Captain, Admiral, etc

  • Rank 01 - Leader
  • Rank 02 - Fleet Admiral and Second in Command
  • Rank 03 - Admiral and Division Leader
  • Rank 04 - Captain and Division Leader (If necessary)
  • Rank 05 - First Officer or Commander
  • Rank 06 - Lieutenant Commander
  • Rank 07 - Lieutenant
  • Rank 08 - Ensign
  • Ranks 11-10-9 are also Ensign
  • Below that are Cadets

Nova Squadron Members:

  • NS--Vukowar-NL1 -- Leader of Nova Squadron
  • NS--Delta-NL2 -- Fleet Admiral and Second in Command
  • NS--Icebrak-NL3 -- Third Admiral
  • NS--Kahless-NO3 -- Third Admiral
  • NS--Keeper-NO4 -- Captain and Ambassador
  • NS--Sarek-NO4 -- Captain
  • NS--Worf-NO5 -- Commander and S.S.
  • NS--MaCro-NO5 -- Commander
  • NS--Cap.Leo-NO5 -- Captain and T.B. Commander
  • NS--Kenichi-NO5 -- Captain and S.S. (T.S.) Commander
  • NS--Duantless-NO6 -- Captain S.S. (T.S.)
  • NS--Torin-NO6 -- Lieutenant Commander
  • NS--Wolfbane-NO6 -- Lieutenant Commander
  • NS--MadrFakr-NO6 -- Lieutenant Commander
  • NS--Ctetuk--NO8 -- Ensign
  • NS--Sisko--NO8 -- Ensign
  • NS--CARTWRIGHT--N09 -- Ensign and Hazard Team Leader

Games Supported:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Series
  • Star Trek: Armada II